Disneyland is situated in Anaheim, California which gives you a few different airports to choose from when considering airports near Disneyland. In our guide we"ll sheathe the nearest airport to Disneyland, best airport for Disneyland, and also all other transportation choices for visiting Anaheim.

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Airports Closest come Disneyland

The four main alternatives for airports because that Disneyland include:

man Wayne Orange ar Airport (SNA) long Beach airport (LGB) Ontario worldwide Airport (ONT) Los Angeles international Airport (LAX)

Each of this Disneyland airport alternatives have your pros and cons based on which is the the next airport to Anaheim, convenience, cost, and also other transportation options.

What is the best airport to fly into for Disneyland?

One that the most typical questions inquiry is: which airport is closest to Disneyland? The closestly airport come Disneyland is the John Wayne Airport i beg your pardon is located roughly 20 minutes from Disneyland. The man Wayne airplane SNA is the closest airport and also is additionally one that the the smallest of the plane closest to Disneyland. Not just is the nearby proximity of man Wayne airplane SNA convenient yet the man Wayne plane is additionally pretty tiny making that a breeze to collection your luggage and also be out the door.

The man Wayne airplane is located 14 mile from Disneyland and also is break-up up into two separation, personal, instance terminals. The key airlines that carry out service to john Wayne airplane are:

Alaska airlines American airlines Delta waiting Lines Frontier airline Southwest Airlines joined Airlines Westjet

Flying into this Anaheim airport have the right to be a little an ext expensive than flights into an ext affordable counterparts prefer the LAX plane in Los Angeles. This is wherein you weigh expense vs. Convenience but additionally remember the time is money!

Is LAX or LGB Closer to Disneyland?

The long Beach airport (LGB) is located around 19 miles from Anaheim making that a close 2nd in proximity because that Disneyland flights. In comparison, the Los Angeles global Airport (LAX) is about 35 miles away from Anaheim do it one of farthest airports native Orange County.

The lengthy Beach airport is a tiny airport which just serves Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and also US Airways. Therefore while it"s proximity to Orange county rivals that of SNA, the small size that this airport and restricted airlines doesn"t always make it a great choice for guests traveling to Disneyland.

The Los Angeles international Airport is the 5th biggest plane in the people which way that almost every airline imaginable paris in and out that this airplane making that a solid contender for the best airport because that Disneyland. You will likely discover the cheapest airfare and convenient trip times because that flying in and out that this airport.

The Ontario global Airport (ONT) is located around 35 mile from Anaheim and is the third largest plane in the Orange ar area. While that is closer than the Los Angeles international Airport, that is also a smaller sized airport the offers restricted airlines.

This brings us full circle come the question of: what airport is closest come Disneyland? hands down, the answer come that concern remains the man Wayne plane (SNA) in Orange County. When the fares into this airport might be an ext expensive, depending upon the airline, 보다 LAX the convenience that time might tip the scales in donate of SNA in the best airports close to Anaheim.

Transportation alternatives to Disneyland

There space a selection of different choices to obtain to and also from the airports come the Disneyland area. These options include shuttle services, automobile rentals, and ride shares.

Ride re-publishing Services

The two main ride share services Uber and also Lyft both sell transportation to the Anaheim resort area. The convenience of drive share is a perk for many guests together you have the right to easily contact for a journey share the prompt you leave baggage claim and not be based on multiple stop for other passengers in the method you have to attend to when utilizing shuttle service.

For first time Uber users, we have an exclusive code that will offer you a cost-free $15 credit to use.

Use the code:“gavind714ue” in the application or redeemright here.

Find the “promotions” tab and also enter the password to get your free $15 credit.

When it concerns using Uber, you have a couple of different species of car you can request to accommodate larger families and groups. Save in mind the your expense will go up for your pilgrimage to Disneyland if your request a larger car.

UberX– this is the many affordable choices and enables up to four passengers. Uber vehicle drivers in this price variety use their very own car.

uberXL– this alternative is for teams of increase to six passengers and also for groups that might have much more luggage. These drivers also use your own auto but castle are big enough to accommodate six people.

uberBlack– this is a deluxe sedan alternative for up to four people. This option consists of drivers and cars the tailor to deluxe needs and are often part of a limo/hired service.

How much is Uber indigenous LAX to Disneyland?

The price of an Uber will certainly vary depending upon the time of work you are using it and traffic conditions. Every ride share services raise your prices during ‘peak" times of day once travel is an ext busy and also ride share is in bigger demand.

Despite this, you can estimate the expense of one Uber native LAX to Disneyland by opened the Uber app and also going with the actions to request a drive at the time of day you"d be traveling in the southerly California area.

You have the right to expect one Uber from LAX to Disneyland to price an typical of $44-54 for the basic UberX alternative for four passengers.

Shuttles come Disneyland

There are a variety of different airport shuttles you can use to obtain transportation come the Disneyland area. They can be a cost effective means of traveling if you have a smaller sized group yet if you are traveling in a big group you"ll most likely save money by using our Uber password instead due to the fact that shuttles typically charge per person.

For folks the don"t feeling comfortable v ride share, shuttles deserve to be a welcome alternative for travel to/from the airports.

Many spaceship companies have actually gone out of organization such as Super Shuttle and the Disneyland will Express because of the popular of ride share services.

