Miley Cyrus is a singer and songwriter ideal known for playing Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Yet the Black Mirror star have the right to do much more than simply sing. Have the right to Cyrus play any musical instruments?

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Miley Cyrus gained her begin as the singer Hannah Montana

Growing up, Cyrus was the star that the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. The series followed Cyrus and her real-life dad Billy beam Cyrus as they navigated the difficulties of gift a teen pop star life in secret. Many thanks to the series, Cyrus conveniently climbed the ranks together a popular music star, touring the world and also acting in movie like The Hannah Montana Movie and The last Song. Eventually, Cyrus began to evolve her music career through the relax of her 2010 album Can’t it is in Tamed. 3 years later, she proved fans a side of it s her they had never seen prior to with the 2013 release Bangerz

In 2019, Cyrus defined to Elle her desire to an outbreak of the Hannah Montana mold. “Once i was 18, feeling ridiculous,” she said. “The minute I had actually sex, ns was sort of like, ns can’t put the f*cking wig on again. It got weird.” because then, Cyrus has continued to chase her passions in music, television, and also film in a way that suits her personality.

Miley Cyrus’s voice is an instrument 

Cyrus has constantly had a unique voice. Native a young age, the grizzly but brawny tonality to she voice to be shocking come some, especially when she belted the end a power ballad choose “Wrecking Ball.” more recently, Cyrus has actually lent her vocal talent to few of the biggest rock and also roll songs ever before known. Her recent album, Plastic Hearts, showcases Cyrus’s selection as a vocalist and proves the rock and also roll may certainly never die. 

Miley Cyrus can play the guitar

Hannah Montanamostly showcased Cyrus’s to sing chops. But the pop star can likewise play several instruments, including the guitar. In 2009, Cyrus described how she learned to play guitar left- and right-handed. “My dad to be hanging out v Paul McCartney,” Miley defined (viaJust Jared). “The only method you’re going to learn left-handed etc is from Paul McCartney. Ns learned right-handed (right-handed) for this reason I can borrow guitars.”

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Later, in October the 2018, Cyrus’s arsenal of guitars to be stolen from her Malibu home. A warehouse unit to be raided by thieves that stole her guitar collection valued at end $10,000. Cyrus asserted she thought family members members to be borrowing the instruments, hence her delay in report the crime in December of that year. 

Miley Cyrus have the right to play the piano too

Cyrus learned to play the piano for her function in the 2010 romance film The last Song. In the movie, Cyrus plays Veronica “Ronnie” Miller, a 17-year-old piano prodigy struggling v her parent’s divorce who gets shipped to her father’s home for the summer. The film is based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the very same name.

Before the role, Cyrus had tiny experience v the piano. Together she explained toABC News, learning to play the piano to be a challenge, however she was glad it wasn’t easy. “I acquired the basics down, which just made me feel more comfortable.”