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"I Told girlfriend So" is a song written and recorded by American nation music singer Randy Travis native his 1987 album, constantly & Forever. It got to number one ~ above the U. S. Billboard and Canadian RPM nation singles charts in June 1988. Travis had an initial recorded the on his 1983 album Live in ~ the Nashville palace under his phase name "Randy Ray". It came to be a local hit and also one of his many requested songs at the club. In 2007, the track was extended by Carrie Underwood on her album Carnival Ride. Her version was exit in February 2009 and was re-recorded and also re-released in March together a duet through Travis. Underwood"s and also Travis"s duet peaked in ~ number 2 on the U. S. Country charts in 2009.more »

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Suppose I referred to as you increase tonightAnd told girlfriend that i love youAnd expect I claimed I desire to come ago homeAnd intend I cried and said i think I finally learned mine lessonAnd I"m exhausted of spending all my time aloneIf ns told girlfriend that ns realized you"re every I ever wantedAnd it"s death me to it is in so far awayWould girlfriend tell my the you love me tooAnd would we cry togetherOr would you simply laugh at me and sayI told friend so, ns told friend soI said you part day you"d come crawling backAnd asking me to take you inI told friend so, however you had actually to goNow I"ve found somebody newAnd girlfriend will never break my love in two againIf I acquired down on my kneesAnd called you i was her foreverWould you gain down on her too and also take my handWould we get that old-time feelingWould us laugh and also talk for hoursThe way we did as soon as our love very first beganWould you tell me that you"ve missed me tooAnd that you"ve to be so lonelyAnd you"ve waited for the work that ns returnedAnd we"d live and love foreverAnd that I"m her one and onlyOr would you speak the tables finally turnedAnd would certainly you sayI told girlfriend so, ns told you soI told you part day you"d come crawling backAnd asking me to take it you inI told friend so, but you had actually to goNow I"ve found somebody newAnd girlfriend will never ever break my heart in two again

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Randy Travis Randy Travis (born may 4, 1959) is one American country music singer and also actor. Since 1985, he has recorded 20 studio albums and also charted much more than 50 singles on the Billboard Hot nation Songs charts, and also 16 of these to be number one hits. Considered a pivotal figure in the background of nation music, Travis damaged through in the mid-1980s through the relax of his album Storms that Life, i m sorry sold more than three million copies. The album developed him together a major force in the Neotraditional nation movement.

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Travis complied with up his successful debut through a cable of platinum and multi-platinum albums. An ext »