When it comes to being a mom, Cyndi Lauper is willing to do anything for she beloved child time after ~ time. The legendary music artist raised her only child, Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper, and now, he’s following in his famous mother’s iconic footsteps.

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Cyndi shares her young adult with her decades-long husband, David Thornton. The “Girls simply Want to have Fun” songstress and the Home Alone 3 gibbs wed in 1991 and also experienced parenthood 6 years later when Cyndi gave birth come Declyn — who more commonly goes by Dex — in 1997.


In her beforehand days of motherhood, the Grammy-winning hitmaker juggled her obligations as a parental while balancing her plenty of professional projects. Despite Cyndi’s career never suffered together she switched the emphasis to her family, the star revealed she and also David once talked around her slowing under her job-related as a singer.

“We talked about, ‘When you done, you’re done. Friend don’t have to do anymore. You perform what you want to do and also that’s it,’” Cyndi mutual with abc News. “ a pair that’s trying to raise a kid and also trying to still it is in together.”


Though Cyndi never ever stepped ago from the entertain industry, she said she would have actually in order come prove how “real” of a parental she is. “I don’t want to it is in a fake parent,” she dished. “I don’t desire to be a fake singer. I don’t desire to be a fake writer. I don’t want to it is in fake anything. I want to be the real thing!”

As Dex was cultivation up, Cyndi exposed him to life in the public eye together she lugged him follow me to fun Hollywood events and A-list outings. In 2010, the mother-son duo were all smiles for the Celebrity Apprentice season 3 finale afterparty. Dex additionally tagged follow me for his mom 8th annual Home for the Holidays advantage concert in 2013, and most recently, they turned heads at the video clip Music Awards in September 2021.


As the son of among music’s most legendary singers, the no surprised Cyndi’s child is complying with in she footsteps and paving a career as a musician. In addition to teaching her kiddo every she knows around being a music superstar, the “Time ~ Time” artist credited her husband, David, for being a supportive partner.

“All I have the right to say is the he is my best friend, he is wildly an imaginative and I just wanted to share my entirety life through him,” Cyndi exclusively told Closer in December 2018, saying she so thankful for your marriage. “That’s what’s happened.”

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Declyn “Dex” Wallace Thornton Lauper

Cyndi deserve the location of “mom” when she welcomed Dex ~ above November 19, 1997. Considering Dex became familiar through the glitz and also glamour the Hollywood during his childhood, yes no doubt he’s prepared to be famed in his very own right. Though he is still increasing in the ranks, the young male is currently a producer, rapper and songwriter.

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According to his Instagram, Dex is signed v Colombo Records. While the only has one track titled “Wavy” on Spotify, which was released in 2016, Dex has promoted other tunes on his Instagram account. In august 2021, that debuted a brand-new song called “Through the Roof.”

In enhancement to gift talented and also accomplished, Cyndi claimed her boy is really mature and also has a good head on his shoulders. While speaking exclusively with Closer in 2018, the We space the World alum recalled the time her son referred to as her the end for cursing top top live TV.

“He said, ‘what Dad constantly says the if you nothing curse when it’s no important, you i will not ~ curse as soon as it is,’” Cyndi shared. “And i was thinking, “F–k yeah.’ No, i’m kidding, no, no, i’m thinking, ‘I know, Dex. I know, it was a long day, friend know.’ It’s hard to it is in me.”