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If you room traveling to Arizona, climate most most likely you’ll be visiting Phoenix and the grand Canyon. Make certain to additionally include Sedona, AZ in your itinerary!

Sedona is a breathtaking desert town and also is among the best day trips indigenous Phoenix. Located right in the middle in between Phoenix and Grand Canyon southern Rim, it’s also a perfect location to spend your day as soon as driving indigenous Phoenix to Flagstaff, Tusayan, or to cool Canyon Village.

In this article, our writer Jen share her personal experience traveling native Phoenix to Sedona as a work trip, consisting of a perfect Sedona one day itinerary, the best things to do in Sedona, places to view on the means from Phoenix come Sedona, and practical info for your an initial visit. Find out!

Welcome to Sedona!

TIP: You can quickly adapt this Sedona day pilgrimage itinerary if you room traveling native Flagstaff, grand Canyon, other locations nearby, or also from las Vegas. Below, you’ll uncover the map indicating every the places of interest that should aid you arrangement your day in Sedona, no issue where you’re control from.

Sedona Day pilgrimage – OVERVIEW

Why Visit Sedona

With so plenty of well-known U.S. Canyons and also rock formations, it might be tough to view what’s therefore special about Sedona and also what makes it stand the end from the crowd… however it is special and it is well worth a visit!

Known because that its stunning landscapes and also towering red rock formations, and also spiritual healing, Sedona is considered by numerous to be among the many beautiful and serene areas in America.

Sedona – picture by Abbie Warnock-Matthews/

Sedona tourism from Phoenix

While girlfriend can quickly visit Sedona from Phoenix through your very own (rental) car following our proposal below, many people prefer to simply take an arranged Sedona tour and also enjoy the work without having actually to worry about any practicalities.

If girlfriend are in search of a great Sedona tour from Phoenix, take a look at the really best small-group tours below:

Sedona is a great day trip from Phoenix

What to execute in Sedona

Driving into Sedona, you will certainly be in awe that the majestic absent formations the tower over the whole countryside.Their deep gold red-orange shade is something that you’ve more than likely only seen in photographs, for it is therefore entirely distinct that you will find yourself wondering how in the people they obtained to be the color.

Original to this area, the red rocks the Sedona attract millions of tourists each year to suffer their unsurpassed herbal beauty and tranquility.

The most well-known things to execute on these red rocks incorporate hiking, exploring, absent climbing, mountain biking, taking pictures, meditating, make the efforts to feeling the energy of the vortex, and watching the sunset. The red rocks that Sedona have hundreds of trails come explore, all through spectacular views in one means or another.

Below is a perform of the main sights that Sedona that are worth checking out on your day trip to Sedona.

Courthouse Butte, Sedona

Bell Rock

Bell rock is among the first identifiable rocks you will certainly see as soon as driving right into Sedona.As its surname suggests, it is shaped like a huge bell. Bell Rock have the right to be perceived from among the many pull-offs ~ above Hwy 179 or proficient up close via among its hiking and also mountain biking trails.

Bell absent Pathway and Courthouse Butte Loop are short trails and administer easy long walking for travellers who simply want to take their time and also enjoy the wonderful views.

For those who want a more strenuous hike, Bell absent Trail starts the end moderately at the base and also rises in challenge as it takes you increase the confront of the rock.

Bell rock as seen from the Bell rock Trail

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral rock stands alone atop its very own hill. This epic swarm of red rocks each other a cathedral with two praying hand at the center.Cathedral Rock have the right to be seen anywhere along Hwy 179 or skilled up near via one of its hiking, biking, or horseback riding trails.

Baldwin follow and Templeton Trail are quick easy trails with wonderful views.For those who want a an ext strenuous hike, Cathedral rock Trail the cross over a bare red absent shelf and then climbs a steep section that takes you increase the confront of the rock.

Additional information:Both Bell Rock and Cathedral absent are known as prominent vortex web page in Sedona.They have actually been attributed to possessing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties, thus attracting visitors looking to channel this optimistic energy.

Planning tips because that Bell Rock and also Cathedral Rock:Trails are open year-round.For any kind of visit lasting longer than 15 minutes, a Red Rock pass is compelled for each visitor and also it have the right to be used more than once.These 5 USD day passes deserve to be purchased in ~ the Red absent Ranger ar (located just prior to you get in Sedona comes in from I-17), or at the self-serve kiosk situated at every trailhead.

