Chuck Norris, who else?Chuck NorrisMuch like whatever else the does, chuck tops this perform too. We really don’t know if he has actually a collection of cheap lace former wigs or that’s hair transplant performed by an yes, really drunken monkey. Every we recognize is that point deserves a was standing ovation from every the negative wigs the end there.

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John Travolta.
John Travolta
Back in 2011, john was balding prefer an American eagle, now he rocks a mid-parted hairdo that would placed rockstars to shame. What’s the mystery behind his hairy transformation? We believe it’s a lace front wig. He is no hiding it well either.
Jason Alexander, v hair.
Jason Alexander
Honestly, nobody would have guessed Jason Alexander wore a wig if they saw him because that the first time. Having actually played Seinfeld’s George Costanza for an ext than a decade, his renowned bald look is well-known to all. So, when Jason determined to wear a toupee back in 2014, let’s simply say he got a bit of criticism. For no error of the wig itself, Jason’s hairdo was automatically declared together fake. The strong public reaction is why Jason regulated to secure a ar on our list.
Nicolas Cage.
Nick Cage
Nicolas Cage has actually hair that looks simply as natural as the persons on the top of celebrities at madame Tussauds. Back when Cage was well-known for certification in blockbuster movies he had a famously balding look. Together his movie career take it a dive his hair magically began to grow. Now, he has a full head the hair. Fortunately, the secret of the miracle hair growth is made all to obvious by the wig.
Charlie Sheen.

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Charlie Sheen
The lovable poor boy of Hollywood has challenged his same share of criticism and social media outrage. His offscreen antics somehow control to eclipse the disaster that is his wig. His aging facial functions coupled with that college-boy hair looks mismatched, come say the least. However, Charlie was constantly a straight shooter, other than for the time he wasn’t. Gift a sport that he is, he openly admitted wearing wigs because that his renowned gig ~ above Two and a fifty percent Men.