Let's catch up with the Panic! members we've loved and lost over the years and also get to know the present touring crop.

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We all understand that pop punk power players Panic! at The Disco have had their same share the lineup alters over the years, now simply left v high-voiced do not wear shirts frontman Brendon Urie as the single "official" member.

But what around those other males you watch on stage with Beebo? that be they? and also whatever happened to those males who left us? What"s their story?

Watch Brendon Urie ultimately Talk around Ryan Ross In new Interview


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Let"s "investigate" and also find out.

The Originals

Ryan Ross



You could have heard the this guy. Since leaving the band write-up Pretty.Odd, Ryan started the group The Young Veins who released their debut document Take A Vacation! in 2010 prior to going on an extensive hiatus duration in December of the year. Since then, Ryan has actually released occasional solo recordings through his Soundcloud page, showed up on tracks through the likes of an ext Amor and, many recently, was the co-writer of Agelast"s current single "Fever".

Spencer Smith



The initial drummer, Spencer to be the longest serving tape member besides Brendon, featuring on all of their an initial four albums. He departed the group"s tour in 2013 in bespeak to look for treatment because that addiction, officially announcing his departure in 2015.

Currently, Spencer has actually not revealed any type of music plans and also a Panic! reunion appears unlikely however he seems to be recovering well adhering to his treatment and remains in call with Brendon.

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Brent Wilson



In 2006, the tape announced that Brent had actually been request to leaving the group, coming as something that a shock come Brent himself. He explained to Alt push in 2008 why he thought it had happened.

I think the factor why gained the perception i wasn"t right into doing things that bands execute is since I"m a an extremely private person. A the majority of times I would certainly be security time by myself, or there would certainly be times once my brother or other household members would concerned shows. I"m really close v my family, so there would certainly be times where I would certainly be with them fairly than hanging out with the band. As far as I"m concerned, that"s just keeping sanity.

Brent Wilson

Spencer later declared that the firing was in fact due to Wilson"s lack of authorized in the composing process, Ryan and Brendon creating the bulk of the bass components for your record.

In the exact same Alt push piece, Wilson was revealed to beenrolled as a full time student in ~ CSN community College in las Vegas, researching for one MBA.

You can follow his recent goings ~ above via Twitter and maybe also pick increase a item of memorabilia or two.

Would anyone it is in interested in to buy two main gold documents issued come me because that a fever you can"t sweat out? post me if interested.

— Brent Wilson (
BrentMWilson) January 4, 2016

Jon Walker



Brent was changed by Jon gradually for the relax of Pretty.Odd., having actually previously toured v The Academy Is... As a guitar tech. He would depart alongside Ryan to type The Young Veins. He has actually since arisen solo material, consisting of two albums and three EPs, the most recent release, "Real Life", dropping in 2015. You can hear his solo job-related on his official website jonwalker.bandcamp.com whereby it is accessible for cost-free download.

Current Touring Members

Kenneth Harris



A touring guitarist with the group because 2013, he became the permanent guitar player in 2015. Previously, Kenneth had actually a promising solo career, releasing 2 albums "Brooklyn" in 2012 and "Will U it is in Minor?" in 2015.

Dallon Weekes



Originally hired as a touring musician for the group, Dallon became a permanent member during the "Vice and Virtues" era, also writing all yet two of the songs on fourth record "Too Weird to Live, too Rare come Die". However, in October 2015 he confirmed via Twitter the he had actually left the main lineup, continuing to be on as a touring base player instead. That is, however, still remaining energetic in various other areas, an especially on Snapchat (dallonjweekes) wherein he has acquired a huge following that fans because that his arbitrarily musings. His ahead group, The Brobecks, are also an extremely much worth checking out if you room a fan of all points summery popular music punk.

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Dan Pawlovich



When initial member Spencer Smith had actually to depart the group, drum technology Dan, native the tape Valencia, to be drafted in mid-tour to take his place. That is likewise the frontman and also guitarist the rock band Mosey.