while there space still playstation Vita cards out there because that purchase, getting a brand new card for the handheld can expense a pretty penny.

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playstation vita
The PS Vita is still out there and also playable, if that"s other gamers desire to obtain their hands on. However, it turns out the if someone felt part nostalgia because that the Vita and wanted to get a new memory card, they might find they"d have to pay a nice penny for a brand new one.

over there is a reason for the expense of the PS Vita memory cards. There to be a time as soon as it looked favor sony was placing it mobile console the end to pasture. The company had planned come shutter the digital store and it has come to be a bit an overwhelming to discover a unit for sale. It"s likewise not straightforward to find a memory map to usage in those units. Still, however complicated it can be come find, the prices for a brand new memory map for the Vita is starting to watch a bit outrageous.

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A fast search for a game stations Vita memory card on a retailer favor Amazon reflects a price tags in the hundreds. In fact, several of those cards can price as lot as $245 for a 32GB card. Yet there are means to find cards that are quite a bit cheaper and also that will work-related in the Vita just as well.

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playstation vita storage card
The real inquiry is even if it is or no investing any kind of money in the Vita is wise these days. While the PS Vita store acquired a reprieve and is remaining open, that is staying open up with some real caveats, including the fact that the won"t be obtaining any new games. That means that anyone who wants to acquire themselves a new memory card to play games in the mobile catalog, they much better be ready to play title that have been the end there for quite a while.

one of the factors that these memory cards can obtain so expensive is due to the fact that the Vita can"t simply take any type of memory card. Much like the Nintendo Switch, the console offers a propriety card and also these days, there simply aren"t that plenty of out ~ above the market.

that doesn"t mean that someone in search of a Vita storage card needs to pay through the nose. A rapid search that eBay shows that there space some the end there for the reasonable price that $24.99 a piece. When they carry out a little of shopping and also find a method to remain away native a price tag the is, fairly frankly, ridiculous as there are plenty of standard games like Uncharted: golden Abyss that are well worth the time on the PS Vita.