ns am 15 year old and also I wanted a gas moped or scooter the you deserve to sit under on that"s 49cc. Ns live in Connecticut; might I ride a scooter like this on the roadway without a license?
See this link about the scooter ns wantANSWER: hi Mark... Thanks for questioning your inquiry here. In Connecticut, as described on this page, you require a driver"s patent to drive any kind of motorized 2-wheel vehicle. But you don"t require a motorcycle endorsement on that patent for 49cc scooters. The scooter, however, walk not require a license plate or registration.

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Our other reader, Ron Goldwyn, will certainly chime in and also correct me if ns have any of the truth wrong here. The rides a 49cc scoot in Connecticut, so he knows!Have fun,Kathi
Jul 26, 2011
Riding the scooter by: Ron Goldwyn Kathi is correct. In CT to ride a scooter ~ above public roads with one engine of less than 50cc, you MUST have actually a consistent drivers license.So what happens if you space stopped ~ above a publicly road and you space underage? You could lose your scooter and also you may be in trouble once you room old enough to gain your automobile license in a pair of years.I have a 16 year old nephew living v me and also my scooter is off limits to him for now. I understand it is tempting however don"t take the risk.

Jul 26, 2011
driving a scooter without a license by: anonymous they could give u a good if u journey a scooter without have actually a regular lisence???????

Oct 10, 2010
Hey Ron by: cotton Hey Ron... Room you fear of obtaining run over by a scooter? room you who who has actually nothing far better to do? prevent worrying around others and move on.

Aug 18, 2010
It"s an individual Attacks i Don"t Want... by: Kathi Yes, Ron, we space in agreement in its entirety philosophically. Ns DO think in scooter licensing and I emphatically believe in put on helmets, as proclaimed throughout this site. So you"re right there.And I definitely don"t mental anyone stating a solid opinion ~ above this website or making waves, together you say. What I"d choose to stop is any of us personally attacking the character of someone else on this site.We each have actually a ideal to our very own opinion, and if someone states an opinion we don"t like, then we are complimentary to say that here... There is no attacking the human themselves. I just want us to save our discussions focused on the opinions, rather than the person. Make sense? :)

Aug 17, 2010
Riding Scooters by: Ron Goldwyn, Milford CT dear Kathi,You and also I think alike, together we space adults. In CT every month someone die while speak a motorcycle and 75% of the moment they uncover that they did not wear a helmet. These are facts. The legislation says lock don"t need to wear head protection because an idiot has actually the appropriate to death themselves. But sometimes these drivers don"t walk to their grave alone. Castle take chaste people in addition to them. I understand all about freedom that speech, but that doesn"t mean you have the right to yell fire in a theater as soon as there is no fire. The is simply as wrong to encourage who to preach that it is okay to journey a scooter on publicly roads as soon as the laws clearly state one must have actually as a minimum a valid motorists license. Kathi, I recognize you don"t want someone making tide on your website, but there are always a time because that exceptions and also I believe this to be a time when law abiding drivers had to speak out to protect us from the lawless. Execute you agree?

Aug 16, 2010
This is a familiar website... by: Kathi Folks, let"s keep things polite here. To my eyes, Billy is only expressing an opinion the such small scooters shouldn"t need the driver to it is in licensed. I recognize a lot of 50cc riders that feel that way. Ns don"t think it way that Billy is not a law-abiding citizens or a devastating person.I don"t take place to agree with him, however. Scooters have actually motors and also can reach speeds up to 35mph, even the little 50cc ones. Losing manage of a scooter, even at just 10 or 20MPH, can do damage to the rider and also anyone or something he/she hits. So it makes sense to me the anyone who rides a scooter should need to do something to prove their capacity to perform so safely. And an especially since scooters can appeal to teens who room not old enough to gain a auto drivers patent yet or to world who can"t bought a automobile or qualify for a license, I execute think there can be a peril in letting just anyone journey one.But again, that"s just my opinion. I intend this website to be a location where civilization can express conflict opinions freely, without having actually to worry around being subjected to an individual attacks.So if friend disagree v someone, speak that and also why girlfriend disagree... Yet don"t make it personal, OK?Thanks all for your cooperation!

Aug 13, 2010
Driving there is no a license. by: Ron Goldwyn, Milford CT Billy... Many of us right here are regulation abiding citizens. We obey the regulations that space meant to protect every one of us. Ns sincerely expect you don"t live in my state, if your mindset is that if we need a means of transportation--be it a scooter, car, truck, motorcycle, watercraft or airplane--just go and also find one come use, nevertheless of the danger you may put other citizens in.I definitely hope the NO-ONE follows your advice.

Aug 13, 2010
I don"t think the should matter by: Billy i really don"t think it need to matter, As long as you have some sort of ID, showing how old you room you have to be allowed to drive a 49cc scooter on the road. What if who can"t gain their licenses and they require some type of transport to acquire to and from a job? They need to be enabled to ride at the very least a scooter.

Nov 04, 2009
Scooters in CT by: Ron Goldwyn, Milford CT to ~ Mark, Every state has actually their own motor car laws, be it for a gas or electrical vehicle, if that is to be pushed on a publicly street. CT, as Kathi proclaimed requires you to have actually a continuous drivers license for a car with one engine of much less than 50cc and secondary motorcyle patent if the 2-3 wheeled car has a bigger engine. Castle must also have license plates and carry insurance. Mark, while in ~ 16 years of age you may acquire a learners permit and a license at 17 the brand-new laws because that teenage vehicle drivers requires friend to have an adult passenger companion you. Yet a 49cc scooter only enables for one human to be aboard. Therefore we space stuck through conflicts. If we need to learn to journey an automobile and also take the check in one, why not simply drive a car. Because that a year the new law states that you may not have any underage passengers and also there are plenty of other restrictions as well. So go online as find out the CT MVB laws for acquiring a teenager age drivers License and the the legislations for a auto with one assisting engine. Examine them and also learn because that yourself simply what our state requires. I too have actually a 15 and a 17 year olf grandsons who space both in high school and are not enabled to drive my scooter.



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