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I picked up a Davis P-380 and also I can"t it seems ~ to figure out exactly how to rest it down for cleaning. Anyone have an owner"s manual, instructions, etc. That would certainly help?Thanks!
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It"s been quite a while....I had a little Davis nickle-plated .32 (like the kind you"d find beside a dead crack dealer on an east LA street corner), and also IIRC the method to break that one down was after ~ unloading the gun and also removing the magazine, you have to depress the tiny keyhole-shaped plug in ~ the rear of the gun where the striker is located. If depressing the plug pull ago the slide and also lift it up at the rear.
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That"s the one! I got the pistol v my Junior crack Dealer Kit. I invested the extra cash ~ above the 380 instead of the standard .25 the kit generally came in. LOL!Thank man, that functioned perfectly! ns must have been messing approximately with that pistol for 30 minutes before I provided up. Now, ~ above to selling crack!
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Slamming it continuously on concrete didn"t work?? Maybe simply shoot it until it disassembles itself.......

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