The small block Chevy engine is the most typical V8 engine the end there to include performance upgrades to. Manufacturing for the typical small block started in 1957 and is still being offered today. As result of the long production run, a couple of different versions and also displacements to be available. Most parts are interchangeable transparent the years, however some, such as an oil pan, room era specific. They"re simple to occupational on and also are a great engine platform to do streetable power. Plus, the tiny block Chevrolet is a an excellent performer in its share form. The doesn"t take too much to lug the motor alive. Many truck execution of the 350 SBC had actually 4 bolt mains and some cars. Structure a good performer the will organize the horsepower together does not have to be ultra-expensive. You deserve to start v a great 2 or 4 bolt main little block and also build strength on it.

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Because of the SBC"s popularity, the automotive aftermarket has actually responded by manufacturing plenty of numbers of performance upgrades. Building a little block Chevy has actually many, many combinations the cylinder heads, cams, intakes and other components to totally custom develop the engine you desire for her purpose. carries countless performance parts for the small block Chevy at day-to-day low prices!

SBC casting Number LocationsBlock: Left rear, top of block just forward the the bellhousing mounting surface.Cylinder Head: optimal of cylinder head (valve cover need to be removed)

267, 305, 327, 350, 400 CID - SBC shooting Order


Torque Specs

Always talk bolts in 3 equal increments

Bolts or Parts
Lube or SealerTorque to:7/16 main Caps (2 bolt)Engine Oil70 ft-lbs.
7/16 Inner key Caps (4 bolt)Engine Oil70 ft-lbs.
7/16 Outer main Caps (4 bolt)Engine Oil65 ft-lbs.
3/8 Outer key Caps (4 bolt)Engine Oil40 ft-lbs.
3/8 Connecting RodEngine Oil45 ft-lbs.
11/32 Connecting RodEngine Oil45 ft-lbs.
Cylinder HeadsEngine oil (blind hole)Sealer (water jacket)65 ft-lbs.
Rocker Studs (screw-in)Engine Oil50 ft-lbs.
Oil PumpEngine Oil65 ft-lbs.
Oil PanEngine Oil12 ft-lbs.
Cam Sprocket (upper gear)Thread Locker20 ft-lbs.
Timing CoverEngine Oil6 ft-lbs.
Intake Manifold (Cast iron Heads)Non- Hardening Sealer30 ft-lbs.
Valve CoverEngine Oil3 ft-lbs.
Exhaust ManifoldAnti-Seize Lubricant25 ft-lbs.
Spark PlugsNo Lube or Sealer20 ft-lbs.
Flexplate (Automatic)Flywheel (Clutch)Thread Locker60 ft-lbs.
Clutch press PlateThread Locker35 ft-lbs.
Centerbolt (Harmonic Damper)Engine Oil60 ft-lbs.

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Bellhousing (Transmission to Block)Engine Oil25 ft-lbs.

SBC Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence