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Here is an apology and regret playlist for those who have been wronged and those who must step up and make amends. "Sorry" is such a hard word to say.

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Does Sorry constantly Make the Better?

If girlfriend think infidelity happens among only young lovers, think again. That occurs among 85 year-old couples, too.

An elderly relative — a kind, decent career army veteran that cherished animals, children, and also fishing — died recently after a protracted illness. That lasted only a couple of days in hospice, withering i m so sad in his bedroom sanctuary as a result of pneumonia complications. Expanded family gathered come say tearful farewells.

You would have expected his mam of 57 year to have actually been by his side in his final moments. Instead, she to be engrossed in conversation with her masculine "friend." The two have shared an on-and-off romantic background longer than her marriage.

For years, the masculine friend has been a frequent visitor at family members gatherings, her ailing husband's date of birth party and even the hospital whereby she and also her husband common rooms across the hall from one another. A recent widower himself, her friend calls every night in ~ the very same time. Unfortunately, the husband died during your nightly call. There would certainly be no last minute apologies.


Apologize before the possibility slips away.

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Apologies are a ar to Start

We've all resulted in others to suffer—both intentionally and by accident—and to be hurt by them, too. Periodically the damages is deep and irreparable. Go sorry constantly make that better? Sadly, no. Remorse is prefer a boomerang. Girlfriend never know when it will certainly come earlier and to win you. Part misdeeds are more challenging to make best than others.

Apologies, however, are at the very least a place to begin for those solid enough to face the results of their very own hurtful actions. Speak what you need to prior to the opportunity for "sorry" slips far forever.

Songs about Apologies

1. "Hello" by Adele

In this 2015 song, one old lover attempts to reconnect after years apart so the she can apologize because that long back transgressions. Unfortunately, her previous sweetheart won't pick up the phone. Instead, she have to pour the end her heart into his voice mail.

2. "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago

The guy in this classic 1982 Chicago song has actually royally screwed up. Currently he's trying to grovel his way back into his lover's heart. She's provided him the old heave-ho, so the won't it is in easy. Romeo promises that

After all that we've to be throughI will make it as much as you, i promise toAnd after every that's been said and also doneYou're just the component of me i can't let go.

3. "Sorry seems to it is in the Hardest Word" by Elton John

When you've hurt the one that you've loved the an initial step come bridging the division is saying, "I'm sorry." however sometimes it's less complicated said 보다 done.

This 1976 song describes the lonely, desperate emotion of do the efforts to make amends. Come on. Simply man up and say the freakin' words.


"Right actions later on are the best apologies for poor actions in the past." - Tryon Edwards, American theologian

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4. "Sorry" by Justin Bieber

One much more shot at forgiveness. That's every Justin Bieber demands to reedem himself in his lover's heart, follow to this 2015 song. Return both parties space at fault, the agrees come take every the blame. (So climate why is that bringing that component up?)

He claims he's missing an ext than Selena's—I median his lover's—body. Dude, relocate on. It's acquiring unhealthy.


"Never apologize. Never explain. Just acquire the thing done, and also let lock howl." - Agnes Macphail, Canadian politician

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5. "Please forgive Me" by Bryan Adams

I don't recognize what Bryan Adams did, yet his 2010 apology tune is for this reason earnest that also I desire to pardon him. He wants to make it every better, reminding his lover just how they fit favor two perfect pieces of a puzzle. He desires to let his lover know how much he requirements them, i beg your pardon is the love of any sincere apology:

Please pardon me if I need you favor I do.Please believe me.Every word ns say is true...Please pardon meI can't protect against loving you.

6. "Baby Come Back" by Player

This 1977 struggle oozes the desperation of being left by someone you love. You're a mess without them around. You shot to forget them. You're ready to take every the reprimand if they'll simply come back, please come earlier into her life. (Not healthy, however that's an additional story.)

Baby come back, any type of kind the fool could seeThere to be something in everything about youBaby come back, you deserve to blame it all on meI was wrong and also I simply can't live there is no you.

7. "Too late to Apologize" by Timbaland featuring One Republic

Sometimes you with a suggest when enough is enough. Your lover plays too countless games, damages you too many times and it's as well late come apologize. You're done. This 2007 song shows backbone in the challenge of being jerked approximately by a sweetheart.


"Being sorry is the greatest act that selfishness, seeing value just after discarding it." - Douglas Horton

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8. "Don't Love girlfriend No more (I'm Sorry)" by Craig David

Sometimes apologies explain the brutal reality we need to hear. In this 2005 song about a relationship that has run that course, a male offers this sad however bitter truth to his lady friend:

I don't treatment babe who's ideal or wrongI just don't love girlfriend no more.

"Love in the actual world method saying you're i m really sorry 10 time a day" - Kathie Lee Gifford, American tv personality and singer

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9. "I Still believe in You" through Vince Gill

It's unfortunate exactly how sometimes those who space closest to us you regularly get the the very least of our time and also energy. In this 1992 song, Vince Gill sings the he's sorry it take it him so lengthy to realize the situation, and he desires the opportunity to make it right.

