Gilmore Girls: 10 factors It take it Luke & Lorelai So long To acquire Married many Gilmore Girls fans knew that Luke and also Lorelai were endgame from day one. However it sure took lock a while to actually have a wedding. Here"s why.

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Split image of Lorelai in wedding dress and Luke and also Lorelai at his diner in Gilmore Girls
Luke and Lorelai’s relationship was among the finest to watch in Gilmore Girls. The two started as friends and also became close sufficient where they were each other’s go-to in both great and bad times. After year of gift close, Luke ultimately made a relocate on Lorelai romantically and also it worked... Sort of. 

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As good as Lorelai and Luke were, there to be a lot of issues (and people) stand in your way. And while they at some point did get married in the last episode of the reboot, A Year in the Life, that took them much longer than meant to tie the knot. 

Lorelai and also luke cross the street - gilmore girls
Luke and also Lorelai had actually known each various other for at least a decade before they started dating. And also while they believed they were perfect together, their differing individualities showed that that no the case. They damaged up twice, i beg your pardon is enough to make any type of person question if the the right selection to acquire married. If they damaged up two times in your relationship, who to to speak they wouldn’t rest up again? If they were married, divorce is far more serious 보다 a breakup, which could be why they organized off because that so long.

Lorelai Gilmore in she wedding dress in Gilmore Girls
as soon as Luke and Lorelai gained engaged, they to be both top top cloud nine. Luke observed a future with Lorelai that contained a brand-new home and also babies, when Lorelai saw a happy finishing with a male she actually witnessed herself marrying. But when April came right into the picture, Luke wasn’t ready to go v with the wedding until points were smoother.

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At that point, Lorelai discovered the perfect wedding date, dress, and also flowers. Yet she didn’t have the love to cancel things. She didn’t desire to think that she dream wedding wouldn’t happen. And also sadly, that that sort of miscommunication that didn’t aid their relationship. 

Luke and Kirk browsing engagement rings with each other on Gilmore Girls
Lorelai pushed tradition to the side and proposed come Luke. She and Luke never ever talked about marriage with each other before but he embraced her proposal due to the fact that he genuinely loved her. Because she proposed, there was no ring. Luckily because that Luke, Kirk had a situation full the rings because that him to pick from yet his plan backfired when Kirk asked for the ring back.

Since then, your engagement was constantly rocky. Native the spur-of-the-moment proposal come the ring to Lorelai’s instability due to the fact that of Rory, points went downhill after the engagement. It’s easy to question whatever when a connection worsens due to the fact that of a proposal. 

7 lock Didn"t to trust Each other Like They thought They Did

april nardini conference luke in the park - gilmore girls
Lorelai and also Luke have known each various other for years. He watched Rory grow up and practically raised her. Castle both trusted each other with their lives, but sadly, date each other made them (and viewers) realize the they maintained a lot of keys from the other.

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It was virtually like dating each other made them fear of shedding each other, for this reason they hid much more to keep the connection steady. But in reality, those secrets were red flags. Lorelai hid things about Christopher whileLuke hid things about April. Those are huge trust issues that might make it tough to bounce earlier from. 

how was Luke claimed to entertain a connection with Lorelai when he despised she ex-husband and baby daddy, Christopher? As much as the two guys hated every other, Lorelai said Luke that Christopher no going anywhere. Together Rory’s father, the was constantly going to it is in in she life. That took Luke a lengthy time to gain over. After ~ their second and final breakup, Lorelai slept v Christopher, i beg your pardon didn’t assist her future with Luke. Luke many likely wanted come make sure her feelings for Christopher were fully gone before getting married. 

5 Was marital relationship Going To ruin What they Had?

Luke and also Lorelai made an excellent friends. Many of their issues started when they started dating. Life was less complicated without gift romantic. Also the civilization of Stars hollow worried about what would take place if they damaged up. A breakup might ruin their friendship and also make points awkward for literally everyone. And also where would Lorelai get her coffee? The town came to be right because as bumpy as their relationship and engagement were, your breakups were also worse.

With A Year in the Life being 10 years due to the fact that the final season the the initial series, it looks choose they hosted off marital relationship so they didn’t mess up what they had yet again.

Hiding points from a friend is one thing however it’s another ball game when hiding the friend is her fiancé. Luke was furious as soon as he saw Lorelai quickly deleting a voicemail indigenous Christopher due to the fact that he felt prefer she was hiding something indigenous him. Ironically, Luke had to check himself due to the fact that he also hid a massive an enig from Lorelai — the fact that he had actually a kid for the previous 12 years and didn’t recognize it. He also bought a residence without informing her. At times, these 2 loved each various other so much that castle were dishonest so as no to hurt the other. 

3 Luke Didn"t want Lorelai involved With April

it was bad enough when Luke didn’t tell Lorelai around his evident child, however it to be worse once he didn’t want her affiliated with April in ~ all. To be fair to Luke, he required time to obtain to recognize April and to it is in in a good relationship through her before involving a third party. But he never provided Lorelai a chance. He shut her out completely and told her the if she remained in the picture, April would prefer her more than him. Lorelai graciously taken where Luke to be coming from yet it was something he maintained for weeks. It’s difficult to continue an engagement once that kind of to trust or communication isn’t there. 

after ~ marrying Christopher ~ above a whim, Lorelai realized easily that gift married doesn’t average a human is happy. Happiness doesn’t automatically come v marriage. Lorelai married Christopher since she love him and also she felt like it was the right time but as shortly as lock were out of Paris, reality collection in — Christopher wasn’t who she wanted. After ~ a wrong of that magnitude, it’s justified the Lorelai and Luke waited so long prior to getting married.

1 Lorelai"s household Structure meant She Didn’t want To Be like Her Mom

once Lorelai walk to therapy with Emily in the reboot, Lorelai reiterated the she didn’t “do things favor mother.” In the grand plan of things, Lorelai can have had actually this epiphany in in between the original collection and the reboot. She might have establish that gaining married supposed she would certainly be doing what her mother wanted and found appropriate. V Luke, Lorelai knew there was no rush into rushing come the altar ~ their second breakup. They no going anywhere.

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