Dan finally earns his son’s love & gets a surprise visitor native ‘Tree Hill’ past! This was the many emotional episode of the season.

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Jamie’s (Jackson Brundage) indigenous “He’ll be alright, he’s Grandpa Dan,” echoed throughout the hospital on the march 21 illustration of One Tree Hill,as everyone came together after Dan (Paul Johansson) took a a cartridge for Nathan (James Lafferty).

The doctors notified the newly reunited Scott family that after being shot, and combined with his heart problems, the was likely that Dan wouldn’t survive. Throughout the episode, Dan had flashbacks that the countless paths he’d favored in life. Some were great moments, choose the 0ne time he and Nathan actually played basketball without maintaining score, yet others were an ext tragic events Dan dear regrets, choose shooting his brother. However just once you believed he’d traction through, Dan flatlined and was checked out by none-other-than his brother, Keith (Craig Sheffer). In ~ this point, I thought it was suitable to cry together with Haley (Bethany pleasure Galeotti), since she to be the only person in tears the whole time.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) father appeared at she front door, explain he was concerned around his daughter ~ she’d been struck by Xavier (Devin McGee), but Brooke didn’t think it. And also her suspicions proved to be right once he revealed that was just there for business, passionate to sell Baker Man also though the doesn’t also exist yet. Due to the fact that Ted (Richard Burgi) entirely shut his daughter out of his life, Brooke confirmed she have the right to close things too, by closeup of the door the door — best in his face! and despite all of the troubles in her own life, Brooke still stayed elated the Julian (Austin Nichols) lastly had an idea for his sound stage.

Elsewhere, Clay (Robert Buckley) tried his ideal to prove he have the right to be a an excellent father by showing up at Sarah’s parents residence to view Logan (Pierce Gagnon). The pleaded because that them come let him be a part of his son’s life, and also finally they caved — because if they didn’t, Clay, Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) and Logan couldn’t be the perfect blond family. (Duh!) now that he’d finally uncovered Logan, what he’d been in search of all along, Clay said his son that he to be willing to be a part of his life. Finally, the minute I’d been wait for because it to be revealed that Clay had actually a son: Logan met Quinn and also all was best in Tree Hill.

Even Dan Scott had himself a happy ending. After a heartbreaking conversation-slash-hallucination through Nathan, in i beg your pardon his son lastly said he love him, Dan was also forgiven by Keith’s ghost. Keith said Dan he can be his “plus one” in heaven, and also the Scott brothers vanished down the hallway the Tree Hill High School.

So, supposedly it yes, really is feasible to death Dan Scott — but I don’t think he deserve to be denied forgiveness. If his own brother can forgive him, climate so have the right to I.

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What did girlfriend think of tonight’s remarkable episode? perform you think Dan obtained a appropriate send-off? and have you, like Keith and also Nathan, lastly forgiven Dan for what he did? Leave united state a comment v your thoughts on the man, the myth, the legend — Dan Scott.

— Jaymie Bailey

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