Karmel Shuttle

Karmel Shuttle is just one of the continuing to be shuttle solutions where the drivers will pick you up ideal at the airport, load and unload her luggage, and also drop you off ideal at the former of her hotel. This is a shared ride business so be prepared to make multiple stops and to be sharing the shuttle with various other passengers. Girlfriend can likewise opt to pay extra to have the auto yourself although doing this will certainly be an ext expensive than using Uber.

You can purchase Karmel spaceship discount tickets throughour favorite travel agency, acquire Away Today,for half the price you will uncover on their website. Adult ticket are offered at a discount and kids under 12 ride cost-free which can help offset the price of your trip. As soon as you acquisition through acquire Away this day you"ll be provided a voucher number to call Karmel Shuttle and also then set up her ride.

Karmel spaceship does not carry out booster or vehicle seats because that kids and they will not be allowed to sit on your lap.


Lansky is a high-end ride company that provides transportation from the Disneyland area and the nearby airports.

Lansky is defined as a luxury company so you can expect to ride in high-end vehicles without sharing space with others. You likewise have the option, if time allows, for the driver to make a free grocery store avoid on the method to her hotel.

This is a pricier choices than ride share or the various other shuttle services yet it deserve to be a fun method to travel. Castle also administer boosters and also car seats for children which is a good perk for families.

Is there a shuttle from SNA come Disneyland?

Shuttle options have greatly decreased the previous year as Super Shuttle and the Disneyland resort Express went the end of business.

So yes, there is a shuttle from SNA come Disneyland however your options are relatively limited. Your two main choices are Lansky and Karmel spaceship as we explained above.

A one way trip indigenous SNA come Disneyland using Lansky will certainly run you about $80 because that up to six passengers if Karmel Shuttle will charge per person making the a much more expensive choice for larger groups. Friend will most likely save money by utilizing our Uber password to publication a ride share organization rather 보다 pay per person-especially once considering two trips native the airport.

Renting a Car

You could likewise rent a auto at the airport together there room plenty of vehicle rental service providers at every of the airports close to Disneyland. I carry out not recommend renting a automobile for your Disneyland vacation due to the fact that you will likely pay high parking per night fees in ~ your local Anaheim hotel and also there is no should drive to Disneyland if you"re continuing to be nearby.

Save yourself the money and skip the car rental if girlfriend can. Especially for travellers that have actually not moved in California traffic, it"s not the many relaxing means to start your vacation.

Taking a Taxi

Taxis space surprisingly still a usual option also in the human being of drive share services but they are often much more expensive than other travel options. However if friend do have actually a larger party, girlfriend can obtain a much better deal with a taxi than ride share solutions . There are two typical sizes that taxis which encompass a four passenger sedan style and also a seven passenger valve which will certainly be much an ext affordable than the greater tiered Uber choices or shuttles that fee per person.

A taxi will cost an average of about $40 from john Wayne (SNA) and around $100 native Los Angeles airport (LAX) with traffic and around $80 there is no traffic. You can reach the end to regional companies to view what their standard fare is to/from the Disneyland Resort.

Car Seat legislations in California

In California, automobile seats are compelled for youngsters who space not however eight years old or four feet and nine customs tall.

The only transportation company that provides car seats and boosters that we detailed above room Lansky. For all various other options, you will certainly be supposed to lug your own vehicle seats for her kids.

COVID-19 take trip Considerations

Traveling in the area of COVID-19 brings some brand-new considerations to take into consideration on both the airlines and the transportation solutions to/from the airports. Here is our a brief run under on the brand-new safety polices you can expect in the California airports and the transportation services.

California safety Measures

Face coverings are compelled for periods two and older in all airports and also on airplanes in ~ the moment.

Transportation security Measures

Lanksy"s particular safety measures have been posted on their social media which incorporate :

to keep social distancing while in the vehicle, they have installed anti-fog full surround plastic cover between the front and also rear row. Cleaning within of the auto with disinfectant before and after picking up and dropping off any kind of customers. Everyone boarding the car must wear a mask and also keep the mask on if in the vehicle. This contains the driver and all passengers consisting of children. If girlfriend forget to carry a mask, you may purchase a mask native the driver for a in the name fee. Temperature dimensions must be made through driver before boarding. Driver will also check his temperature in former of the passengers. Anyone through a temperature that 100.4 or greater may not go into the vehicle. Hand sanitizer is accessible inside the vehicle. Windows may be opened for air circulation while driving.

Uber"s particular safety measures have been posted on your website i beg your pardon include:

offering cleaning gives for motorists asking riders to maintain distance opening the home windows to improve ventilation asking customers come sit in the backseat

As of now, Uber doesn"t have actually a policy requiring confront coverings but will adhere come the State that California"s requirement for face coverings in ride share vehicles.

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Karmel Shuttle"s specific safety measures have been post on their website which include:

all vehicles space wiped down v 99.9% antibacterial wipes after every service. Drivers and also passengers are compelled to undertake a face mask, until CDC/State demands are lifted and it is safe. A plastic partition has actually been placed in between passengers and also the driver. Any kind of driver through symptoms of disease are compelled to stay home and also not report for active services.

If you"re picking a specific taxi or rental automobile service, girlfriend can additionally reach out to the firm to find out an ext about their safety policies.

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