Apple butter is just one of my all-time favorite things to make during fall and the holiday season. This delicious, perfect spiced law screams autumn and coziness and it’s a gift that nobody will say no to.

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That said, not every one of us are going to it is in chugging apologize butter all year round. A little bit of this infant goes a lengthy way, therefore you’ve gained to know how to make the many of it.

Does apple butter walk bad? Well, apple-solutely! but stored properly, to apologize butter deserve to last anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.

My name is Angie, ns am a self-taught baker with over 10 year of experience. Having actually run my very own baking business, I recognize how important it is to save your food in ~ maximum freshness and I’d love to make the knowledge available to friend too.

In this article, I will share through you my tips on how to tell when apple butter has actually gone off, just how to keep them and for just how long, and answer any type of further questions you may have on this topic.

Without further ado, let’s obtain cooking!


How deserve to You tell If your Apple Butter has Gone BadHow long is to apologize Butter good for?Apple Butter FAQs

Does to apologize Butter walk Bad?

Although apple butter originated as a technique to preserve apples because that a long duration of time, not correct storage, and also bacterial contamination, can spoil to apologize sauce and also make it unsafe because that ingestion.


Apple Butter FAQs

The following are part other typical questions human being have around apple butter shelf life and storage.

Why is to apologize butter referred to as butter?

Apple butter is called butter for its smooth, thick, buttery texture. Over there isn’t any butter in to apologize butter, not even a fall of oil. The structure is achieved by blending, boiling, and caramelizing the apple till nearly every one of its water contents evaporates.

Do you have to refrigerate to apologize butter?

You perform not have to refrigerate to apologize butter yet it will definitely prolong its shelf life if friend do.

Is applesauce the same as to apologize butter?

Noooo… I can see why you can ask though. They are comparable in the they’re both made by slow-cooking apples with lots of spices.

However, applesauce has a much more liquidy texture, sometimes with chunks of to apologize in it.

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Apple butter, on the various other hand, is lot thicker and an ext concentrated and also will last much longer!


Despite its lengthy shelf life, to apologize butter have the right to still walk bad. That said, don’t feeling the must hurry and toss your valuable jar of apologize butter as quickly as the passed the expiration date. That is smell and appearance need to tell you much more about even if it is it is quiet edible.

I hope the these tips have actually helped friend as lot as they’ve aided me