The Extra co-host told my Houzz that he and his younger sister, Marissa Wong, have actually been nearby from work one.

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"I've constantly felt really blessed to have actually someone that has actually my back no issue what," he states in the recent episode the's celebrity residence reno series. "She's not simply my sister, she's my finest friend."

Wong is also one of the only members that his family to have left their house state that California — she now resides with her husband and four youngsters in Texas — Lopez defines of his many independent sibling.

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But v such a large family, "She doesn't take it a most time because that herself," that says. "So I'd choose to do something nice for her, i beg your pardon I recognize would help her out through the kids, and also all the family can benefit."

Because dance had constantly been the duo's "common bond," Lopez decided to surprised Marissa v a brand-new addition atop her garage that has a fitness studio, lounge area, meditation room and plenty of an are for jam sessions.




Lopez, who has two youngsters of his own, couldn't gain the job done every on his own, so he teamed increase with local Houzz professionals, Cindy Aplanalp-Yates the Chairma design Group and also contractor Matt Sneller the Sneller Custom houses to create the mini retreat. Marissa's husband, Kailee, additionally kept a nearby eye ~ above the renovation, pitching in to aid create the bonus room of his wife's dreams.

"I'm yes, really excited around this enhancement because ns think it's going to have actually a large impact on her life together a small oasis and also retreat for her," Lopez says.

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The crew used tropical wallpaper, a variety of lanterns, touches of green and also neutral furnishings that brought about a stylish, but truly zen, expansion of your home. And also thanks come the kitchenette, bathroom, and living room, Marissa's household can put the area to good use because that slumber parties, movie nights, or even spur-of-the-moment recitals. Plus, it have the right to serve together a guest room for as soon as Lopez visits.

"I'm beyond happy," Wong says. "He is certain the best large brother anybody might ever asking for."

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