how to change the Fuel filter in your Outdoor power EquipmentThis video will help you troubleshoot her fuel-line instead of repairs.

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Quick Fix: how to change the Spark plugin a little EngineThis video will aid you change the spark plug top top a little engine i m sorry will help get your gas powered tools up and running again.


Quick Fix: just how to Clean a Spark Arrestor display screen on a tiny 2-Cycle EngineThis repair video clip will instruct you exactly how to repair a dirty or damaged spark arrestor on your little engine.


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Hello Scott, thank you because that contacting us, In bespeak for us to find the exactly parts and also repair info we will call for the model variety of the engine. Once you have located the engine model number you re welcome feel complimentary to resubmit the question and also we will certainly be happy to aid you. Look front to hearing indigenous you!
Hello Tina,Thanks for her question!Unfortunately, us were can not to situate a compatible manage cable for design 917.773747. We indicate contacting craftsman components at 800-366-7278 to see what their recommendations are. Have a great day!Hope come hear from you soon!
Hello Scott, give thanks to you for her inquiry! because that your model 122T02-3863-B1, we do have a carburetor overhaul kit i m sorry is component number 498260. This kit has all the necessary contents to rebuild a carburetor. I hope this details helps!
Hello Jimmy, give thanks to you for your question. That attaches come the Idler Bracket, part number 586506002 for her model. Please watch the related parts below. An excellent luck v your repair!
i asked in a earlier question wherein does the return spring affix to. You responded to the idle bracket. My question is, where does the other end of tge spring attach to
Hello Jimmy, thank you for your question. The other end attaches to the Spindle Pulley, part number 532180340 for your model. Please watch the related components below. Great luck v your repair!
Hello ED, thank you because that the question.There are no instructions because that this but belts are an easy job.You will have to remove the reduced panel to accessibility the belt. The idler bracket will certainly move back and forth as this keeps continuous pressure ~ above the belt. Relocate it in the direction that releases the pressure and while holding it in place remove the old belt. You download the new belt the same means and once in place you will release the idler bracket so the can provide tension top top the belt. Ns hope this helps and an excellent luck through your repair.
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Hi Mark,my name is Richard, i am functioning on a craftsman rolled trimmer mod: 917.773710.I have cleaned the carburetor (dunked in carb cleaner), cleaned the flywheel and coil (very rusty), additionally replaced the spark plug. One day unit just would not start, however with all this job-related I can obtain it come start and runs an excellent at high speed but will no idle, maybe for about 10 seconds and also dies, what can be the problem? I would really appreciate you expert advice. I have a lot and the weeds are growing need to get this unit running.Thanks in development and have actually a great day.Richard
Hello Richard,According come the to produce the engine on your trimmer is a Briggs and Stratton 122T02-3863-B1 Engine. You might want come order the 498260 overhaul Kit-Carb. And also look at the post and video on exactly how to Clean a Four-Cycle Engine Carburetor. Hope this will settle your idle problem.-WJA
Hello -WJA,I had actually been the end of town and also I just acquired back, check the forum I uncovered that you had actually answered.I had pertained to the conclusion that i did need to install a carb kit and I"m waiting for my package to come in this particular day or morning (I hope). I did look in ~ the video on just how to clean a 4 bike engine carburetor,very informative. Give thanks to you for taking time to answer me and have a an excellent safe day,RichardI"ll let you know how everything turns out.
Hello 1184174,The component that hold the precut string because that the 917.773743 is part number 180338 carrier plate.Hope this helps,-WJA