What would you speak if you’re request the name of a country starting with a letter ‘D’? Denmark? If you’d speak Denmark, her answer is the exact same as the majority. Also though we think there could be a many countries beginning with the letter ‘d’, there room only 4 such countries, and also six if you say ‘Democratic’ at the beginning of the name counts together one.

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Yes it’s true. Over there are very fewer countries’ surname that begin With ‘D’.

These nations are good travel destinations, few of which haven’t to be explored yet! They’re house to several of the many amazing locations, cultures, and people!

Whether you’re plan an worldwide trip shortly anytime soon, or you want much more knowledge, this list of nation names beginning with D is because that you!


Countries That begin With ‘D’

The is a list of all the nations That start With ‘D’. The democratic People’s Republic of korean is generally known as North Korea yet we listed it in this perform of countries name that starts through letter ‘D’.

Countries that begin with‘DPopulation (2020)Area (Km sq)
Denmark5,792,202 42,430
Djibouti988,000 23,180
Dominican Republic10,847,91048,320
Democratic Republic that Congo89,561,403 2,267,050
Democratic People’s Republic of Korean25,778,816 120,410
country name beginning with alphabet D

1. Denmark

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This eastern African nation neighbors Eritrea, Ethiopia and also Somalia. It is residence to about 988,000 human being (Year 2020), who largely speak Arabic and French. Ironically, the capital and also biggest city is also called Djibouti. V an area the 23,180 square kilometers, that is the third-smallest African nation after Gambia and Swaziland.

Whale sharks frequently visit the coast of Djibouti and also it is visited by tourist to swim amongst whale sharks. Djibouti is also famous because that Lac Assal, which is a crater laker ten time saltier 보다 the sea. It is 155 meters below the sea level, which makes it the lowest allude in Africa and also the 3rd lowest in the world. The Lac Abbé in Djibouti is a plateau with hundreds of limestone chimneys, every puffing heavy steam and making the ar look other-worldly.

3. Dominica

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Another Caribbean Country, the Dominican Republic is home to 10.7 million people and this nation neighbors Haiti. That is the 86th most populous country in the world and has a lot to offer. The key language spoken here is Spanish, and it’s the only country to have actually the Holy bible on its nationwide flag. Dominican Republic is LSO the second largest island in the Caribbean It additionally shares the island the Hispaniola through Haiti. The main industry in the Dominican Republic is the sugar processing industry. One more interesting thing around the nation is that it is a share to arrive late for meetings, or any type of gatherings!

that is recognized for that beaches, resorts and also golfing. Together the country experiences sunny and also warm weather transparent the year, it attractive a lot of visitors come its beaches. Not only this, between December and also March, Humpback whales additionally visit the waters close to the coasts, and many visitors concerned swim amongst the whales. The Dominican Republic dwellings the early american city of Santo Domingo, which has actually been claimed a UNESCO people Heritage Site. The Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor is a structure that was created in the 1540s and makes because that an exceptional visit.

5. Autonomous Republic that Congo

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More frequently known together North Korea, the DPRK calls chin a self-reliant socialist state. Occupying an area of 120,540 square kilometers, north Korea has actually a populace of 25.368 million people. Even though the nation holds elections, north Korea has been labeled to have actually a Stalinist totalitarian dictatorship regime. The United states banned that citizens indigenous going to north Korea.

The country has a military-first policy, through 9.495 million citizens being component of the active, reserved and also retired military. Though the country is mostly isolated, it is open up to travellers from all over the world, other than South Korea and Malaysia. Around 70% that the land of the country is extended in forest and the nation has miscellaneous Mountain ranges.

If you’re curious about North Korea and think of travel there, there space a few rules you have to follow. You require to have a overview with you at all times and International visitors are not enabled to use the regional currency. There space a many of constraints on photography too.

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All the countries That start With ‘D’ are different worlds in themselves and all of them have actually amazing points that can’t be ignored.