A hamster isn’t all that various from a mouse, or a rat, since all 3 room rodents. You can argue they can all live together, or in ~ least get along throughout playtime.

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As it happens, these 3 pets are in fact really similar. But it’s the vital differences in between them that mean they’re no as an excellent a match. If you want a much more detailed comparison in between rats, mice, and also hamsters, you should read this post here.


So deserve to hamsters live with rats ?

No, hamsters can’t live v rats. A hamster is territorial, solitary, and will try to strike anything that crosses his path.

A rat is much larger, calmer, and really social, loves come live in groups. But it will certainly bite back if the hamster attacks, and also it won’t avoid until the hammy is dead.

While both the rat and also the hamster are an excellent pets, hamsters simply can’t re-superstructure their room with another. They just seek one more soul once they’re ready to mate. Any other time would be a deathmatch.

We’ll cover the main qualities of hamsters and also rats in the remainder of the article, so friend will get a an ext thorough price to her question.

But if rats being larger are a problem, what about mice ? an excellent question, let’s look into that.

Can hamsters live v mice ?

No, hamsters can’t live v mice either. The hamster is territorial, solitary, and likes to keep his food to himself.

A mouse is smaller than a Syrian hamster, but much faster, and also agile, and also will end up stealing the hamster’s food. If girlfriend keep just one mouse and just one hamster, the hamster will finish up death the mouse. The size helps there.

However if you’ve gained at least two mice and also a hamster, they will gang up on the hamster, transforming the fight in donate of the mice.

It’s really no a an excellent idea to combine hamsters with any type of other animal. At all. Even an additional hamster is a negative idea half the time, let alone a different animal.

Let’s watch why hamster and also mice can’t really gain along, even if they’re closer in size than rats and also hamsters.

About the hamster’s personality

A hamster is a an extremely territorial, solitary animal. Also the hamster breeds that have the right to live with each other in bag –more on that here– can finish up fighting come the death.

This is the reason I’d recommend maintaining all hamsters separate, not just the Syrians or Chinese.

Hamsters like having actually their very own space, their very own food, and also keeping far from various other animals. A hamster will mark things as his own with his odor glands.

He will shot to be the dominant one in any type of setting, and hamsters housed with each other can finish up bullying one another.

You might argue that your two Dwarf hammies obtain along just great. Castle might, but due to the fact that they were introduced as babies, and grew up together.

They flourished up that the very same size, species, and scent profile. They have actually the same kind of reactions, and will know how to review one one more properly.

A hamster will be jumpy and also scared most of his youth, while he learns the new sights, smells, and also sounds in her home. He’ll even getscared the youwalking past his cage once he’s in his first couple of weeks. A fear hamster is unpredictable, and is an extremely likely come nip.

There’s a lot more to hamsters than just what I claimed here. You shouldcheck out this article, on what it’s choose to very own a hamster and also why they deserve to be good pets (also a couple of cons the owning a hammy).

Andthis short article here, to know the difference between the two main types of hamsters, and also thus the general disposition that hamsters.

About the rat’s personality

A rat is a really opportunistic animal, and also a clever one in ~ that. Of the 3 rodents we’re stating today, the rat is the smartest. They’ve often been compared to dog in terms of affection and comprehension of person intent.

That gift said, rats make for an excellent pets, it’s simply that they require lots of managing or a buddy. They’re very social animals, and they choose playtime.

Actually rats bond with their owner much more than hamster or mice, and actually choose it when their owners organize them.

When it comes to food, rats will certainly eat almost anything. This way they will certainly eat around equal proportions the meat, grains, veggies, and also fresh fruit. They will steal the hamster’s food if castle think it’s tastier, or it’s something lock like.

Very vital to note, rats often tend to attack and view as food anything smaller than them. That consists of the hamster, and also the mouse too actually.

