From the landing that Columbus in 1492 until 1898, Puerto Rico was a swarm of Spain. In 1898, Spain shed the Spanish-American war and also gave Puerto Rico and also Guam to the joined States. Cuba was made a protectorate that the U.S., and the U.S. Bought the Philippines.

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Cuba and the Philippines ended up being independent countries. Puerto Rico came to be a territory, together did Guam, and in 1917, the human being of Puerto Rico to be granted U.S. Citizenship as residents of an unincorporated region of the joined States.

This sound strange to modern-day ears, yet nations in Europe dealt with wars end land throughout the duration during which Spain own Puerto Rico (and before and also after), changing the boundaries of Europe over and also over.

The United claims was a young country, and there were some who assumed she should be one imperialist power favor England or Spain. Luis Muñoz Rivera, the resident Commissioner the Puerto Rico in ~ the time, argued against this position. Seeing that Cuba and Panama had got independence and the Philippines was on its way to law so, the said, “Give us our independence and you will certainly stand prior to humanity as the biggest of the great, the which neither Greece nor Rome no one England ever were, a good creator of new nationalities and also a good liberator of oppressed peoples.”

Puerto Rico was not given independence. Nor to be Puerto Rico provided statehood, because that which Muñoz Rivera also asked. “Give united state statehood and also your glorious citizenship will be welcome to us and also to our children,” he stated in the same speech quoted above. Instead, Puerto Rico has actually remained a territory for more than a century.

In 2012 and also again in 2017, Puerto Rico’s voters made decision statehood. The present U.S. Congress has actually the alternative of confirming your vote and awarding statehood come Puerto Rico, or of continuing to organize a are left end from that brief imperial dream.


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