From the classic large Mac come the Egg McMuffin, McDonald’s serves nearly anything you deserve to imagine because that every meal of the day.

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They have actually the standard nuggets, burgers, fries plus foods like fish, and also coffee, and also smoothies. And other countries additionally carry neighborhood menu items choose rice in Asia, gazpacho in Spain, and tzatziki wraps in Croatia.

While friend may gain a craving for burgers beforehand in the morning, McDonald’s does not serve burgers during their breakfast time.

You can get burgers only throughout their lunchtime. End 90% the Mcdonald’s franchise owners have actually their very own operating hours, yet the majority of them have the very same breakfast and also lunchtime hours.

McDonald’s starts serving lunch at 10:30 am on Monday with Friday, and also 11:00 to be on Saturdays and Sundays. Lunch menu stops at your closing time or 5:00 to be if the is a 24-hour location.

Lunch ~ above Saturdays and Sundays beginning 30 minutes later since they have greater demands for breakfast ~ above the weekends.

McDonald’s does not serve having lunch all day and is unlikely to perform so in the future as result of lower need for burgers in the morning.

Regular McDonald’s Location

Most McDonald’s places with regular organization hours open from 5:00am come 11:00pm, some opens even previously at 4:00am and close later at midnight.

Mon-FriSat & Sun
Breakfast StartAt OpeningAt Opening
Breakfast End10:30 AM11:00 AM
Lunch Starts10:30 AM11:00 AM
Lunch EndAt ClosingAt Closing

24 Hour McDonald’s Location

Mon-FriSat & Sun
Breakfast Start5:00 AM5:00 AM
Breakfast End10:30 AM11:00 AM
Lunch Starts10:30 AM11:00 AM
Lunch End5:00 AM5:00 AM

McDonald’s has been serving breakfast due to the fact that 1975. In 2015, the firm moved to an all-day breakfast menu, but in 2020 amidst the pandemic, McDonald’s breakfast again returned to only the morning hours to cut costs and customer wait times.

Even 24-hour places do no serve the whole menu all day because machines have to be rotate off and also cleaned at some point. McDonald’s menu and also hours differ widely from country to country.

What about 24 Hour Locations?

24-hour locations additionally cannot serve lunch all-day because they have to shut down the grill because that a few hours every day because that cleaning. The yes, really time when devices is off for maintenance and cleaning will vary depending on the location.

If you room by a 24-hour McDonald’s, and also not sure when they are accessible for burgers and fries the best thing to do is to contact ahead and also ask.

McDonald’s items available only after ~ 10:30 am:

BurgersBig MacQuarter Pounder through CheeseDouble 4 minutes 1 Pounder v CheeseQuarter Pounder with Cheese DeluxeMcDoubleQuarter Pounder with Cheese BaconCheeseburgerDouble CheeseburgerHamburgerChicken and also SandwichesMcRibMcNuggetsButtermilk Crispy Chicken SandwichMcChickenFilet-o-FishWorld famed FriesHappy Meal

Of course, some places have an ext on the menu and also McDonald’s is well-known to offer regional cuisine items. A great rule of thumb is the burgers, chicken, fish and fries are considered main food selection items and also only easily accessible for lunch and dinner hours. Right here is a glance at options to McDonalds for lunch time:

In-n-out10:30 to be – 1 am
Wendy’sAfter 10:30 am
Burger KingAfter 10:30 am at many locations
Carl’s JrAll-day
Culver’sAfter 10:30 am

You can get a burger in ~ McDonald’s beginning at 10:30 to be at most locations. However, some locations change from breakfast to having lunch at 11 am. From 5 to be or opened to mid-morning, McDonald’s simply offers their breakfast food selection items and also McCafé bakery items.

According to a previous McDonald’s employee the 25 years, as soon as McDonalds very first introduced breakfast in the 1970s, McDonald’s employees were told come ‘convert the customer’ the breakfast. They might not serve breakfast and lunch at the very same time.

However, there is lot of to pick from ~ above the McDonald’s breakfast menu!

No Burgers in the Morning (Reasons)


The top two reasons why McDonald’s doesn’t serve burgers in the morning space the cost and also low demand. According to what a agency spokesperson called the wall surface Street newspaper in 2018, “the need isn’t solid enough come warrant running the burgess grill in the morning.”

However, there room several other reasons why McDonald’s doesn’t offer burgers in the morning. Because that instance, follow to the McDonald’s site, breakfast items and main food selection items have to be cooking at different temperatures, yet on the same stoves. So, lock can’t chef both at the exact same time with their limited space.

This makes sense together you can’t cook eggs and also a hamburger at the same temperature, otherwise, you will certainly either overcook the egg or undercook the burger.

The change from breakfast to lunch likewise takes time, and from 10 am to 11 am McDonald’s employees have to clean the food preparation areas, adjust out condiments and also food, and also prepare because that the lunch rush.

However, at part point, McDonald’s has solved the issue of food preparation breakfast and also lunch simultaneously when they started giving breakfast all-day. Although, through all-day breakfast, it can take longer to gain food on the table.

Another factor McDonald’s doesn’t serve burgers in the morning is the it would expand customer wait time together they need to switch off chef eggs and burgers ~ above the very same equipment but at various temperatures.

Although, through McDonald’s median wait time of 5 minutes, some customers argue that they would certainly be willing to wait longer for a burger in the morning.

Some civilization have reported getting a burger because that breakfast in ~ McDonald’s as soon as the place is an extremely slow, and also they aren’t in a hurry. In part cases, if the employee are extremely nice and also willing to give the client what lock want, girlfriend may have the ability to get a burger prior to 10:30 am.

However, girlfriend should take into consideration how busy the restaurant is and also how much time you’re willing to wait for your food prior to asking. And don’t be upset if they say no. It simply never damages to ask!

McDonald’s closeup of the door time for Lunch

McDonald’s (regular) stops serving having lunch & Dinner at your closing time.

McDonald’s dinner and also lunch food selection are basically the same and they only switch between their breakfast menu and also main menu.

McDonald’s (24 hours) avoid serving having lunch & Dinner at 5:00 am.

Even though McDonald’s 24-hour locations never ‘close’, they still need to shut turn off the grill and equipment because that cleaning every daily. The times for once they shut down equipment may differ by location.

So, the availably of menu items at McDonald’s after hours may differ by location. To be certain you carry out not waste a trip, you can constantly call front to check out if lock still serving McFlurry’s or burgers so late at night.

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Additionally, even if McDonald’s locations are open 24 hours, many close your dining area after ~ 11 pm and also only have the driver-through easily accessible from 11 afternoon to 5 am (at time when government restrictions enable for open dining areas, otherwise it is drive-through only, all-day).