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Our steels recycling yard was established in Athens, Georgia in 1972 and became part of the commercial Metals agency team in 2017. We room committed to giving our neighborhood with a finish metals recycling solution. Customer service and professionalism are our top priority together we recycle her scrap metal, from family members items to commercial metal waste.

A member that the Athens Area room of Commerce, we placed our customers and community an initial by adhering to all federal, state and also environmental laws and also regulations. We mostly serve Northeast Georgia and are located one block east of Old Hull Road and also Athena Drive.

590 Old Hull road Athens, GA 30601 P: 706.613.5201

Monday - Friday 8:00 to be - 3:30 PM adjacent Locations

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Nonferrous Scrap steel Prices (Per lb)

No. 1 Copper 3.40/LB No. 2 Copper 3.20/LB LT Copper 3.00/LB Insulated CU cable #1 50% 1.65/LB Insulated CU wire #2 40% 1.00/LB Yellow Brass 2.00/LB Red Brass 2.10/LB Brass Radiators 1.70/LB Irony Brass Radiators 1.25/LB Aluminum can be ~ 0.62/LB sheet Aluminum 0.44/LB cast Aluminum 0.44/LB PTD Aluminum Siding 0.44/LB Aluminum Clips (MLC) 0.47/LB Clean Aluminum wheel 0.60/LB Aluminum / Copper Reefers 1.60/LB Alum / Copper Reefers (w/FE) 1.20/LB Aluminum Coolers 0.44/LB 304 Stainless steel 0.50/LB Clean command 0.40/LB lead Batteries - Automotive 0.12/LB

Ferrous Scrap steel Prices

#1 ready 9.00/CWT #1 Unprepared 8.00/CWT cast Iron 8.00/CWT Shred/Tin 7.00/CWT
A state issued picture ID or driver’s license is forced to sell scrap. Per Georgia State Guidelines, every payments are made to client by check. If scrap product is transported through a CMC vehicle, payments will be processed the end of our accounting department in Lexington, SC.
Hazardous rubbish (including asbestos)PCB/Transformers/CapacitorsAny CFCsBallastsCylinders or various other containers of compressed gas (including propane)NiCad-BatteriesRadioactive materialsMercury / mercury switchesPCB containing products such together capacitors or irradiate ballasts lead iron pipesSealed containersLiquids of any typeRadioactive materialsFlammable materialsTrash, garbage, concrete and also other non-recyclable itemsBroken, cracked, or leaking batteriesOffice machines and also electronic equipment, such together fax machines, copiers, scanners, computers and monitorsMaterials with strong or objectionable odorsMaterials include asbestosUnidentifiable materials

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