Mineral spirits vs. Acetone

Whether you are stocking up her workshop, painting company, or garage, mineral spirits and also acetone are both really handy to have actually around. These common solvents are appropriate for a huge variety the uses. From surface ar preparation to thinning come cleanup, they play vital roles in the procedure of painting. Both mineral spirits and also acetone have the right to also aid clean up a selection of messes that water and soap cannot handle.

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There are essential differences between the two solvents, though. Acetone and also mineral spirits have to not be supplied interchangeably. Depending on the job, one might be preferable to the other — and in some contexts, one might cause some serious problems.

In this write-up you will learn:


Are Acetone and also Mineral soul the Same

Briefly, no. Acetone and also mineral spirits space not the same, and should no be treated together if lock are.

Part that the confusion originates from the truth that both are provided as thinners. Painters typically use mineral spirits, because that example, to slim the paint that castle put right into paint sprayers. Acetone, ~ above the other hand, is used to thin lacquer. When people get provided to making use of one as a thinner, they sometimes start making use of the various other for the exact same application and are disappointed when they carry out not acquire the very same results.

Similarly, both acetone and mineral spirits are beneficial for cleaning a selection of messes on tools, in the shop, and around her house. Even here, they are not identical, though. Both are terrific for clean up repaint spills, because that example. If acetone will aggressively strip paint from a wide range of surfaces, though, mineral spirits is yes, really only reliable at cleaning up new paint. It can clean brushes and also other devices after you complete a project, however once the repaint dries, mineral spirits is mainly ineffective.

While the 2 solvents do have actually a similarity together thinners and also cleaners, eventually they are different solvents and need come be treated as various solutions to different problems. To obtain the many out of every solvent, and to make sure that you execute not damage important surfaces, tools, or family members items, girlfriend should discover the differences between mineral spirits and also acetone for this reason you use both properly.

The Differences in between the Two

As listed above, mineral spirits and acetone are used to thin different products. Mineral spirits thins oil-based paints while acetone thins lacquers together as nail polish.

Additionally, mineral soul is not water-soluble and also presents less of a fire peril than acetone. Plenty of people additionally find the odor of mineral spirits, specifically odorless varieties, less offensive 보다 the pungent smell of acetone. Acetone is water-soluble however both that is liquid and vapors are highly flammable.


Mineral Spirits

Sometimes dubbed white spirit, mineral turpentine, or Stoddard solvent, mineral spirits is a purified petroleum distillate made as a substitute for turpentine. Distilled indigenous pine tree resins, turpentine was used for repaint thinning and cleanup however has an unusually foul odor. Mineral spirits, top top the other hand, has a relatively inoffensive scent reminiscent that kerosene and quickly became much more popular than turpentine ~ its introduction.

Mineral soul is an organic solvent provided in a wide variety of applications. It is supplied as a paint thinner so frequently that that is periodically sold under the generic surname "paint thinner." as the go-to solvent because that cleaning repaint brushes and also other painting equipment, mineral spirits is a painter's friend. The is also effective in ~ removing greasy and also sticky messes in a range of contexts.

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There room two varieties of readily-available mineral spirits. In enhancement to the straightforward and very affordable mineral spirits, over there is a range commonly known as odorless mineral spirits. This is a more purified version of mineral spirits the has had most of the aromatic hydrocarbons removed. Odorless mineral spirits and mineral spirits normally have the very same properties and uses, yet odorless mineral spirits is popular among artists who usage oil paints as they tend to work-related in close proximity come the solvent. Functionally, though, mineral spirits and also odorless mineral spirits carry out similarly.