9. "Forgive Me" through Evanescence

This 1999 ballad defines a couple in which one companion is ~ above a losing streak, uttering typical words she yes, really doesn't mean. As soon as she blurts them out, she wants to snatch them appropriate back, however the damages is done. It makes the various other partner feeling sad and also broken and also the speak begs forgiveness.

11. "Sorry" by Ciara

Blowups and misunderstandings should be corrected immediately before they command to major repercussions. This 2012 song by Ciara emphasizes the urgency of functioning it out.

12. "I'm Sorry" by Blake Shelton (featuring Martina McBride)

Sometimes by the moment you apologize also much damage has been done. That's the post that Blake Shelton imparts in this 2011 song. I wonder if he ever before sang this to Miranda throughout their troubles?

Oh, you're sorry,So sorry,And you want it back the means it was.Well I'm sorry,But periodically sorry,Just ain't great enough.

"It is a an excellent rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of world do not desire apologies, and the wrong kind take a mean benefit of them." - P. G. Wodehouse, English humorist

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13. "Sorry for the Stupid Things" by Babyface

This 2005 tune by Babyface is a cold sheep of reality. The protagonist admits to his sweetheart that occasionally we execute stupid things, and also when that's the situation please just overlook the in the spirit of "no damage intended."

Sometimes a manIs gonna it is in a manIt's not an excuseIt's just just how it isSometimes the wrongDon't recognize that they're wrongSometimes the strongAin't constantly so strong.

14. "So Sorry" by Feist

This 2007 Indie tune asserts that rather of fighting and also crying, possibly it's far better to speak "I'm sorry" and also just host one one more tight.

"Apologizing walk not constantly mean you're wrong and the other human being is right. It just means you value your relationship much more than your ego." - mark Mathews, Australian surfer

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15. "All Apologies" through Nirvana

In a sense this 1993 Grammy award-winning tune was prophetic. Cut Cobain mused about apologies and taking in all the blame. In 1994, the famed singer who shaped the the music of the 1990s and also beyond committed suicide.

16. "Sorry" by Madonna

Don't even try to call Madonna "sorry" because she's downright bitter around all this apology crap. In this 2005 song, she states she's heard it all before, so save your priceless breath.

I don't wanna hear, i don't wanna knowPlease don't to speak you're sorryI've heard it every beforeAnd I can take treatment of myselfI don't wanna hear, i don't wanna knowPlease don't to speak "Forgive me"I've watched it all beforeAnd ns can't take it it anymore.

"Looking back, I have actually this come regret, the too often when i loved, i did not say so." - ray Stannard Baker, American journalist

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17. "Butterfly" through Weezer

With referrals to mam Butterfly, this 1996 song is about taking benefit of innocence and someone who loves you and also apologizing for assures that you've made that won't be kept. Some points were never meant come be.

18. "Back to December" by Taylor Swift

Usually Taylor Swift's song are about how she's been wronged, but this one native 2010 is different. (Some speak it's around her ill-fated relationship with Taylor Lautner.)

The song is one apology for mistreating a previous lover and also causing a dramatic conflict that finished the connection in a hurtful way: "You provided me roses and I left them over there to die." due to the fact that then, the protagonist has actually replayed the love affair and regrets she behavior, wishes she could press rewind. She goes ago to December all the time, and also this is she apology.

19. "Why" by Jason Aldean

The guy in this 2008 tune by Jason Aldean is yes, really beating himself up for his connection mistakes. He's waited till 3 a.m. To apologize, yet only after ~ his lady endangers to leave.

Why do I always use the words that reduced the deepestWhen i know just how much it harms you?Oh baby why perform I execute that come you?

How to Apologize

Hey, put on your large boy britches (or big girl panties) and also just execute it. You acquired this!


1) refer remorse: Say that you space "sorry" or that you "apologize".

2) accept responsibility: placed yourself in the various other person's shoes and acknowledge the your habits caused injury and/or hurt feelings come the various other person.

3) make amends: offer to make the case right. It is in specific.

4) Promise that won't happen again. This rebuilds trust in between you.

20. "I Apologize" by Anita Baker

The woman in this 1994 song had a fight v her lover and also made hurtful remarks. They had actually a shouting match, and also she was really unkind. Now it's eating her up, and she's phoning that to do amends.

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21. "I'm Sorry" by Brenda Lee

In this 1960 hit, Brenda Lee asks for forgiveness for everything she did. She claims that youth and blind love resulted in her make blind mistakes.

22. "Always on my Mind" through Willie Nelson

No one is the perfect mate—attentive, kind, or expressive enough. However, this 1982 standard by Willie Nelson states that it's the intent that counts. The reminds his beloved: "You were constantly on mine mind."

23. "Let's Be united state Again" by Lonestar

In this 2004 nation hit, a man apologizes to his darling after losing his temper and also saying a lot of mean-spirited things. He's getting to out for her, begging for forgiveness, wanting because that the partnership to return to what that was.

