Lynette"s mommy returns v Larry Hagman as her fiancé; Gaby"s beloved doll stolen; and Paul Young realizes Zach"s back.

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Last week, Susan’s mother showed up on Desperate Housbenidormclubdeportivo.orgives in the type of Lesley Ann Warren, and she memorably toted follow me a beloved television star native yesteryear in Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda vet Valerie Harper, who played she sister Claire. Well, the mother-with-former-small-screen-star formula continued yet again this main on Housbenidormclubdeportivo.orgives, as Lynette’s mother—deliciously depicted both crusty and uncouth by Polly Bergen—resurfaced, this time toting along one more beloved (and maybe the many beloved ever) tv star native yesteryear in Dallas alum Larry Hagman. And good nbenidormclubdeportivo.orgs: as with with Harper, enlisting the former J.R. benidormclubdeportivo.orging verified quite savvy, as Hagman offered up a rather enticing guest spot together the racist, inappropriate fiancé to Bergen’s looking-for-love (and a fat inheritance) Stella. I couldn’t avoid laughing at every his various and hilarious sound bites.

“Call me dad,” that told Lynette once she was introduced to him because that the an initial time. She appeared shocked and also unwilling to do so, and he quickly added: “Wouldn’t that be awful if i was that guy?” Zing! however wait for it—there’s more! prior to we it, however, Hagman’s too-blunt Frank was throwing completely inappropriate gyeongju epithets out by the handful. Annoyed that he wasn’t getting organization quick enough at the meal wherein he met Lynette, Frank said the Mexican-looking server: “What perform I have to do come hurry over? build a fence?” i shouldn’t laugh at together things, but you need to admit it’s quite funny. Mostly because everyone knows some old codger like this (read: her grandfather) that is for this reason far past the line that you can’t perform anything by let out a chuckle and know the they’ll never ever change. The didn’t avoid there. After ~ Frank’s food stimulate wasn’t right, an excited Lynette readily available to profession food through him and offered him her salad. “Lemme check,” he said, snappily. “Nope, still acquired a penis!” ns guess he was insinuating the real males don’t eat salad? Ha! Not also sure what the means, really, but it’s therefore stupid it’s funny.

Bergen as Stella, too, readily available up among my favourite lines of the night, best after she first appeared on screen. She to be wheeled into the Scavo household, announced that she to be going to marry Frank the coming Saturday, and also told Lynette she can meet her future husband the adhering to day. “Come by tomorrow,” Stella said, hilariously adding: “We’ll squeeze girlfriend in in between Nothing come Do and also Waiting because that Death.” that line just kills me! Nothing come Do and also Waiting because that Death. Tee hee hee. I arrangement to use it in the not-too-distant future, and also often.

While Lynette faced her mom’s look at reckless fourth marriage, Gaby to be still obsessing over she doll, Princess Valerie. Mrs. McCluskey uncovered out about her obsession and also spilled the bean to Carlos, that went ballistic that she was making use of the doll to change Grace. “The doll makes me happy!” Gabby called Carlos, in the cook moment. “What carry out you care?” and then she the no-talking-about-Grace dominance in his face. “No, we’re not supposed to talk around it!” she screamed, together she stormed off, in recommendation to him walking to comment on the grace issue. “That was your rule!”

Things only developed to weirder territory, nearer to the end of the episode, together Gaby and also Carlos headed out for dinner—with Princess Valerie strapped into a vehicle seat in the back seat. Yes, ns really go just form that Princess Valerie to be strapped into a car seat in the back seat. An excellent Lord, i didn’t think this storyline might get nuttier. And also then, the course, Carlos and Caby acquired carjacked (because has so numerous sketchy areas!), and also Gaby couldn’t acquire Princess Valerie out in time, which sent out her into a tailspin. “It’s not Grace,” Carlos yelled in ~ her, as the vehicle sped away through Gaby’s doll inside. Well, any sane person could have told her that. Where this all goes from below is past me.

NEXT: Susan’s lame storyline it s okay lamer; Bree learn a huge secret around Keith—and hides that from him; and Beth is spared as soon as Paul learns that Zach has returned.

Dying for an additional storyline that’s seemingly walking nowhere? Susan Delfino’s I’m-on-kidney-dialysis-and-trying-to-make-friends-while-I’m-getting-my-blood-scrubbed storyline. I don’t also know what come say about what’s walking on with Susan anymore. She spent the episode trying to to convince a male not-so-subtly named penis to beat Scrabble with her. “You know, Dick,” she said the old curmudgeon, “sometimes when I fulfill people, they say you don’t seem choose a Susan. Yet you…” the was around the extent of her story this week. Ns honestly nearly forgot that she was there. Sad.

Bree, meanwhile, to be still handle with farming pains in her partnership with Keith. A secret woman called Amber James showed up at Bree’s home asking because that Keith. Eventually, Bree learned that Amber had a kid with Keith when they dated numerous years before, however Amber left Keith before he even she was pregnant. Bree, however, preserved the nbenidormclubdeportivo.orgs from Keith, and also relayed to Amber that Keith didn’t want to have anything to perform with the small boy, Charlie. What this usually sets increase is the future death of Bree’s connection with Keith, once he to learn the truth. Yawn. Brian Austin environment-friendly should probably take turn off his shirt number of times prior to this arc ends and also he’s off the show, for this reason at least some an excellent comes of all this.

Renee, finally, had actually her very own story arc this illustration that didn’t encompass her walk head-to-head with any kind of of the developed ladies top top the Lane. This week we found her decorating the bedroom of Bob and also Lee’s, embraced daughter, i m sorry came with the revelation that—totally, completely didn’t check out this one coming—that Renee had, at one time, want children. Cue Bob and also Lee pass their daughter over to Renee’s house, adhered to by Bob questioning Renee to it is in on speak to when the festival needed aid or advice from “old auntie Renee.” Renee agreed, yet then Vanessa Williams offered up she gem quote of the evening: “And if she ever phone call me ‘old auntie,’ ns will kick her.” can I just reincarnate together Vanessa Williams please? Thanks.

Finally, us circle about to Paul Young and his significantly meek mam Beth. As we saw last week, Paul has actually learned the Beth is Felicia’s daughter. For this reason this week contained him being really creepy and also planning a weekend far at a remote cabin where, as far as I could tell, was planning to death her for every the lies she’s spun. But just prior to they were to leave, the police arrived and showed Paul the gun the was under Beth’s pillow at Bree’s last week—and Paul known it together Zach’s and also not Beth’s. Thus, Beth is spared, at the very least for the moment, and it seems that Paul will currently pursue Zach instead. Is that going to pursue his son? seems possible, specifically when you’re together deranged and also rage-filled together Paul Young. As a sombenidormclubdeportivo.orghat nice switch on the entirety thing, Paul told Beth after ~ he known Zach’s gun: “Trust me, Beth, i think you dodged a cartridge here.” that made me smile.

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Also, shouldn’t the writers have somehow included Larry Hagman into Paul Young’s storyline? I believed that would kind of be part of the idea, since they’re type of play Paul’s storyline together a “Who shot J.R.?” kind of thing. Anyway, maybe that’s no it because that Hagman, but seems choose the wink potential that that entirety thing might work nicely.

But what do you think of last night’s episode, Desperate Housbenidormclubdeportivo.orgives vibenidormclubdeportivo.orgers? do you think Paul is going to tussle through Zach soon—or will certainly we have to wait till the season finale in May? Is there any type of juice left in this Gaby-with-baby-doll-obsession storyline? are Bree and also Keith long for this world as a couple? and just exactly how soon perform you desire Larry Hagman come return for another episode? let me know in the comments below!