Outline:Message turn via social media claims that the ‘longhorn livestock company’ tested few of the optimal brands of energy drink and also found that they save bull sperm.

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Brief Analysis:The claims in the message are untrue. Energy drinks do not save bull sperm. They do contain taurine – a name acquired from the Latin word ‘taurus’, which way ‘bull’ or ‘ox’. Taurine was provided that name due to the fact that it was an initial isolated in the bile of one ox. While it is a major component the bile, taurine is likewise found in the huge intestine and also in the tissues of animals and humans. However, the taurine used in usual energy drinks is synthetic and also is not obtained from bulls or various other animals.

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Q: Do energy drinks have bull sperm in it?

Answer:Yes. A examine done through longhorn livestock company, tested few of the top energy drink brand (red bull, monster, etc) and found the they do contain bull sperm.


Detailed Analysis:According come this message, energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster save bull sperm. The message, i beg your pardon circulates via social media bring about angst and revulsion as it travels, is presented together a screenshot featuring solution to a reader’s question released on wiki.answers.com.

The message cases that the ‘longhorn cattle company’ tested height brands of power drink and also discovered that they carry out contain bull sperm.

However, the claims in the message are nonsense. Energy drinks execute not contain bull sperm. And also while there is a Texas restaurant with the surname ‘Long Horn cattle Company’, there room no credible reports that suggest that it, or any other likewise named organisation, carried out testing of energy drinks and also discovered bull semen.

Given the WikiAnswers enables users to both submit and answer questions, over there is no guarantee that answers post on the site are accurate. In this case, the answer provided is no true.

This hoax is apparently obtained from previously stories that claimed that one ingredient discovered in power drinks dubbed ‘taurine’ was made from bull’s testicles. And, the bull testicle story was in turn acquired from misunderstandings about taurine.

Taurine is indeed found in energy drinks. However, the taurine in such drinks does no come indigenous bull’s testicles or bull sperm. The taurine supplied in common brands of energy drinks and also many other products is synthetic. On the Q & A ar of that is website, RedBull notes:

Is Taurine made from bull’s testicles?Many civilization bet it comes from some vulnerable parts the the strongest and also most potent bulls in the world, but the truth is the the taurine in Red Bull is created synthetically come the greatest quality standards.

And a FactExpert entry on the topic explains:

In energy drink, taurine is now believed to be almost essential (or at least an extremely important) in the list of ingredients. Taurine is in reality an amino acid that is discovered in the human being body-it is a organic substance that our bodily solution encounter every day. In RedBull and also other power drinks, however, the taurine is a fabricated element. There is no reality to the myth the taurine is an extract indigenous a bull’s testicles, although this rumor has actually been circulating because that years.

So how did taurine get linked to bulls in the very first place due to the fact that it occurs normally in plenty of animals, not just bulls? Simply since taurine was an initial isolated in the bile of one ox back in 1827 through German scientists. The name ‘Taurine’ was obtained from the Latin, ‘Taurus’, an interpretation bull or ox. This connection – along with the name of one of the many well-known power drinks and also an enduring late of bulls together epitomising virility and vigour – has perhaps offered rise come the power drink bull testicle/bull sperm rumours.

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So, energy drink consumers need not be came to that they are inadvertently drink bull sperm. They have to perhaps be more concerned about the potentially unhealthy ingredients that such drinks execute contain. In fact, bull sperm can be far better for girlfriend then some of the stuff that is in reality in there.