Ann-Margret completed a lot as an actress throughout the last six decades, yet her beautiful marriage with roger Smith was an additional proud achievement. The Viva las Vegas actress to be married to she late spouse because that 50 years until the actor’s fatality in 2017.

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The Bye bye Birdie star an initial met Roger about the time she made her film debut in 1961’s Pocketful of Miracles. The two came to be acquaintances, however their romance began five years later on when they met for the 2nd time in 1966. Follow to reports, i get it invited Ann-Margret to among his performances at a nightclub in mountain Francisco, which to be then complied with by a collection of luxurious dates.


While recalling his first impression of the Swedish-born actress during an interview with New York Magazine in 1976, Roger stated he was “impressed” by exactly how disinterested she appeared in acquiring to know him. “Every various other woman ns met was falling anywhere me,” the remembered. “But this innocent, fresh-faced beauty just spoke come me once I speak to her and the rest of the time ignored me.”

Ann-Margret wasn’t in a rush to loss in love, yet once she began dating Roger, it didn’t take lengthy for castle to develop an unbreakable bond. The pair tied the knot in a las Vegas civil ceremony ~ a year of date in 1967. “The man that ns married is the male I knew i was going to marry ~ above the 3rd date,” she sweetly called the New York Times in 1994.


The Grumpy Old Men actress and the Man the a thousand Faces gibbs enjoyed an ext than 50 years of wedded bliss together. Sadly, Roger passed away at period 84 in June 2017 following a fight with a terminal illness, Ann-Margret’s certified dealer Jack Gilardi announced in ~ the time. I get it had also struggled through the nerve disease myasthenia gravis for numerous years up until his death.

Considering the duo created endless exorbitant memories together, Ann-Margret will always “ the years” she had actually with the 77 Sunset Strip alum. “She allows herself it is in sad,” one insider told Closer Weekly in December 2020, however “she believes the is tho watching out for her.”

Scroll with the gallery below to learn an ext about Ann-Margret’s longtime love, Roger.


Roger obtained Into acting at a Young Age

From the moment Roger to be born on December 18, 1932, it appears he was destined because that the big screen. In ~ the young period of 6, his parental enrolled the in a college where the learned to sing, dance and also act.


He to be Successful

Ann-Margret no the just talented one in your relationship. Roger likewise paved a effective career together an actor, having starred in 77 Sunset Strip, Auntie Mame, Man of a thousand Faces, C.C. And Company and also more.


Roger was Married Twice

Before walking under the aisle v the gold Globe winner, roger was married come his very first wife, Victoria Shaw, from 1956 come 1965.

Roger was a Doting Dad

During his first marriage, Roger ended up being the dad that his 3 kids, Tracey Smith, Jordan Smith and Dallas Smith. Not just does Ann-Margret share a great relationship v her late hubby’s kiddos, but she’s also the love grandma to her stepkids’ children.

“Her stepdaughter Tracey and also stepsons Jordan and also Dallas all adore her,” the insider called Closer. “She is a doting grandmother come all your kids. She sees them, speaks to them and Zooms v them all frequently.”

Roger to be a great Husband

Ann-Margret will constantly feel grateful for the moments she mutual with her husband. Native the very very first day she met the Mister Roberts alum, the lovely beauty had this emotion he would always “protect” her. “I knew the I might depend on him. Ns sensed that completely,” she gushed come People in 2017.

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Ann-Margret also revealed how they preserved their decades-long marriage. “It’s very simple actually,” she said. “We both want it come work.”

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