Avril Lavigne was very early 2000s superstar many thanks to she pop-rock hits, and also she was quickly known for her marriage to Nickelback’s frontman, Chad Kroeger. Sadly, Kroeger and Lavigne divorced. So, why walk the couple split? Here’s what us know.

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger were involved after a month of discovering each other

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Chad Kroeger that Nickelback and Avril Lavigne | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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While Kroeger and also Lavigne seemed favor the perfect couple, castle couldn’t do their connection work. Their marriage came quickly, i m sorry may have been part of the problem. And Bustle note Lavigne proclaimed she never ever wanted to spend too lot time away from Kroeger. Since of their liven lives and also schedules, this might’ve likewise proven difficult. As soon as fans i found it Kroeger wasn’t roughly for Lavigne’s 30th birthday party, lock knew something was amiss.

“It is v a heavy heart the Chad and I announce ours separation today,” Lavigne post to Instagram, follow to to chat Tonight. “Through not just the marriage, however the music as well, we’ve created plenty of unforgettable moments. We space still, and forever will be, the best of friends, and also will constantly care deeply for each other.”

While Lavigne and also Kroeger divorced, it seems they’re still finest friends. And Lavigne told human being Kroeger helped her with her battle with Lyme disease. “He took me under his wing, he gained me in the studio, he videotaped me, the was very encouraging,” she stated. “He aided me with some of the song that i wrote, since he’s such a good songwriter — I’d be stuck on a lyric or stuck on a part, and also he’d assist me complete a tune if i couldn’t and he would document it.

“He’s just always been a cheerleader of mine and constantly been such a huge fan,” she added. “He’s in mine corner, he’s on my side, and he’s always been really great.”

Who is Avril Lavigne dating in 2021?

Lavigne is earlier to dating in 2021. The looks favor she and rocker Mod sunlight are obtaining romantic after collaborating on their hit song, “Flames.”

“Working with each other has brought them closer and Avril has a history of fallout’s for civilization that she functions with,” a resource told entertainment Tonight. “She falls in love through them for your musical creativity and expression. Her working relationships frequently turn romantic.”

The resource added, “Avril and Mod Sun have actually been safety a ton that time together and getting to understand each various other better.”

We’re looking front to this brand-new romantic chapter for Lavigne and also all the exceptional music that will likely result!