Minimum time essential at every site: 5 minute to 1 hour
Cathedral Rock

Chapel the the divine Cross

One that the most popular destinations in Sedona, the Chapel of the divine Cross, is a roman Catholic chapel built directly right into the red rocks.The amazing architecture and phenomenal see from both inside and outside the the chapel attract generations the visitors right here year after year.

Visits to the chapel are totally free of charge. You have the right to admire the chapel from an adjacent vista, or visit inside. One of two people way, parking is chop here and also the crowds may make you feel rushed throughout your visit, therefore be responsibility to take your time.

Chapel that the holy Cross in Sedona


The internationally renowned Tlaquepaque (pronounced T-la-keh-pah-keh), is Sedona’s fabulous Arts & Crafts Village.This out Mexican-style market was originally conceived together an artists’ community. Recently it’s house to plenty of art shops and also galleries, restaurants; and stores.

With its cobblestone streets, huge shade trees, and also romantic setting, plenty of people select to spend some quiet time here instead the Uptown Sedona which is exceptionally busy with tourists.

Tip: Zaguan Restaurante & Galeria, Casa Fuerte, TlaquePasta Restaurant and several others all gain 4-5 star reviews as fantastic dining options.This is a an excellent place to have actually lunch or dinner when visiting Sedona.

Colorful ceramic pots in ~ Tlaquepaque art & Crafts Village

Pink Jeep Tour

From guided vortex tourism to helicopter tours, Sedona uses several distinct ways to endure the beauty, culture, and also spirituality that this area.

However, if this is your first time to the area and also you have actually time for simply one tourism in Sedona, my top recommendation is to take among the popular Pink Jeep Tours.With different trails, titles, and various lengths of times to select from, Pink Jeep Tours take it riders on off-road sightseeing adventures in their iconic open-air pink jeeps.

There is nothing choose experiencing the red rocks in this method as many of the trails space exclusive to this company.Pink Jeep Tours room truly a fun and also memorable suffer for the entirety family.

TIP: Pink Jeep Tours space the most well-known tours in Sedona, for this reason it’s best to publication in advance. You can uncover these highly-rated tours and also book castle here. Check it out! If friend cannot select which tour to take, we recommend the 2-hr Broken arrow Pink Jeep Tour.

Pink Jeep Tours are a must in Sedona!

Airport Mesa

With the ideal unobstructed views in all of Sedona, visiting Airport Mesa is an additional must-do throughout your job trip.Airport Mesa is a short and easy drive 5 minutes uphill, through the Sedona airport situated at the top.

Not only will you endure 360-degree views from this vantage point, but Airport Mesa is a an excellent spot for short roadside hikes, enduring vortex energy, and also watching the sunset.

Airport Mesa lookout in Sedona

More points to execute in Sedona

If you room planning a much longer stay in the area, girlfriend should recognize that there is therefore much more to see and do in Sedona! below is a quick overview that other great places of attention nearby.

If friend have more time in Sedona, make certain to also visit the Slide absent State Park (one of America’s ideal swimming holes), Red absent State Park, and Oak Creek Canyon. Also, explore the Red absent Scenic Byway (Hwy 179) for even more scenic views and an excellent experiences.

If you prefer hiking, don’t miss out on the beautiful Devil’s bridge Trail. If you start from the Devil’s leg parking area, it takes simply 2 miles round trip.

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Devil’s Bridge
West Fork Trail at Oak Creek Canyon
Slide rock State Park

Driving native Phoenix come Sedona – finest Stops along the Way

It’s not only Sedona that is worth visiting. Over there is a many to see on the method there together well. Take it a look at few of the best stops once driving between Phoenix and Sedona.

Black Canyon City

Upon departing from Phoenix, you will certainly come across Black Canyon City which is located approximately 46 miles north on interstate 17.This small desert town with picturesque “Old West” buildings and fascinating background makes because that a funny pit avoid on your method to Sedona.

Black Canyon City was a stage prevent on the Phoenix come Prescott line in the 1800s. The was additionally a army stopover throughout Arizona’s territorial days. The is house to the original (still standing) house of Jack Swilling, the founder of Phoenix.

