disagreement Tree is a huge (and constantly growing) retail store with areas spread every throughout the country. They room a significant employer, but we still must wonder: does Dollar Tree rental felons?

At Relaunch Pad, answering necessary questions about employment avenues for former felons is our peak priority. To answer this questions, us go right to the source. We call every company we profile straight to discover out if lock hire human being with felonies.

That isn’t all. We also try to answer various other questions that are vital to finding work. Because that example:

Does disagreement Tree hire human being with misdemeanors?Does disagreement Tree perform background checks?Will dissension Tree screen for drugs?

With some luck, friend may have the ability to get a project at dissension Tree with a felony! So, without more ado, review on to uncover out around Dollar Trees’ hiring policies.

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Does disagreement Tree rental felons?


Official agency policy because that hiring felons

We contacted disagreement Tree straight to uncover out their plan for hiring former felons. What go they say?

Unfortunately, nothing. We haven’t gained a an answer from disagreement Tree yet. We will continue trying to do contact, however for now we have actually done part independent digging.

While us cannot to speak anything definitively without their response, we have not discovered evidence the they have actually a policy against hiring people with a felony.

Has disagreement Tree rental felons in the past?

Our research says that disagreement Tree has hired people with felonies in the past. This accounts are greatly from firm review sites wherein previous or present employees can provide information on their experience with the company.

Does dollar Tree rental felons? our secondhand accounts imply that they have actually before!

Does dollar Tree hire world with misdemeanors?

Of course, the isn’t only previous felons the have troubles finding work. Also misdemeanors can reason problems throughout the hiring process.

Does dollar Tree hire civilization with misdemeanors? us can’t say because that sure, yet it walk look favor they have — specifically when hiring because that entry-level positions.

Is dollar Tree top top the Ban package list?

The Ban the box list is a movement geared towards obtaining questions about criminal documents on task applications removed. The idea is that this will assist people be checked out for your skills, fairly than your past.

While dissension Tree hasn’t signed ~ above to ban the Box, few of their areas will have to follow this practice. Ban the box is actually law in 34 says now!

Then over there is also the same Chance business Pledge. This is a pledge businesses can take to present that they will certainly treat former felons fairly in the hiring process.

Unfortunately, disagreement Tree has not signed the Pledge. Go that median you won’t have the ability to get a job at disagreement Tree through a felony? not at all. Countless companies that perform hire previous felons have not signed the Pledge yet.

Does dollar Tree have actually special programs for hiring felons?

Some carriers will also have distinct hiring program for previous offenders. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have any kind of programs prefer that.

Programs because that hiring former felons are, unfortunately, somewhat rare. It’s not inexplicable that dissension Tree doesn’t have actually one.

What are the odds someone with a felony will get hired?


As you can probably tell, us don’t have any type of concrete answers around Dollar Trees’ hiring policies. Because they haven’t given us a response, we can’t say anything for sure. Due to the fact that of that, we price your possibilities of gaining hired with a felony together uncertain. However, keep in mind that we have seen reports that human being with documents have acquired hired here before!

What are some entry-level jobs?

Most of the entry-level tasks are in their sleeve stores. If girlfriend look on your career pages, you will certainly mostly discover cashier positions. There room some management jobs for world with much more experience, though.

Hours will differ from store-to-store. It seems that most places are open up in the morning and also close between 9 and 10 in ~ night. However, we have actually seen the some places are open 24/7.

Either way, if girlfriend do get hired, you deserve to expect to check out both day and night shifts, and weekday and weekend work.

How to get hired in ~ Dollar Tree through a felony

Though most positions at this store chain room entry-level, girlfriend still want to submit a great application and also resume. Previous suffer will be beneficial in getting hired. If friend have worked retail before, or organized a customer service position, you’ll have a better chance of getting hired. Make sure you highlight that endure on the application!

Most civilization struggle v resumes. Use your sources to make her resume even better. Gaining a girlfriend or family member to look in ~ it deserve to help. Career centers are likewise there to assist you pond your resume.

If you execute submit a an excellent application, dollar Tree will be in contact to setup one interview.

Interviews room another component of the hiring process that makes human being feel uncomfortable. The best way to success in an interview is to placed your most professional foot forward. Dress appropriately, and try to conceal tattoos and also piercings if girlfriend can. These space guidelines that any kind of candidate will be intended to follow.

In addition to dressing right, friend will additionally need to display them that you are good with people. Many of their jobs involve customer service, therefore they desire to understand you’ll have the ability to comfortably interact with people.

Be yourself. This deserve to be tough to do, especially because interviews regularly don’t feel really natural. Try to exercise interview questions with an important person in your life. Doing a “dummy interview” might make friend feel much more prepared because that the real thing.

Last but not least, shot your ideal to relax!

Does dissension Tree do background checks?

Now the we have gone over exactly how to get hired in ~ Dollar Tree, it’s time to focus on another important factor: When and also if your record will come increase in the rental process.

Does disagreement Tree perform background checks? indigenous what we can tell, the looks favor they do, however not because that every position. Because that instance, if you are applying for one entry-level cashier job, they could not. If friend are using to be a save manager, though, they probably will.

Regardless, there are some things you must know around background checks.

For one thing, there are some says that won’t even check your entire record. Instead, they will only look back to the previous seven years. Below are those states:

CaliforniaColorado*Kansas*Maryland*MassachusettsMontanaNevadaNew Hampshire*New York*Texas*Washington*

There are likewise states the don’t include not guilty verdicts. Those claims include:

AlaskaCaliforniaHawaiiIndiana (limited check)KentuckyMassachusettsMichiganNew York

Last, there are likewise states that will check out your entire record, consisting of crimes girlfriend were uncovered not guilty of. This are:

AlabamaArizonaArkansasConnecticutDCDelawareFloridaIdahoIndiana (extensive check)IowaLouisianaMaineMississippiMissouriNebraskaNew JerseyNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOregonRhode IslandSouth CarolinaTennesseeUtahVermontVirginiaWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

Company Ratings

We take it a look in ~ glassdoor.com to uncover out the average company rating at Dollar Tree. We uncovered that they have received a 2.9 rating on your 5 star scale.

Their lowest average rating to be 2.6 because that benefits, if their greatest was 2.8 because that opportunities.

This rating is a tiny low, but if friend are searching for your an initial job the end of jail or have actually been in between jobs for as well long, girlfriend may have to take whatever opportunities you have the right to get. The an excellent news is the the task doesn’t need to be permanent. As soon as you get cleared up in you have the right to start looking for methods that are more interesting come you.

What felony convictions could have a difficult time obtaining hired here?

Since dollar Tree has mostly client service-related jobs, they more than likely won’t hire world with violent or sexual crimes on their record. The is usually what we check out for customer service jobs.

Since every one of their location involve dealing with money, they likewise probably won’t hire someone v a record of theft.

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Does disagreement Tree drug test?

It looks choose drug tests space not a standard part of their routine. However, it’s always far better to be safe 보다 sorry, as countless businesses to make reservation the right to drug test if they feel the require to.

Have you applied for a job or operated here? Share her experiences!

We’ve do the efforts to demonstrate how to acquire hired at Dollar Tree. However, we could constantly use more help. If you’ve operated at this firm before, we would certainly love to hear native you!