Not how amazing in a series called Death Note, there are fairly a couple of major characters who, well, die. ~ all, the series centers top top a publication that permits its owner to death anyone in the human being by just writing under their name.

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One of the most important characters in the progression of the show is Misa Amane. The up-and-coming model is among the first two owner of a fatality Note and also an integral component of protagonist Light’s plans transparent the series.

In part one, Misa falls in love v Light and also users her fatality Note to help him together he do the efforts to prevent a task pressure formed come hunt the down. This winds up getting Misa incarcerated. She eventually loses her memories, Shinigami, and half her lifespan.

Although Misa is a focal character for most of component one, in component two she takes more of a back seat. When she walk appear, her fate complying with the end of the display is left ambiguous.


What is Misa’s fate in death Note?

The basic answer is no. Misa doesn’t die in the anime itself. Yet then, that course, it’s in reality a little more facility than that. Misa’s critical scene is in ~ the finish of the final episode of Death Note. We check out her standing top top the leaf of a building on her own, ~ above the various other side that some safety railing. And also then… that’s it.

Fans have actually theorized that she committed suicide and also this concept is backed up by her fate in the manga, wherein she is evidenced to it is in dead. According to the chapter, her death emerged the year following Light’s death.

Given the location of this final scene and also it being set following the fatality of irradiate in the anime, it appears they to plan a similar outcome because that Misa. Yet unfortunately, we will never recognize for sure.

While that is she love for Light the seems choose the driving variable in her decision to contemplate suicide, another factor that might have added to she decision is that she already knew her lifespan had been halved twice previously. There are two separate occasions wherein Misa traded half of her life because that the strength of Shinigami eye so she may see the name of people with her own eyes and assist Light together Kira.

Considering this, over there is no doubt Misa would have actually passed away soon after the events in the anime.

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