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Then listen to Alex Goldmark and also Dan Pashman"s entertaining world Money podcast, where they prove it. The two journalists sent three samples that vodka -- an expensive Grey Goose, a homemade version and a bottom-shelf cheap kind -- to an independent lab, and also the lab came earlier saying that the taste that all 3 was pretty much equal. Actually, since one the the samples had actually slightly an ext of a compound the could reason allergies, a rep native the lab said that the cheapest vodka -- and also not the high-quality Grey Goose -- was in reality better.

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Why is this?

"Title 27, ar 5.22 of the Alcohol, Tobacco and also Firearm code states that vodka must be distilled and treated till it is "without distinctive character taste, aroma color,"" Pashman reported. "By regulation you have to make an industrial grade pure alcohol first, and then all you perform is add water and also you have actually vodka."

All vodka is the same! It"s, according to Cornell legislation School"s Legal details Institute, a "neutral spirit" that is "so treated after distillation with charcoal or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color."

So if it"s every the same, just how come a party of Grey Goose costs around $35 when Sobieski Vodka is only $12? That’s nearly three time the price! Vodka aficionados will certainly tell you the the costlier brands space "distilled more" or use "higher top quality ingredients" (uh, water?) or won"t cause vicious hangovers come the morning. Possibly they"re right around that. Yet there"s yes, really just one more reason: world pay based on perception.

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It"s cool come drink Grey Goose, or Absolut or "Stoli," aka Stolichnaya. Friend look i know good to her friends -- or that day you"re trying to impress -- and you feeling cool doing it. It"s the same reason why world pay an ext for a BMW or drop $70 for a steak at Morton"s once you can obtain a perfectly an excellent steak at Outback for fifty percent the price. It"s around image. It’s about impression. It’s about feeling good.

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My little tech for sure charges $175 per hour for our services. That"s expensive. Civilization can hire techs for less than half the price. However do they have actually the "knowledge" that we have? perform they have the "comfort" of discovering that we"re therefore "experienced?" Don"t they want to tell your employees and investors the they"re utilizing "the best"? and also doesn’t "the best" constantly cost more? I recognize that other, much less costly, techs may be able to do the very same kind of task we do. But, ~ 25 years in the business, yes sir a specific intangible allure around our firm that appeals to details kinds of clients. Yeah, pizza is simply pizza, yet gourmet pizza is certainly worth it, right?

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Science mirrors that every vodka is basically the same. The ingredients that enter a bottle of Grey Goose -- similar to the materials and also labor hours you put into a task -- really don"t issue in the end. What problem is exactly how the customer feels once they order a Grey Goose top top the rocks... Or hires your firm to execute a job.


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