If you’d favor to spend more time here, think about a hike ~ above the historic Black Canyon Trail, a previous sheep-herding path.In addition, tourism the exciting exhibits and also learn much more about the background of the area in ~ the Black Canyon City Visitor’s Center.

Distance native Phoenix: 46 milesMinimum time needed: 15-30 minute

Good to know: If girlfriend feel choose your Sedona day pilgrimage is obtaining too packed through activities, this is one stop you can conveniently skip due to the fact that the other locations are much more impressive. However, this is a an excellent place to stop for breakfast or a cup the coffee along the way. We chose Nora Jean’s Koffee Kitchen and it didn’t disappoint.

Scenic highway close to Sedona.

Agua Fria nationwide Monument

Continuing on 21 miles north via interstate 17 is Agua Fria nationwide Monument. This expansive 71,000-acre national monument has more than 450 distinctive Native American structures and also multi-room pueblos. It additionally features countless petroglyphs scattered roughly the ruins.

The monument itself incorporates multiple hiking trails, the canyon the the Agua Fria River, 2 mesas, and miles upon miles of desert and open grasslands.A visit below requires depth exploration due to the fact that as Agua Fria is located somewhat off the to win path and its functions are not always plainly identified.

Though no the most obtainable pit stop on the way from Phoenix come Sedona, Agua Fria nationwide Monument is a fascinating place. If you gain learning about archeology, indigenous American history, and also visiting much less populated historical attractions, you should definitely consider visiting.

Practical information: Paved roadway turns come dirt when traveling right here so a 4-wheel car or van is recommended as the drive can acquire quite rough. Due to the remoteness that the area, make certain that you have an excellent maps and also stick come the marked trails.Also due to its lack of amenities, bring plenty the your own water along.

Planning tip: There is no facilities or physical statue right here to it is in on the lookout for.Agua Fria is cost-free to visit and also is open year-round, 24 hrs a day.

Distance native Phoenix: 67 milesMinimum time needed: 1 hour
Petroglyphs the Agua Fria nationwide Monument – photo – bureau of Land administration

Montezuma Castle nationwide Monument

The most famous stop and a ‘must-see’ ~ above the road expedition from Phoenix to Sedona is Montezuma’s Castle nationwide Monument.Unlike Agua Fria national Monument, Montezuma’s castle is conveniently accessible.

This national Monument protects the physical framework of a large cliff dwelling the was built and also used by the Sinagua.The major structure the the cliff populated is a five-story structure that has actually twenty rooms, do it much more like an apartment 보다 a castle. However, it’s just as intricate and also magnificent.

It is a fun suffer to walk the 0,3-mile led trail around the monument, peering up into the limestone cliff come envision what life to be like once ‘the castle’ was populated in 1100 A.D.

Montezuma’s lock is a beautiful, incredibly well-preserved cliff dwelling, do this an exciting attraction for every ages.Along with admiring history while here, the landscapes surrounding the monument consist of organic vegetation and a freshwater stream.

Practical information: Access come the internal of the ruins has not been allowed since 1951 due to concerns about visitor safety and also potential damage to the dwelling.

Planning tip: The park’s visitor Center and Park save are open from 8 am to 5 afternoon every work of the year, except for Christmas and brand-new Year’s Day. Fees because that visiting Montezuma’s Castle national Monument are somewhat steep in ~ 10 USD every adult because that a 7-day pass.Children aged 15 and under room free.

Distance from Phoenix: 94 milesMinimum time needed: 30-45 minutes
Montezuma Castle

Phoenix to Sedona – 1 work Itinerary

Following the suggestions above, I developed a sample 1 day itinerary because that a Sedona day pilgrimage from Phoenix. This itinerary assumes that you room departing indigenous Phoenix and are able to enjoy exploring Sedona for 1 full day.

Good to know: Since Sedona is located simply as much from Phoenix together it is native the southern Rim of the cool Canyon, friend can additionally end your day in Flagstaff or the grand Canyon area, rather of returning ago to Phoenix.