Back come the rat’s intelligence, they’re may be to find out tricks and they obtain bored conveniently if not given enough stimulation. Therefore they’ve gained a large advantage over hamsters, and also would have the ability to rick castle if castle wanted. A boring rat next to a skittish hamster does not sound good.

About the mouse’s personality

The mice room a little harder come tame than the rat, because they’re so tiny and almost everywhere the place. They too space social animals, but they should be in same-sex pairs, woman if possible.

Male mice can acquire along, but it’s choose with the Dwarf hammies. Just if they were preserved together together babies, require a very big cage, and they still might fight.

Aside indigenous that, mice have actually much that the same diet together rats. As in, they can and will eat practically anything, and will steal bits that food whenever lock can.

Mice room fairy skittish, and also need a many patience from your owners once being handled. They don’t jump out of her hands as frequently as the hamster. Yet they tho can.

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Differences in food because that hamsters, rats, and mice

Food is something this 3 would certainly argue over, and here’s why.

While mice, rats, and hamsters are omnivores, hamsters still tend to eat mainly grains and veggies. So providing them the same feed will leave the dietary needs of the various other ones unmet.

And there will certainly be food thefts, i m sorry can come to be a significant problem. A rat stealing indigenous a hamster can make do, return the hamster can fight back.

However a hamster can’t really steal from the rat’s food, due to the fact that it’s comprised of slightly various nutrients. For this reason that leaves the hamster at a disadvantage. Likewise the truth that the rat will safeguard his food and also bite the hamster is another concern.

You can’t keep different food bowls for hamsters, mice, or rats. They won’t understand which is which, and will pick out what they like from whichever key they find.

Hamsters hoard food in your nest, as perform rats and also mice. But if the hamster feels unsafe in his hideout – and he will, with one more rodent – he’ll keep the food in his cheek pouches.

This leader to a host of wellness problems, due to the fact that those pouches room not intended as permanent storage.

Cage dimension differences between the 3 rodent types

Hamsters require a minimum ofof 24 x 12 inches, and around 12 inch tall. That’s 61 x 30.5 cm, and around 30.5 cm tall. This is the minimum because that a lone, Syrian hamster.

A single, male computer mouse will require a cage that 10 x 12 inches/25 x 30 cm. The exact same size will occupational for a trio of female mice. Males need much more space of your own, however the larger the space, the much more territorial they become.

Rats, on the other hand, need a cage about 25 x 12.5 inches/ 63 x 31 centimeter for one single male rat.

The more rodents your have actually the larger the space you’ll need, if you desire to integrate the hamster through either among them.

However I do not recommend placing hamsters in with any kind of other rodent, also if your acquired them both together babies. They’re very different animals, even if they’re type of related.

Playtime and other behavior that could conflict

While some things might annoy her hamster, prefer cleaning his cage, they could be okay for your rat or mouse.

Cage cleaning have the right to be postponed because that up to 2 weeks for hamsters, due to the fact that they won’t odor at all, lock only have the one to pee corner. Rats and also mice habitats become smellier faster, and need consistent cleaning once per week in ~ the latest.

Playtime is another problem that can come up. Hamsters don’t favor being tackled all that much, if mice and also rats are more comfortable v their owners.

Hamsters, mice, and also rats alike need lots of exercise to save themselves occupied. Yet hamsters are much jumpier than the various other two, and will become defensive really fast.

So to sum everything up, and also give you a really clear answer:

Hamsters must be preserved alone, not also with another hamster.

Keeping a hamster v a rat, or with a mouse could sound choose a an excellent idea because they can be similar. But the differences between them will certainly lead to really uncomfortable pets.

A word from Teddy

I expect you uncovered what girlfriend were in search of here. I recognize us hammies might look related to mice and also rats, however we don’t really obtain along. Rats space too big, and also mice too small.

And they’re both really social, while united state hamsters favor to be on our own. Naught personal, it’s simply us being hamsters, that’s all.

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If you desire to know more about us hammies, you can check the short articles below to find out just how to care for us properly.