My favorite movie horse of all time needs to be Cisco (Dances with Wolves buckskin) that was one AQHA gelding called "Justin" (Plain Justin Bar).

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When ns went searching for a photo of "Cisco" I uncovered the over photos v the location "the steed Kevin Costner talk in "Dances through Wolves"" in ~ which read:mauntainmaus
says:"Lucky horse!"

Hmm.... I"d have to agree! But also found it kind of sad the this equine was being preserved as a tourist attraction in Mitchell, SD together with other props from the movie!

My favorite scene native Dances v Wolves would have to be when he gallops throughout the field in front of the opposing army with his eight in the air....I gain choked-up simply thinking around it...


This is kind of a long clip but you can scroll over to the 2min :30second mark to watch the action!...or maybe my favourite is when the native children come to steal Cisco yet as they room galloping away and glorying in your achievement, Cisco slams on the breaks and runs off- breaking the eight of his captor in the process.....

Or was it as soon as they hunting the buffalo together.... *sigh* there are just to countless to select from!

And of food who might forget another movie in which all the joy and also heart wrenching glory of ours love for steeds so beautifully comes to life....
As in The black Stallion.
In i beg your pardon an steed named Cass Ole dram the Arabian stallion we all know and love.

Of course there is much more than one renowned black horse worth noting...
the steeds that play "Beauty" in the movie black Beauty. Docs Keepin Time (AQHA) had actually a few other keep in mind worthy parts.... Together "Black" ~ above The Adventures of the black color Stallion television show and as "Gulliver" in the horse Whisperer.
speaking of The equine Whisperer....
....this movie featured more than its same share that QHs.... My favorite being Robert Redford"s horse Rimrock (Rambo Roman) that was owned by Buck Brennerman, (the impetus for Tom Booker).
One other steed that stood the end in mine mind to be the bay steed ridden by chris O"Donnell in the movie The 3 Musketeers. Currently that
is a luck horse! here is a scene that i love within D"Artagnan leaps onto the back of his faithful stead when his adversary is forced to do what we have actually all had to- once or maybe also twice before-chase after ~ his very own horse! .....

Click right here for it!!!

And guess what!? Our good friend Gabrielle Anwar (who play Sonora in Wild Hearts cant Be broken was in the movie too!

And then there is the an excellent Denny!!! ( from the man From snow River)....


I dont know around you however I ran down many a mountainside on mine make-believe equine trying come re-enact the above scene!!! ns think this movie has actually some the the biggest shots that equine activity ever filmed. Check it out.....

More to come....

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