Sam’s club is a chain that membership-only warehouse clubs that market a wide range of assets in bulk, listed below traditional sleeve price. Over there are around 655 of this stores spread throughout the united States. Sam’s club is owned by Walmart; castle were established in 1983 and have your headquarters in Benton, Arkansas. Most of us know around Walmart’s Auto Center, but many could not understand that Sam’s Club has actually their very own Sam’s society Tire center aswell. Some services they sell are: Tires, Batteries, and Motor Oil. In this article we will focus on your Tires Center.

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Overview of Sam’s society Tire Department

Sam’s Club market lots of different tires and also services to choose from. That is an extremely important because that you to make a point of feather into every one of the various tire choices so you do the best an option for your details needs. The very first thing friend will have to do is visit the official Sam’s club Tire website. When on your website, you will view a box that will need you to send the year, make, model, and also tire dimension of your auto so girlfriend can discover your exact tires.

After you have entered every one of this information, friend will have the ability to start looking at few of the different tires Sam’s society Auto facility offers. One of the best things about the search duty on your website is that it will assist you come narrow under your tire choices so girlfriend can find exactly what you need without any kind of issues. Few of the various brands that tires that you will have actually the option of choosing from in this stores are: Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, and BFGoodrich. Considering the sheer variety of brands and types of tires there room to pick from, the is highly recommended that you do your study on each brand and also model.

You will uncover that Sam’s club carries tires for trucks/SUVs, cars, and even ATVs. It is necessary that you compare the tires you require with various brands so the you can discover one in particular that will complement every solitary one of your needs. This tire department additionally offers tire rotation, wheel alignment, and also wheel environment services. This way that you deserve to buy tires native Sam’s society stores and get them placed on your automobile the same day.

Sam’s club Tires prices & Fees


Member Services

The services listed below are complimentary for every Sam"s club members
Flat TireTread Depth Check
Tire press CheckAuto Battery installation (on many vehicles)
Wiper tongue Installation

Premium tires Installation Package

The services provided below are included with your tire installation purchase for every Sam"s club members
Emergency Roadside tire ChangeTread Balancing
Road peril ProtectionTPMS Reset (if applicable)
Lifetime Rotate and BalanceNew Valve Stem (if applicable)
Lifetime level RepairWaste tire Disposal
Tire Mounting

Additional Services

One-time Balance and Rotation (per tire)$3.88
Lifetime Rotation & Balance (per wheel charge)$9.98
Tire Recycling Service$2.50
TPMS Sensor installation (sensor no included, cost varies by vehicle)$19.00
TPMS Reset$5.00
Dual Wheel/RV tires Installation (per tire)$25.00
lug Nut company (per lug nut)$1.00
Seasonal adjust Over (per wheel)$9.50
Seasonal readjust Over Dual-Rear Wheel (per wheel)$17.00


The prices and also fees the Sam’s society Tire center charge for their tires and also tire-related solutions are quite reasonable overall. That is essential to keep in mind the the full amount that you finish up safety on tires will depend on the brand, size, and kind that friend select. Part brands that tires have tendency to be much more expensive than others, so friend will absolutely want to consider that as soon as weighing every one of your options. The much more time you spend comparing the miscellaneous tires the Sam’s club stores offer on your website, the more likely you will be to get what you need without having to invest a ton the money to obtain it. Together always, when buying tires, make sure you examine all the various shops before making your last decision. Most if no all tires centers will price match and also even offer you added discounts if you carry them a rivals price quote.

The cost of tire installation, rotation, and also alignment services will rely on the vehicle that you have. Because that most continual cars, tire installation costs $15 every tire and for Dually/RV’s that is $25 every tire. If you desire to find out what the expense of these services will be for you, it will be best to contact up the keep in her area to obtain this information. The technicians in the tires department of the keep will almost certainly be able to tell you specifically how lot money friend will must spend on the services you want.

Since the price of Sam’s club tires varies so greatly depending upon a few different factors, the best feasible thing you have the right to do is to take the moment to look into as plenty of of them together possible. There space plenty that affordable tire options from Sam’s Club, but you will just need to do some research prior to finding ones that are perfect for your vehicle and also budget.

Sam’s club Tire Rotation Service

Tire rotation services deserve to prevent uneven stay on your vehicle’s tires, i beg your pardon in and also of itself provides it fine worth the expense. Friend will discover that many Sam’s Club places offer tires rotation services, and you will definitely want come think about taking advantage of them because that a number of reasons. This services can preserve the well balanced handling of your vehicle, and assist to store its traction undamaged over the years.

It is extremely essential for every vehicles come have an excellent traction, specifically in the winter months. If friend live in an area that tends to obtain snow and also ice in the winter, getting your tires rotated every six months or 6,000 come 8,000 mile is a great idea. The professional technicians in ~ Sam’s Club will take off each of her tires and put them into the best positions for even wear. You will certainly of course desire to make a allude of paying because that these services consistently so you have the right to avoid uneven stay on her tires transparent the years.

Tire rotation & balancing is consisted of with your installation because that the life the the tire.

Sam’s society Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment solutions are additionally incredibly important for those who very own a vehicle of any kind. Even if it is it is a truck, SUV, or a sedan, friend will absolutely want to consider getting one alignment done on it every as soon as in awhile. These professionals will it is in able to set the wheel alignment for your automobile to the manufacturer’s recommended position so regarding reduce potential damage in the future. If you want to protect against spending an ext money than you have to on her vehicle, a wheel alignment annually is a great choice.

Typically wheel alignments critical for around six months, so friend will should keep the in mind. A wheel alignment can also improve her vehicle’s fuel efficiency, i beg your pardon is something else to keep in mind.

Sam’s society Auto center Near Me

To discover a Sam’s club Tire center nearby, merely head over to their store locator web page or usage the Google Map below. If friend visit their store locator, just enter in a address and make sure to select the “Tires and Batteries” under the refine your search field. This will ensure girlfriend only gain locations v the tires Center. When you carry out your search, a new page will open up up with a list and also map watch of the closestly Sam’s society Tire facility locations. Girlfriend will view their address, phone call number, and distance from your location. For much more information around a specific location, choose “club page.” This is where you will see the stores hours of operation, services accessible at the particular club, and much more.

Sam’s Club hrs of Operation

Sam’s society Auto facility hours may vary by location however most of lock are open Monday to Friday 10AM – 8:30PM, Saturday 9PM – 6PM, and Sunday 10AM – 6PM. Because that the many accurate hours, please call the place you room planning on visiting.

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For an ext information about Sam’s society Auto Center, please visit their main page.