FMA: 10 points You have to Know around Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist"s Riza Hawkeye can not be an alchemist, but she"s challenging as nails. Below are ten vital facts you should know about her.

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Hiromu Arakawa"s fight anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood transports us to a steampunk world of high-tech prosthetic arms, shadowy plots, an effective alchemy, and also fantasy action, every in an Edwardian-style setting. Brothers Edward and also Alphonse Elric are on a quest to regain their bodies, yet they soon acquire wrapped up in a sinister plot the puts the entire world at stake.

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Fortunately, Ed and Al have numerous allies, and chief amongst them room Roy Mustang and his reliable Lieutenant, Riza Hawkeye. She isn"t one alchemist, however she"s a tough and also loyal soldier who have the right to take fee of any type of situation. Often, Roy look at her together his far better half, and also for good reason. What else need to we know about Lieutenant Hawkeye?

sublievenant Hawkeye is a veteran that the horrific Ishval polite War, and also there, she offered as a sniper. In her own words, pulling the create from such a long distance permits her to remain emotionally detached from her gruesome work.

This may have helped her stay sane after that campaign, and also it contrasts to what the Joker stated in Christopher Nolan"s The Dark Knight. In that movie, the Joker comments on how guns are as well impersonal and quick, and killing someone through a knife enables you to "savor all the small emotions." Well, Hawkeye has other ideas on firearms vs knives!

Hawkeye isn"t a total stick in the mud. She is, after all, Roy"s good friend, and also she has actually a kind and also nurturing side. Yet as a whole, she put duty an initial and always adheres come decorum. In other terms, no goofing off on the clock!

She"s not over fussing at Roy to quit do a fuss at HQ, and also in a side comic, she hada pretty scary and stern way to discourage a dog native relieving itself in the wrong places. Just how strict!

A melee fighter could argue that a sniper is a coward, hiding indigenous a long distance and also killing from afar. Yet don"t failure Hawkeye because that someone that can"t acquire down and also dirty throughout combat. No issue what sort of hazard pops up, she marshals a counter-attack ideal away.

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Not even an ambush courtesy of Barry the Chopper fazed she at all, and when monsters choose Gluttony or Envy appear, Hawkeye won"t hesitate for a second. She empties her magazines right into them!

7 She is clever and deceitful

Hawkeye might not look prefer a schemer, yet she does have a clever mind that have the right to work its method right the end of traps. No, she"s no a mastermind choose Father or general Grumman, but she does have a couple of tricks to offer.

Pride endangered her to store his identification secret, however over lunch, Hawkeye slyly supplied code come tell Roy "SELIM BRADLEY IS HOMUNCULUS." Later, she fooled Envy (who had assumed Roy"s form) to give himself away. No bad!

us mentioned earlier that Hawkeye and Roy are good friends. Indeed! They sometimes tease each other, but they are tightly knit, and also Riza is practically certainly Roy"s far better half. What would he be there is no her?

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She is likewise gal-pals through Rebecca Catalin, and also they often meet for tea or lunch during Riza"s off-hours. Placed simply, they have actually a an excellent time together, and also Riza is comfortable enough around her friend for part gentle teasing. It"s one of her many charming personality traits.

5 She"s a component of the comedy

No, Riza Hawkeye isn"t one to crack jokes very often, and also she isn"t prone to cram tantrums or gaining a chibi face or making funny voices. But her allies and also friends entirely do that, and she"s a component of the routine, in a way.

Hawkeye plays the role of straight male (okay, woman) in these scenarios, a foil for the much more energetic and also goofy characters for some great comedy all around. Together as when she gained annoyed and fussed at Roy to set the phone down gently rather than slamming it under after talking to Maes Hughes.

similar to most personalities in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Riza Hawkeye obtained her last surname from a piece of military hardware. In this case, the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye AEW (early warning aircraft). Picture a propeller aircraft with a large sensor disk on its back.

As a bonus, "Hawkeye" is a great name because that a sniper, as hawks and other birds of food have fantastic telescopic vision come spot prey from afar. That type of vision is a must if you"re sniping!

3 her name and her ship

This gentleman is none other than Colonel Roy Mustang, and also we"ve stated him a couple of times so far. What"s his relationship to Hawkeye? Well, officially, Roy is her superior officer, but it might get a little steamier 보다 that!

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It is hinted plenty of times that Riza and also Roy space meant to be, and the fans sure think so, too. Famous ships/pairings have nicknames attracted from both characters" names, and also this ship is recognized as Royai. The "ai" originates from Hawkeye, yet conveniently, "ai" is a Japanese word because that love. Sound pretty conclusive, doesn"t it?

This is part of what makes Riza Hawkeye a dynamic and fun character to watch. Together we stated earlier, she place duty an initial and is strict with protocol and rules. She will certainly follow order carefully and also put the mission first... 99% that the time.

But if Roy gets reckless, or if a poor order is given, Hawkeye will certainly disobey and also it take charge. Fortunately, she walk this with cautious discretion, and also the outcomes speak because that themselves. Remember the time she hauled Roy into a car and also away indigenous Envy and Gluttony? the was no the ideal time because that Roy come fight, and also Hawkeye knew it.

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1 The name "Riza"

So, Hawkeye was called after a cool plane. That provides sense. But what around her an initial name? Hiromu Arakawa was mindful when naming her characters, and Riza"s name clearly was not favored randomly native a baby surname book. It way something.

"Riza" is the Hungarian version of "Theresa," and also it means "guardian." No kidding. Riza pulled Roy earlier from the brink as soon as he do the efforts to kill Envy in a to the right of rage and also hate, and also she keeps him safe from homunculi and also rogue soldiers and all type of things. She has your back, 100%!

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