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Grab a sweater and also celebrate winter and cold weather. Create a playlist the pop, rock, country, & R&B songs around the wintry season.

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Days thrive Shorter, Darker, and also Colder

Autumn's leaves fall to the ground, and also the season gives method to the starkness of winter. Days grow shorter, darker, and colder. The very first snowflakes conference then ceiling the earth in frozen stillness.

In both song and literature, winter is frequently used together a prize of loneliness, old age, and depression, v cold weather gift an opposing force from i m sorry to seek shelter. However, if you have the fortitude and also stamina to endure the winter, you'll be richly bonus by the bounty of what follows. Create a playlist of pop, rock, country, and also R&B songs that provide a nod come winter and also cold weather. We have actually a long list to start you off!

1. "Colder Weather" by Zac Brown Band

The guy in this bittersweet ballad is a wanderer in ~ heart. Although he loves his sweetheart, he worths his freedom even more.

Work phone call the guy with the gypsy soul away, and also temporarily he need to leave his lover. Although unable to commit, he's unwilling to let her go, therefore he strings his love interest together with excuses because that why castle can't be together. One of those excuses is that he's stuck in cooler weather. The 2010 song topped the country charts and crossed end to the mainstream popular music chart.

2. "A long December" by counting Crows

December has actually plodded follow me for the narrator in this 1996 alternative rock song. After ~ his significant other left him, he finds himself challenged with the quiet and molasses-slow task level of winter. All he deserve to do currently is watch forward through hope that his luck will certainly change. Might the ceiling of depression lift as the days thrive longer.

3. "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)" by The 4 Seasons

You always remember the details of your an initial love. Originally, this chart-topping 1975 pop tune was written around the end of Prohibition, December 5, 1933. However, Frankie Valli, frontman the The 4 Seasons, pressed the songwriter come retool the lyrics. The result was a tune around a young man's memorable an initial love affair which began in late December 1963 and "ended much too soon." not a December walk by without she crossing his mind.

4. "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

"Sweater weather" is that cool, crisp time that year the starts once summer has packed up and left town. Sweaters are for this reason the hallmark of colder weather.

This 2012 indie rock track is about an ambitious young guy who pursues his dreams in a cold world. Separated indigenous a sweetheart he can not forget, the narrator desires to symbolically safeguard this cherished confidante and lover by keeping her warm within the sleeves the his sweater.

5. "Wintertime" through Norah Jones

Seasonal depression has a tight on the woman in this angst-filled pop number from 2018. Days are much shorter during the winter, and also the lady isn't getting sufficient of the sunlight that she body requires. Feeling helpless, she reaches the end to her companion for support:

I know, ns know, it's only lightIt's just light come youBut there's a thing called the wintertimeI can't do it through.

This lady needs some professional aid before her instance takes a bad turn.

6. "Let the Go" by Idina Menzel

In this 2013 power ballad, Elsa, the snow and also ice princess indigenous Disney's Frozen embraces her potentially dangerous powers instead of maintaining them concealed. "Let that Go" is one anthem that self-acceptance including Elsa casting aside burdens of gift the perfect girl in donate of ending up being a stronger more authentic human being ("The cold never ever bothered me anyway"). The song won a Grammy Award as well as an Oscar Award for the best Original Song.

7. "Winter Sounds" through Of Monsters and also Men

Emotional wall surfaces close in ~ above the anxiety-plagued narrator in this energetic 2015 popular music song. As their voice grow weak and also heart races, lock cling come a protector's take on only to feel throttled through it quite than comforted.

This ditty revolves roughly a co-dependent relationship ("I recognize that you and I deserve to never be apart") and a cyclical sample of anxiety and cold comfort. The winter sounds symbolize the consistent threat the the narrator's stormy mental health.

8. "If We survive December" by Merle Haggard

It's so difficult to discover optimism when the wolf is howling outside your door. However, the lonely, desperate man in this country crossover track from 1973 grapples for what tiny hope that can.

He's to be laid turn off from his factory job in the "coldest time the winter," and Christmas is closeup of the door in fast. The narrator shivers native the falling snow and also apologizes come his young daughter the he doesn't average to dislike this time that year. Together he go so, you should wonder what hard financial selections he's facing. December represents a low point for the family, and he figures that if they can survive the brutally cold month, then a far better future awaits.

Considered one of his hallmark songs, "If We survive December" demonstrates Merle Haggard's emotionally depth and also agility as an artist. When not generally considered a Christmas number, part artists who have covered that have included the melancholy track to your Christmas albums.

9. "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

This is mine winter songDecember never felt therefore wrongCause you're not whereby you belongInside my arms.

This breakable 2008 popular music song has several important aspects of a holiday song—snow, love, and also being with each other those you organize dear. The track mentions winter and December rather than Christmas. The narrator characterizes her winter song as a beacon to summon remote loved ones home. If love is alive, then she believes that they will make the journey. (What pressure!)

10. "February Stars" by Foo Fighters

Perhaps you recognize the desperation that wanting to hang on come a fading relationship. If so, you have actually something in typical with the guy in this 1997 rock tune who deserve to sense the link with his love interest weakening. She's the girl that outshines him. He'd perform anything because that her, yet she breaks his heart through aloof disinterest. Together a result, he feels alone on a ledge while the watches she flourish.

Among the "February stars floating in the dark" that the narrator refers to is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. It represents the girl he'll have a tough time getting over. The mesmerized stargazer desperately clings to remnants the what provided to be in between them.

11. "Looks like a Cold, Cold Winter" by Ingrid Michaelson

B-r-r-r! Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson walk retro with this classy pop 2018 tune, a renewal of ice cream Crosby's vintage 1950 song. The songstress announces a long-range forecast of bitter-cold snow and ice outside however reassures her far-ranging other that they will keep the love in your hearts alive.