TIP: If you desire a an ext relaxing work in the Sedona area, then only visit the sights in Sedona and also maybe avoid at Montezuma Castle, omitted the black color Hill City and the Agus Fria NM. This will provide you much more time to explore the many impressive sights without having actually to rush.

Here’s just how your day trip to Sedona could look like:

Start her day with an early exit from Phoenix (7- 8 AM). journey 46 mile then protect against for breakfast and coffee at Nora Jean’s Koffee Kitchen in Black Hill City – a covert gem as soon as traveling indigenous Phoenix come Sedona.Between eating and also driving about town, counting to invest 1 hour here. Think about either wade a part of the Black Canyon Trail or driving 21 miles north to invest time experimenting Agua Fria national Monument.Either way, setup an extra 1 hour or much more to execute so. Continue traveling 25 mile north ~ above I-17 and stop to tour the grounds of Montezuma’s Castle nationwide Monument.Count on spending 45 minute here. Drive to Sedona and grab having lunch at either regional favorite, Red absent Cafe or The Hudson.The Hudson is a fabulous restaurant through an outdoor patio perched on a hillside overlooking the scenic red rocks. Invest the afternoon viewing (and long walking at your leisure) Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Chapel the the divine Cross. Spend the evening walking around the Tlaquepaque arts & Crafts town and dine at among its restaurants or microbrewery. Park follow me Airport Mesa to watch an unforgettable evening sunset versus the red rocks. Alternatively, head ago to the Cathedral Rock – it’s additionally stunning at sunset. Depart back to Phoenix (2-hour drive) or continue to Flagstaff (45-min drive) or further in the direction that the Grand Canyon.
Cathedral absent at sunset – photograph by Alexey Stiop/

Where come Stay

Phoenix: If you room visiting Sedona together a day pilgrimage from Phoenix, climate you can uncover the best deals for Phoenix accommodation here. If you room looking for more tips because that visiting the city and also its surroundings, be sure to also check ours Phoenix city Area take trip guide and itinerary.

Sedona: If friend rather have actually a an ext relaxing vacation, you may want to spend a night or even a couple of in Sedona. Here you can find the ideal deals for Sedona accommodation.

TIP: using the map below, you deserve to compare hotels and short-term rental accommodations in Sedona. Simply insert your take trip dates and also group size, and you’ll check out the ideal deals for your stay. Inspect it out!

Near grand Canyon: You can check availability for hotels in Tusayan orValle hotels, yet it’s fairly limited. The most well-known places to stay that are great for both Sedona and the cool Canyon are the bigger towns such asWilliamsandFlagstaff.

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Phoenix is a good base for a day pilgrimage to Sedona

Practical information for Visiting Sedona native Phoenix

Getting there: Located a quick 115 mile from Phoenix, the drive to Sedona is an easy and will take simply under 2 hours. Weekday traffic should not it is in a difficulty as long as you acquire out the Phoenix by 3 PM. ~ that, rush hour website traffic could cause a slowdown and include as lot as an hour come the trip.

Driving directions: From sky Harbor worldwide Airport in Phoenix, take it Interstate 17 north to Highway 179 (Exit 298) right into Sedona.

Planning tip: The longest stretch in between gas train station on I-17 is around 25 miles.This is precious remembering because you’re driving v the desert and could uncover yourself in fairly a predicament have to you acquire stranded.In other words, to fill up with gasoline prior to leaving.

The finest time come visit Sedona is during the feather months that April to may when temperatures selection from the 70s to low 80s and also the area is in complete bloom.Sedona is also a popular spring break destination. Crowds do come to be quite heavy during this time, however, so you may additionally want to think about visiting during the fall months the September come November when there space fewer tourists. Summer months can obtain really warm in this area.

Map: To assist you arrangement your Sedona work trip, we created a map indicating all the places that are worth visiting and are defined further in this article.

How to usage This Map:Use your computer system mouse (or fingers) come zoom in or out. Click the symbols to get an ext information around each place. Click the arrowhead on the left top edge for the index. Click the star alongside the title of the map to include this map to her Google Maps account. To check out the conserved map on your smartphone or PC, open up Google Maps, click the food selection button, and go to ‘Your Places’/’Maps’.

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If you delighted in this article and also are spring for an ext inspiration because that the most beautiful nature destinations in the unified States, examine out our various other guides as well.

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