Defense mechanisms are a way for the mind to deal with with stress or challenging feelings. They space unconscious mechanisms, which way that a human being uses them without realizing it.

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Defense mechanisms deserve to be positive methods to resolve stress. Various other times, they can be unhelpful ways to avoid difficult emotions or pardon unhealthy or antisocial behavior.

Recognizing defense mechanisms can assist a person understand their very own behavior.

Below, we explore eight defense mechanisms. We also describe mental health conditions that might be linked with the regimen use of details mechanisms.

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The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud occurred the idea the defense mechanisms as a way to understand human being behavior. Freud proposed that people use defense instrument unconsciously, together a way to stop uncomfortable feelings and also emotions.

Below are some generally used defense mechanisms:

1. Denial

This requires a human being not recognizing the fact of a stressful case in stimulate to safeguard themselves indigenous overwhelming are afraid or anxiety.

Denial have the right to be beneficial in situations that are past a who control. Because that example, staying optimistic can benefit a human as they try to overcome a severe illness.

On the various other hand, denial can stop a person from dealing with situations that call for their attention. For example, it might be simpler to overlook the an unfavorable effects of excessive drinking 보다 it is to reduced down ~ above alcohol.

2. Distortion

Distortion requires a human being believing other to it is in true when it is not.

In some cases, distortion can safeguard a person from the uncomfortable truth of a situation. Because that example, a human may believe that castle failed a test since of an overwhelming questions, not since they did no prepare fully.

In other cases, distortion can convince a person that a instance is worse than it in reality is. For example, a human being may only see the negative in a situation and ignore the positive.

Distorted thinking is a usual feature that anxiety and also depression. That is likewise common amongst people through the adhering to disorders:

People v the above conditions regularly have a distorted tardy of their own body image.

3. Projection

Projection requires a person accusing someone else of having thoughts or feelings the they themselves are having. It deserve to be a way of preventing unwanted think or avoiding responsibility for a particular behavior.

For example, a human who realizes the they room being aggressive during an dispute may suspicion the other human being of aggression. This deflects criticism far from themselves and onto the other person.

Projection deserve to be harmful, together it might stop someone from accepting and also taking responsibility for their very own thoughts or behaviors.

4. Dissociation

Dissociation entails feeling disconnected native a stressful or traumatic occasion — or emotion that the event is not really happening. That is a way to block out psychological trauma and also protect the psychic from suffering too much stress.

Sometimes, dissociation pipeline a human being unable to remember traumatic occasions in their past.

A human being who dissociates, frequently in childhood or adolescence, might go top top to build a dissociative disorder. This is a specifically unhealthy form of dissociation, in i beg your pardon a person dissociates involuntarily and routinely.

5. Repression

Repression involves staying clear of thinking around something to block the end painful or uncomfortable feelings, emotions, and impulses. Repression is an unconscious procedure — a human being is unaware the they space doing it.

A person may unconsciously repress a painful or challenging memory, yet the storage remains. One aim of psychotherapy is come encourage a human to refer repressed think in order to deal with them in a much more helpful way.

Repression could help explain the source of particular phobias. Because that example, some unexplained phobias might stem from traumatic childhood experiences that the person has due to the fact that repressed.

Suppression is comparable to repression, yet suppression is a aware process, it requires deliberately avoiding specific thoughts or memories and proactively trying come forget them.

6. Reaction formation

Reaction formation entails acting in a way that contradicts unacceptable or anxiety-provoking thoughts or feelings as they arise. The is a method of protecting the mind from uncomfortable thoughts or desires.

For example, a human being may endure normal feel of sadness or disappointed after a relationship breaks down. If castle feel that these emotions space unacceptable, they may publicly act together if they space happy or unconcerned.

Reaction formation can be a sample of recurring behavior. Because that example, a person who feels that expressing rage or frustration towards a parent is unacceptable might never reaction negatively to anything that their parent claims or does, also when this would certainly be a common response.

7. Displacement

Displacement entails a person feeling that they cannot express a negative emotion towards a details person, for this reason they direct those an unfavorable emotions towards someone else.

For example, a person who feels the their boss has been unfair may also fear gift fired if lock complain or express fury — and as a result, lock may later on shout at a family member.

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Displacement deserve to have an adverse consequences because that an individual and the people roughly them.

8. Intellectualization

Intellectualization entails a human using reason and logic to protect against uncomfortable or anxiety-provoking emotions.

Intellectualization have the right to be a useful means of explaining and also understanding an unfavorable events. For example, if human being A is crude to human being B, person B may think around the feasible reasons for human being A’s behavior. They may rationalize that human A was having a stressful day.

However, intellectualization can reason people come downplay the prestige of their own feelings and focus instead on treating all daunting situations as problems that should be solved. This can stop a human from learning just how to attend to their own challenging emotions.