Songs about Regret

22. "If I might Turn ago Time" through Cher

Cher is feeling mighty regretful in this 1989 classic in which the protagonist desire she could just push "reset" and also take back all the median words and also things that she did to hurt she lover. Her actions drove her lover away because she was too proud to say "sorry."

She confesses:

I don't know why i did the things I didI don't understand why I claimed the things I saidLove's prefer a knife it can cut deep insideWords are like weapons, they wound sometimes.

Reader Perspective

In the Comments ar below, tell united state what you regret the many in her life. Leave her comment anonymously if you'd like.

23. "Don't Think ns Don't Think about It" by Darius Rucker

In this 2008 song, the protagonist left his sweetheart standing in his rearview mirror, swearing never ever to return. She faded indigenous his life, married and also moved on.

But he has actually regrets. She's the "what if" girl, the one he's always wondered about. However she's someone's else's wife. That's regret, buddy. Sorry.

24. "The biggest Man I never Knew" by Reba McEntire

This 1991 song is a regretful ballad about never important connecting with a love one who resides in the same house. A girl grow up with a stoic father who never takes the moment to call her exactly how much he loves her. He's constantly got his fist diverted elsewhere, and also the daughter separates it s her in she room.

Little does she recognize that she means everything come him. Now that he has been dead because that a year, the chance to construct a true, meaningful relationship has actually passed along with him. Don't let this take place to you. Speak what you have to say now.

25. "Help Me host On" by Travis Tritt

This 1990 tune expresses the remorse and also desperation the a lover at the moment he to know he's being moved out on. She's packing she suitcase, and also he have the right to no longer overlook the warning signs that their relationship is in trouble. The admits that took her love for granted and now the regretful fella will perform anything to do it ideal again. As well late?

26. "Cat's In the Cradle" by harry Chapin

This people rock song from 1974 has actually stood the test of time due to the fact that it conveys a powerful message: relationships space investments, constructed in small moments, over lifetimes, and you acquire out of castle what you put right into them.

The dad in this song never had actually time for his son cultivation up. When he lastly did, his son had actually a household of his own and was as well busy because that him. Worst of all, he had taught his kid to be similar to him.

Even much more Songs around Sorrow and also Regret

Have a suggested regret or apology song? Feel complimentary to introduce it in the Comments section below. Girlfriend don't need to be a HubPages member to leaving a comment.

SongArtistYear Released

27. I'm Sorry

All 4 One


28. So Sorry

Brian McKnight


29. I'm sorry To Myself

Alanis Morrisette


30. Just Say You're Sorry

Black Crowes


31. Purple Rain



32. Million year Ago



33. Who's sorry Now?

Connie Francis


34. Therefore Sorry



35. Sorry for Love

Celine Dion


36. Cold



37. Sorry



38. As soon as I Was her Man

Bruno Mars


39. Walk on Water

Eddie Money


40. South central Rain (I'm Sorry)



41. The Apologist


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42. Suedehead



43. Jealousy Guy

John Lennon


44. 4:44



45. Two Dozen Roses



46. I'm All the end of Love

Air Supply


47. F*ck Apologies

JoJo (featuring Wiz Khalifa)


48. Ns Was Wrong

Social Distortion


49. I want You Back

Jackson 5


50. Fall

ODESZA (featuring Sasha Sloan)


51. Let friend Down



52. On Bended Knee

Boyz II Men


53. What can Have Been

Little Texas


54. Every I need Is a Miracle

Mike + The Mechanics


55. Mad



56. She Wouldn't be Gone

Blake Shelton


57. Be mindful What You great For

Luke Combs


58. Bring My flower Now

Tanya Tucker


59. Blame that on You

Jason Aldean


Questions & Answers

Question: I moved someone i loved away because of my very own insecurities and personal problems. I hurt them in the process, and also now i am trying to apologize through a song. Execute you have any type of suggestions?

Answer: here are numerous suggestions based on the limited information provided:

1) "Come back Song" by Darrius Rucker (2010)

2) "Baby Come Back" by Player (1977)

3) "Hard come Say I'm i m really sorry by Chicago (1982)

Whatever song you select, you could highlight crucial lyrics as soon as you send it. If friend apologize deeply, refer how important both they and the connection are come you, and accept responsibility for her transgression without getting defensive (i.e., just OWN it), then it is feasible to patch points up.

Even if your someone distinct doesn't forgive you at first, ask castle to continue to take into consideration your request quite than saying "no." likewise request permission to talk through them again at a later date. As long as the present of communication are kept open, you're in decent shape.

Question: ns cheated on the male I love. He is mine everything, and also it to be the biggest mistake of mine life. How have the right to I resolve it? exactly how do we save us?

Answer: us all do mistakes, and you have violated this man's spiritual trust. This rejection cuts deep, yet affairs deserve to sometimes it is in forgiven. Go to him and also ask him come hear friend out. Look the in the eye, hold his hands, and pour out your heart. Accept duty for violating his trust. That doesn't matter if he was working too hard, didn't give you the fist you needed, or every little thing else allegedly caused you to look for the affections of another man. You space the one that violated the bond in between you, so own it totally and ask for his forgiveness. It might or may not come.