The Illinois Secretary the State has actually strict laws for teens consisting of nighttime control restrictions and required obedience to regional curfews. In Illinois, all drivers under the period of 18 room prohibited indigenous driving:

Sunday - Thursday in between the hours of 10:00 P.M. And 6:00 A.M., ANDFriday - Saturday between the hrs of 11:00 P.M. And also 6:00 A.M.

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Defenses come Curfew/Nighttime driving Violations

There are minimal exceptions to night driving restrictions, which include the following, and may be confirmed by the police officer:

If the young is add by their parent or guardianInvolved in an emergencyOn the way or returning from work-related (without making a detour or stop)On an errand in ~ the direction the their parental or guardian (without making a detour or stop)On the method or return from an main school, spiritual or other recreational activity supervised through adults and also sponsored by a government agency, a public organization, or another similar entity the takes duty for the boy (without do a detour or stop)

Penalties for Curfew/Nighttime steering Violations

While violating these restriction may not seem prefer a major offense, a very first conviction will result in a driver’s patent suspension for a period of 2 months. Various other penalties including fines, traffic security school and also community business may likewise be enforced as component of any type of sentence.

A sentence the court supervision may only be obtained, at the judge’s discretion, after appearing in court through a parent or legit guardian and also their attorney if one is retained. One in-person traffic college course have to be completed by everyone under the age of 18 who receives a sentence the court supervision.

Illinois traffic Defense Attorneys

The website traffic ticket attorneys at The Davis regulation Group, P.C. Regularly help teen drivers and also their family members with curfew violations and also other teenager driving offenses. The Illinois Secretary that State hold teen chauffeurs to a an extremely high standard with their i graduated Driver license (GDL) program. Convictions can have a lasting impact on future control privileges. Our web traffic attorneys can help avoid a driver’s patent suspension, insurance allowance increases and high fines.

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Our attorneys primarily handle website traffic tickets throughout the Chicago Area including cook County, Lake County and DuPage County. Call us today to comment on your case. We space happy to administer a complimentary initial consultation.