Today’s update for Office 2016’s click-to-run version (16.0.6965.2053) brings a long anticipated function – the capability to send message via chat application for business to contacts that are right now offline (offline messaging). In order to take advantage of this feature, you should be to run the recent version and the feature must be allowed in the tenant construction (more about this later).

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The function works by sending the message directly to the user’s mailbox and is only available for peer-to-peer IMs. You will no much longer see the “UserXXX can’t obtain IMs ideal now. Status is have not or offline.” message as soon as trying to im an offline contact, instead you will gain “UserXXX is offline, however they’ll still acquire your IM together a to let go message.” You have the right to see just how it looks choose on the screenshot top top the right.

In turn, the various other party will certainly receive notice in Skype because that Business, via home windows alert and additionally in your mailbox. Unfortunately, in my test this part wasn’t working as expected, and the just thing I received was one email notice in mine mailbox, as viewed on the screenshot below. For instances on how the notifications in the Skype for Business client and home windows would look at like, check the support write-up here:

Now, a couple of words around controlling the feature. First, a brand-new cmdlet has actually been made available for regulating this feature, specific the Get/Set-CsImConfiguration cmdlet. The cmdlet seems to be unavailable for my tenant yet, for this reason again ns cannot show actual examples. The consumption is pretty basic however, basically you rotate the feature on and also off using the EnableOfflineIm paramter as thorough in this article:

The function actually counts on the interoperability with some various other settings as well, namely the EnableIMAutoArchiving and also the DisableSavingIM parameters that the customer policy. This is summarized in the following table (stolen indigenous the write-up above):

Auto Archiving setup (EnableIMAutoArchiving) is ~ above or offSet-CsClientPolicyOnOffOnOnOffOffOnOff
Saving IM setup (DisableSavingIM) is top top or offSet-CsClientPolicyOnOnOffOffOffOffOnOn
Offline IM setting (EnableOfflineIm) is top top or turn off OnOnOnOffOnOffOffOff
Does Offline IM occupational for your users? NoNoYesNoNoNoNoNo

As checked out from the table, the only combination in i m sorry Offline messaging will work is as soon as you have actually EnableIMAutoArchiving permitted and DisableSavingIM disabled, i beg your pardon is the default configuration. In other words, unless you are using any kind of of the “NoArchiving” policies, you have to be every set.

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Some various other remarks – there’s a delay of couple of minutes in between sending the message and also any type of notice appears, i beg your pardon of course have the right to hardly be an worry considering the other party to be offline at the moment of sending. Still, something to be mindful of. One more thing to keep in mind is the the function is no yet sustained in OWA.