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(The radio is so clean in here.)(Hey)POS and ANN ROBERTS:Hey LoveTalkin' bout Hey LoveWanna be her push and also shovePop, popcorn up aboveMove me prefer Soul when I sayGo come a club about the wayAnd see my Hey DJAnd do him play Hey LoveDiscover every the football teamsMack and eat jelly beansRun in the cold with no jeansGet yourself sick it rotates we're seenCatch the flu and make teaHow Dan Stuckie life will certainly beIt's all about you and meCause you're my Hey Love(Hey)Move me like Soul as soon as I sayGo come a club about the wayAnd view my Hey DJAnd do him play Hey Love(Hey)
TESHA STILLS: look Pos, we gotta talkPOS: Talk around what?TESHA: Don't beat stupid v me, you understand what we gotta speak aboutPOS: What?TESHA: about you becoming completely dedicatedPOS: for this reason we're about to go with these line-runs again, huh?TESHA: You're cursed right. I wanna know everything you perform for me has actually anything to do with lovePOS: Look, i come all the way from L.I. Come the Bronx to watch you, isn't that reflecting you love?TESHA: You watch that's simply it Pos, i don't wanna be just your BronxLove, i wanna be your Hey LovePOS: friend wanna it is in my what?TESHA: I claimed I wanna be her Hey Love. I median it's simply not the atmosphere being among the numerous girls on your list, and you wouldn't it is in dissing me like this if i was her Hey LovePOS: Look, i do every little thing I deserve to to treat you favor a roseTESHA: Yeah but you also give much better treatment to that girl called Selena indigenous uptown choose a Daisy. Girlfriend evenGave her several of your special donuts because that freePOS: therefore this is what this is every about, huh? DonutsTESHA: No, Pos, can't friend hear the music, it's all around Hey LovePOS: Look ns don't recognize why you're dissing me, it's not favor I'm Paul, ns don't have two youngsters in every stateTESHA: yet you probably obtained two girls in every state. If you're notGoing come go around it the method I desire you to, then just leave, cause I can't be so botheredPOS: Yeah.

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(mumbled)(I can't be your lover)(Where's the voice coming from? From... Indigenous nowhere?)