Does anyone understand if Walter Brennan\"s limp was from an injury or a trademark affectation throughout his career? (have a bet riding on this)Seems to me like every one of his performances expose a limp, however my friend swears he has seen him in functions without the limp.The bio for him on imdb mentions an accident in \"32 and mentions he lost some teeth, but no mention of what type of accident or various other injuries.Any trivia buffs out there who can aid settle the bet and decide who gets the dinner tab?Thanks.

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I live close to Joseph Oregon where Brennan owned a ranch and several various other businesses consisting of a theater and also motel. His son, Mike, still stays here. Among Walter\"s granddaughters is a an excellent friend of mine. I observed him number of times in the 60\"s and also never saw a limp. That was a trademark the his used in movies and also in \"The genuine McCoys\".
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Thats true. I should have said he shown that limp in number of movies and also \"The actual McCoys\". His western hat and crotchety voice were likewise his trademarks in numerous westerns.
Thanks because that the reply. Have always respected grandfather Brennan\"s talent and enjoyed his roles but just presume his limp was \"real\" - the didn\"t constantly have it, yet as so plenty of of his characters had one, figured the he had an injury in actual life. The all began with a discussion around how vulnerable a Hollywood actor\"s career can be, as soon as I used the discussion that Walter Brennan\"s career had survived an individual injury. Currently I will have to admit I simply did not know what i was talk about. (darn! I just hate that! ;-) )So the is decided: dinner is definitely on me. Thanks jrc and also Knight Hawk because that answering.

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4colemanYour arguments is a an excellent and exciting one, ns think a person can gain through hollywood through a injury if they have actually the will certainly power and also inner ability.In 1964-65 man Wayne to be diagnosed v lung cancer and secretly underwent a significant operation to eliminate the tumour this resulted in the removal of two ribs and Dukes left lung. When Duke chose to speak up in order come encourage various other cancer sufferers to fight the an illness many thought Dukes career to be over. Yet his comeback western the young of Katie Elder was a hit and Duke performed numerous of his very own stunts and also the remainder as they speak is history.Just my two cents on the subject.
The stigma was specifically true through cancer i think. People just didn\"t want to be roughly people through cancer, or know around it, or hear about it. Best let sleeping dogs lie, that sort of stings
Herbert Marshall who appreciated a lengthy career ~ above both the stage and also in the movies shed one the his legs throughout the an initial World War. Marshall play romantic leader in his early on days and also later played character parts. Look him up.
He limped in Bogart/Bacall \"To Have and Have Not\" too.He was also toothless, since an accident in a movie native the at an early stage 30\"s, I\"ve read around it but can\"t mental the movie. In the Parody western \"Support your local Sheriff\" the joked about his various 1908set-ups of teeths
Speaking of well known \"limps\"...Ricardo Montalban has actually a an extremely slight one due to an injury from a equine while filming a movie back in the at an early stage 50\"s. Ns for one have actually never noticed it. Who\"s looking in ~ his feet when his splendid chest comes into view in Star Trek 2? lol But back to mr Brennan, WOW!, what a course act! I deserve to watch Rio Bravo and not get bored of it. Stumpy is mine hero!! mine husband and also I will have actually our Stumpy contests to view who does him better. If you choose Howard Hawks and W.B. Then inspect out Red River. It\"s a good movie. Watch what happens as soon as he bets his teeth in a poker game. El Dorado is one more Howard falken movie and although the story is simply a rehash that Rio Bravo, the is a good movie simply the same. Rio Lobo didn\"t fare as well I don\"t think. It to be Mr. Hawks\" effort at going ago to the same well one time as well many. Good, yet not up to DUKE\"S normal standards. But, ns digress.... Love the Walter Brennan!!!