As we technique the 24th anniversary the Friends’ pilot episode, we’ve been offering a many thought to the sitcom’s main point six and how their careers have advanced through the decades.

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While the Friends leads all climbed to super-stardom (nearly overnight) v the show’s 1994 premiere, lock all had some smaller claims to fame prior to it began.



Jennifer Aniston played Jeannie Bueller in the short-lived TV series based ~ above Ferris Bueller’s job Off (Ferris Bueller), Lisa Kudrow had several TV movie to she name, Matt LeBlanc starred in a Married v Children spin-off called Vinnie & Bobby, Matthew Perry hosted leading roles in multiple collection (though none do it past their very first respective seasons), and David Schwimmer guest-starred in popular collection like L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, and The Wonder Years (all while offering legal counsel because that O.J. Simpson — just kidding).

Cox, that played NBC’s resident neat freak Monica Geller, was hardly brand-new to Hollywood once she landed the duty of a lifetime. An entire decade prior, in 1984, she’d starred (OK, “starred” is a strong word) in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video.



The video, set at a Springsteen concert, is basically just Springsteen singing and also dancing on stage (not in the dark, though). In the last minute-and-a-half, points pick up once The Boss begins making eye call with a young pixie cut-clad gal in the front heat (Cox). Prior to long Springsteen invites Courteney to take the stage with him, and as the important interlude begins, they dance (again, all is fully illuminated).

Though many Friends and Springsteen superfans were mindful of Cox’s exceptionally ‘80s debut, the object was newly revisited and also discovered by a whole brand-new generation when it was questioned in an illustration of Orange Is the new Black.

In illustration 7 of season 6 (“Changing Winds”), Natalie Figueroa — or "Fig" — speak Caputo that she was at the concert illustrated in the video, yet Springsteen carried Cox top top stage instead of her. She ruminates top top the do the efforts moment, and “all that Friends money” that later trailed Cox, implying the the 1984 cameo set the structure for the rest of her career.

Oh, and also if Bruce Springsteen x Courteney Cox in a muscle tee wasn't #iconic sufficient for you, listen to this: Court and also Bruce's run is thought to have actually source a lil' step referred to as The Carlton.

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Friends x Bruce Springsteen x The fresh Prince x OITNB = We have really and also truly been saved, ours souls laid to rest in pop society heaven.