As winter rages outside, they setup to snuggle with each other by the fireside and also keep one one more warm. Return Michaelson consists of the track on her holiday album, it in reality doesn't cite Christmas.

12. "January Hymn" by The Decemberists

In this 2011 indie absent song, the lonely narrator goes through the motions of shoveling snow from the sidewalk, attempting to distract himself from the sadness of his girlfriend having actually left him. Together he walk so, the male ruminates over what he meant to speak to do his lover remain (oh, if only he could have discovered the words!), and he mirrors on memory of cultivation up in a snowy climate.


“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled about people’s legs like home cats. It to be magical, this snow globe world.” – buy it Addison Allen, American author

Dennis Buchner via Unsplash, cost-free Domain

13. "The A Team" through Ed Sheeran

The woman in this 2010 an international pop struggle is resigned come the life that a homeless prostitute. Recorded in the grips of cracked cocaine addiction, deep despair descends ~ above her. Tonight she doesn't want to go outside in the bitter cold where she will breathe in snowflakes, dice by overdose, and also fly away choose an angel to another world. Ed Sheeran was influenced to pen his debut single after volunteering at a homeless shelter.

14. "The Hounds of Winter" through Sting

Whether by death or divorce, the male in this 1996 rock track encounters a cold, dark December alone there is no his companion by his side. Currently he security his joyless winter days missing her, retreating more into self emotionally. This is a clear instance of depression.

15. "I've gained My Love to store Me Warm" by open minded Sinatra

Outside there might be whiteout problems with snow as much as his patootie. That’s okay! The amorous fella in this 1961 popular music is emotion giddy due to the fact that he has actually tossed aside his winter coat and also gloves and also is currently feeling ready to cozy up through his honey beside a crackling fire. Until the snow storm is gone, that's wherein they'll be for as long as the takes.

While no technically a vacation song, this winter ditty has been offered as one throughout the years. A variety of artists have covered it because it was an initial released in 1937, native Ella Fitzgerald come Rod Stewart and many more.

16. "Winter Winds" by Mumford & Sons

Winter winds represent loneliness in this folk-rock track from 2009, inside a melancholy guy is attracted to a beautiful woman. His heart is still reeling native a former broken relationship, and he is uncertain whether this brand-new love attention is authentically grounded in love or instead based ~ above his are afraid of gift alone. Torn between his heart and his head, he takes the route of restraint and chooses to go it alone.


"There's no such point as poor weather, simply soft people." —Bill Bowerman, American track and also field coach and co-founder, Nike

Thom Holmes via Unsplash, free Domain

17. "A Hazy the shade of Winter" by Simon & Garfunkel

Looking earlier upon his life v disillusionment, the man in this 1966 folk-rock track is a poet with unpublished manuscripts of rhyme but little else to show for his time ~ above this earth. Time has unfortunately passed that by, and winter is close at hand with a spot of eye on the ground. Old period approaches.

Unsure that his success in life, the boho male offers up advice come others. Utilizing the an altering seasons to represent the life cycle, the narrator implores young whippersnappers not to squander their youth and to do the many of life at every turn.

18. "My December" through Linkin Park

While for many civilization December is a time the joy and also togetherness, because that the male in this 2001 different metal number the cold weather months emphasize the solitary nature that his existence. He thinks about the selections he's made and also what he doesn't have, specifically a welcome home and a partner to return to.

With regret, the man ponders previous words hurled in anger and also he'd

Give it all awayJust to have somewhereTo walk toGive it all awayTo have someoneTo come house to.

19. "Snowbird" by anne Murray

This perky 1970 crossover country-pop track hit introduced Canadian anne Murray's successful four decade career. The narrator in the tune laments the she is trapped in the cold weather. Having actually been cheated on by a lover, she desire she could be more like the snowbird and simply fly away, moving on native the relationship.

20. "When It's Cold I'd prefer to Die" by Moby (featuring Mimi Goese)

This 1995 electronic-tinged rock song is one of slow surrender. The narrator is frail and faltering in the fog, and also she feels she light dimming. Emotion the cool of death, she knows that the end is close and also thus expresses that quickly her life battle will it is in over:

I don't desire to swim foreverI don't desire to hit the tideI don't want to swimming the oceanWhen it's cold I'd choose to die.


You never appreciate spring until you've been v a difficult winter.

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Even an ext Songs about Winter and also Cold Weather

Know an additional song that should be on this list? do a tip in the Comments section below.

SongArtistYear Released

21. "My Love Is Winter"

The shattering Pumpkins


22. "Winter Song"

Def Leppard


23. "Wolves"

Garth Brooks


24. "December Child"

Cyndi Lauper


25. "Winter"



26. "White Winter Hymnal"

Fleet Foxes


27. "My December"

Linkin Park


28. "A Winter's Tale"

The Moody Blues


29. "In the Cold, Cold Night"

The White Stripes


30. "Colder 보다 Winter"

Sarah Brightman


31. "Love like Winter"



32. "Winter Things"

Ariana Grande


33. "A Winter's Tale"



34. "Snow Angel"

Tori Amos


35. "Cold Cold Ground"

Tom Waits


36. "Trapped Under Ice"



37. "Winter"

Tori Amos


38. "Snow"

Harry Nilsson


39. "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Al Hirt & Ann-Margaret


40. "Coldest Winter"

Kanye West


41. "The Winter"



42. "Winter Time"

Steve miller Band


43. "Early Winter"

Gwen Stefani


44. "Coldest Winter"

Kanye West


45. "Season Suite: Winter"

John Denver


46. "Winter Song"

Chris Rea


47. "Winter Marches On"

Duran Duran


48. "California Dreamin'"

The Mamas and The Papas


49. "Let that Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"

Frank Sinatra


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