It can"t it is in Infinity or -Infinity, since of 0 is same to -0, therefore 1/0 is equal to 1/-0 I need to say, yet why that isn"t? and why the isn"t unknown (what mine calculator says) or NaN.

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This is due to the fact that the IEEE 754 specifications define it like that.

There is however a thinking for this: the affinely extended real number device expand the actual numbers through the 2 infinities, which provides some more room because that calculating with limits. So v this expansion a department by zero is no undefined or NaN.

Consider that the complying with is true for positive x:

limx→0(x) = limx→0(-x)

However the adhering to is not true for hopeful x:

limx→0(1/x) = limx→0(1/-x)

Note how the over comparisons with limit notation map to the comparisons girlfriend listed:

0 === -0;// true1/0 === 1/-0;// falseSecondly, a division always maintains the complying with invariance: the result is negative if and only when specifically one of the operands is negative.

Both of this considerations offer some credence as to why in IEEE 754:

1/0 === Infinity1/-0 === -Infinity
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