Where execute bananas come from?

Bananas originated in the Malay Archipelago in south east Asia. Today they room grown in tropical regions throughout the globe, from south and central America to India, China and also Africa.

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Bananas prosper in hot, dry climates. Banana tree look like trees however are actually large herbs regarded lilies and also orchids. The tree grows from a root clump (rhizome), comparable to a tulip bulb. There room over 500 species of bananas! world cultivate mostly cooking bananas and also plantains (the starchy cousins that the sweet banana). End 500 million civilization depend top top the banana trade to support themselves and their families.


The dessert banana, likewise called the Cavendish, is the most popular kind of banana in north America and Europe. When Americans were presented to bananas in the 1880s, they were taken into consideration an exotic luxury and eaten through a knife and fork. Today, the average human in the U.S. Eats much more than 75 bananas a year. Tarantulas choose to hide in banana leaves.

Banana plants grow quickly and can with their complete height the 20-40 feet in just 9 months. After cultivation for about 6-8 months, the plant creates a nice crown the leaves. Then a flower stem increase from the top, and also a large bud begins to develop.

As the bud unfolds, it reveals twin rows of small flowers. Every of these flower will become an individual banana, or a “finger.” Each row of bananas is contact a “hand” and is made up of 14 to 20 fingers. Each stem grow 9 come 12 hands, which way that a solitary banana tree can develop up come 240 bananas.


Bagging the Fruit


About 14 work after the stem has emerged, the weight of the cultivation bananas reasons the stem to hang upside down. In ~ this stage, plenty of farmers sheathe the fruit through a bag to aid protect it from insects and sun damage. Farmers likewise support the plant by tie it to bordering plants with twine. This helps avoid the tree from toppling end from the weight of the bananas.


About 12 weeks after bagging, the green-colored fruit is prepared to harvest. In order to harvest the bananas, one worker cuts the stem indigenous the tree while another stands underneath to capture the fall stem on his shoulder. After one development cycle, the banana plant will be cut down and also a brand-new plant will thrive from the source clump (rhizome) left behind.

Once cut from the plant, the bananas are lugged to the handling plant by equine or by workers.

After harvest, the plastic bags space recycled top top Rainforest Alliance certified banana farms.



At the processing plant, workers eliminate bananas from their stems by hand and also break them into smaller clusters. The workers have to be really careful to cut neatly and also accurately in order to protect against breaking the skin, which can cause rotting.

The employees submerge the bananas in large tanks of cold water. The cool water lowers the temperature that the bananas and washes turn off sap and also latex indigenous the reduced stems.

Next, the bananas acquire stickers. Workers very closely pack the bananas in boxes therefore they execute not bump versus each other. This helps to minimization bruising prior to they arrive at your destination.

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Finally, the crate are very closely loaded into refrigerated ships, referred to as reefers. The ship’s warehouse area is maintained cold sufficient to protect against the bananas native ripening, a an approach called “putting the bananas come sleep.”

Upon arrival, the bananas are put into ripening rooms because that 3 to 8 days prior to being carried to the markets. The bananas room loaded right into a truck and also shipped turn off to be available to banana lover on grocery shelves.

Rainforest Alliance Certification

Banana farmers the wish to it is in certified with the Rainforest Alliance need to are forced to:

Protect ecosystemsConserve water, soil and forestsProvide decent working problems for all workers, safety and security training and also protective equipmentMaintain hopeful relationships with neighborhood communitiesEstablish an integrated system of waste management