based on an experiment, a systems that consisted of $ceCu^2+$ formed a precipitate v $ceNaOH$. Is this exactly how you write the equation?

$$ce2NaOH + Cu^2+ -> Cu(OH)2 + 2Na+$$

On the experiment: solution A is blended with NaOH (solution turn white). Making use of a fire test equipment A is color green. Ns figured systems A has $ceCu^2+$ ion.

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Yes, the reaction is correct however it might be preferable come either include all or no spectator ions.Use one of two people a network ionic equations (omit the Na+), molecular equation (include the copper compound full) or finish ionic equation.

For example, if the compound is copper sulphate the equations would be (without states)

Net ionic$$ceCu^2++ce2OH^-->Cu(OH)_2$$Molecular equation$$ceCuSO_4+ce2NaOH->Cu(OH)_2+ceNa_2SO_4$$Complete Ionic Equation$$ceCu^2+ +SO_4^2-+ce2Na^+ +2OH^-->Cu(OH)_2+ce2Na^+ +SO_4^2-$$


In the situation where girlfriend don"t recognize what copper link it is, usage a net ionic equation. As a next note, copper hydroxide is not white. You might want to inspect your calculations.

If you"re wonder what it is, inspect what various other compounds will certainly emit green.

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