Today again we will talk, why does cotton candy melt?

This is very frustrating. I made a product for the client, however it melts in 5 minutes! So, why cotton candy melts fast?

There space 3 reasons.

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Type of noodle candy machinesWeather (humidity)Temperature (hot or not)

Cotton liquid melts quick – how it works?

Cotton candy is a cocoon of fine yarns that sugar. The thinner each individual thread, the quicker the perfect product will melt. Street is fear of water, street is melt in the water. A slim thread of street melts much faster than a special thread of sugar – it’s easy! Therefore, the first reason is the kind of cotton candy machine – yellow Medal, Cretors devices makes a thick thread. Chinese devices (as far as I deserve to judge from my experience) renders a thin thread of sugar (about 0,15 millimeter) Robolabs equipment also makes a special thread (Twister, Focus, etc)

The factor for this is an extremely simple. In Chinese devices, there is a space through which heated liquid sugar seeps. Check out picture:

Chinese noodle candy machine

And compare with exactly how the head to be designed ~ above this yellow Medal machine:

Gold medal noodle candy machine

Another instance – original architecture of the feet on the Russian tools Robo Twister:

Twister cotton candy machine
Twister cotton candy machine

I hope that whatever is clear through the very first question. We move on!

Does cotton candy melt in the seaside?

Yes, this is bad news. Sweet noodle candy will melt if the wait is wet – close to the river, ~ above the coast, in merganser weather. If you room from Florida, I execute not envy girlfriend (joke). The reason is clear – there are invisible corpuscle of water in the air. A slim thread of street absorbs them – and sugar melts!

cotton liquid melts

Cotton candy cannot be defended from this phenomenon, since the moisture is directly in the air and also penetrates everywhere. Moreover, due to the fact that of the high humidity, it is impossible to occupational on the classic cotton candy machines – the liquid flosses adhere come the bowl, they have the right to not be wound up in a beautiful cocoon.

The exception is Robo JetFloss – this is a maker with a upright feed. Street fibers fly up, the operator immediately winds them on a rod or record cone – the customer immediately takes the finished portion.

Mr. Sokolov Artem from Kirov, Moscow

However, all the same on the seashore the wool melts quickly. Possible solution: to make a substantial show top top the Robo Jet Floss maker – it attracts customers. And also sell noodle candy in plastic bags/cups. No drops of sugar on clothes, no sticky hands + very cool show!

Does noodle candy melt in the warm (or in the sun)?

Yes, on a hot day cotton wool likewise melts. Ns noticed this here:

If you load cotton liquid in a cup or a bag, close tightly and also leave in the sunlight – after a pair of days the product volume will be less.

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Does cotton candy melt in the heat?

Perhaps this is due to heating – due to the fact that the humidity in the enclosed room is fixed and also can no change. Therefore, I intend that native a high-temperature street fibers melt – and also this leader to a to decrease in volume.

I said you about three feasible causes that melting. I hope you find this material beneficial – perform not hesitation to leave a comment or share with your friends!