School of chemistry Engineering, Federal college of Uberlândia, Av. João Naves de Ávila, 2121 - 38 408 100 Uberlândia, Brasil
Publication history Received2 July 2008Accepted4 September 2008Published online8 October 2008Published inissue 13 November 2008

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The solubility of benzoic acid in water−ethanol and also water−n-propanol mixtures at temperatures between (303.5 and 333.7) K has been measured by using an device in our laboratory. Experiment were lugged out employing different concentrations of alcohol. Addition of alcohol in water results in a large increase in acid solubility. Fan to a lack of accessible literature data, no outcomes comparison could be excellent for equipment containing n-propanol. Furthermore, the predicted results of solubility because that the equipment studied end a variety of temperatures shown that both modified equations tested can fairly be provided to guess solid−liquid equilibrium for alcoholic aqueous options at number of temperatures.





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