In this article, we will talk about the difference between volatile memory and also non-volatile memory together with their different discussion.

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Both volatile and also non-volatile are the varieties of memory. Sometimes, students get confused about both terms. The is a common question that arises in computer basic examinations. So, that is essential to recognize the difference in between both. So, without any delay, let"s begin the topic.

Volatile Memory

It is a form of computer system memory that only keeps the save data it spins the device is powered. It needs a continuous electric current to keep its conserved data. The is additionally referred come as momentary memory. When there is no electric power in the system, the data automatically erases indigenous the computers.


In desktop computer and laptop computers, "Random access Memory (RAM)" is a volatile memory. The read and write work on lamb are quicker than the difficult disk and also solid-state drive. That"s why computers, tablets, mobiles, and also other digital systems use RAM because that high-speed data access.

When we room working ~ above a document in our computer system systems, the record is maintained in RAM. Once the computer system is rotate off, the random accessibility memory automatically loses the documents.

To keep files from getting erased, we have to save them in non-volatile memory like tough disks, removable disks, and also optical disks. Some typical examples that volatile memory are RAM and Cache memory.

Two species of volatile memory are Static RAM and also Dynamic RAM.

Static RAM is a an easy random accessibility memory. It offers flip-flops for storing each data bit. This RAM likewise loses that data when the electrical power is disconnected indigenous the system. Dynamic RAM loses its data in a an extremely short time, also when the system"s strength is on. This memory is offered as the main memory due to the fact that it is small and much less expensive.

Non-Volatile Memory

Non-volatile storage does no require continuous power to save the data or program records located top top the computer system to end up being an reliable power saver. In this memory, data is maintained within the memory, even when the power is gone. The is additionally referred to together the irreversible memory. The typical examples that Non-volatile memory room ROM (Random accessibility Memory) and HDD (Hard disc Drive).


Information forced to be stored for a lengthy time is stored in the non-volatile memory. In comparison come volatile memory, the performance of this memory is slower. It have the right to store any kind that data permanently.

Volatile storage v/s Non-Volatile Memory


Now, let"s watch the comparison between volatile memory and also non-volatile memory. We are comparing both terms based upon some characteristics. the communication ofVolatile MemoryNon-Volatile Memory
1.BasicIt is a form of computer memory the stores the data temporarily. It needs a consistent electric current to maintain its saved data.It is also a type of computer system memory that stores the data permanently. It maintain the data in the system even when the power is gone.
2.PersistenceThe data in volatile memory is no permanent.The data in volatile storage is permanent.
3.SpeedIt is faster than non-volatile memory.It is slower than volatile memory.
4.StorageIt has actually less storage capacity.It has high storage capacity.
5.Data transferData transport in volatile storage is easier.Data transport in non-volatile memory is difficult.
6.ImpactVolatile memory has actually a high affect on the performance of the system.Non-Volatile memory has actually no influence on the power of the system.
7.Read and writeIn volatile memory, both read and also write operations can be performed.In non-volatile memory, only a read operation can be performed.
8.CostVolatile storage is expensive every unit size.It is much less expensive.
9.Position of memoryThe chips the volatile memory are retained in the memory slot.While chips that the non-volatile memory are installed on the motherboard.
10.CPU AccessIn volatile memory, the processor has actually direct access to data.In non-volatile memory, the processor walk not have direct accessibility to data.
11.ExampleSome usual examples of volatile memory space RAM and Cache memory.The common examples that Non-volatile memory room ROM (Random accessibility Memory) and HDD (Hard disk Drive).

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So, that"s all around the article. Hope it will be helpful and also informative come you.