Just because Chanel West Coast is currently single and prepared to mingle, doesn’t typical that the longtime Ridiculousness star hasn’t had her same share of past romances. In fact, Chanel has been in two public relationship over the years. First, through Scottish singer Liam Horne, followed by a fling with rapper Solo Lucci.

That said, the rapper knows specifically what she’s in search of in a life partner. “I execute like gift an independent woman, however I’m yes, really sick the being held down in my career by everyone and their mother,” the truth babe wrote in a now-deleted article on Instagram in December 2019. “Can a effective and powerful man get married me currently so this market can lastly stop hold me down?” Preach!

She added the hashtags, “#Single #KeepingItREAL #IWantToBeMarried #WhereAreTheRealMenAt #PowerCouplesGoFar #INeedaRealMan.”

Scroll through the gallery below to obtain the full scoop on Chanel’s date history.

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Liam Horne

Chanel and Liam dated from April 2014 come July 2017. Over the food of your three-year relationship, the pair often packed on the PDA in ~ red carpet events and gushed end each various other on society media. Unfortunately, the couple called the quits ahead of Chanel joining the actors of Love & hip Hop: Hollywood. The seems choose the blonde bombshell was focusing an ext on music and also TV career over anything else. 


Solo Lucci

Unlike Chanel’s relationship with Liam, points with Solo Lucci were far less *official.* In fact, it remains to be seen if the pair actually dated or if it to be just component of she storyline ~ above L&HH. Also so, their quick flirtationship only lasted indigenous July to October 2017.

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Rob Dyrdek

Because Chanel and Rob have actually such an excellent chemistry on Ridiculousness, a the majority of fans have actually speculated the the costars room dating! As lot as we evaluate their friendship, those rumors can not be further from the truth. In fact, Rob has been happy married come Bryiana Flores since 2015 and also the pair shares 2 adorable children — Kodah and Nala.