Those unfamiliar v USPS might think the all mail carriers are the same. However, there space plenty of distinctions when it comes to postal service employees. For one, there are two type of positions: long-term (career) and also temporary (non-career) positions.

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City carrier Assistant (CCA) is an example of a non-career mail shipment carrier. If you want to know around the project requirements, pay and benefits for CCAs, climate you’re in the right place. This post will answer every one of your questions.

USPS City transport Assistant In 2021

USPS City carrier Assistant (CCA) is one entry-level, non-career track mail shipment carrier. Favor career City Carriers, these employees space responsible for delivering and also receiving mail from residences and businesses. They may likewise organize letter by attend to and help customers along their delivery routes. CCAs earn $19 every hour top top average and routinely work-related 40+ hours per week.

If girlfriend still have questions about being a CCA, consisting of benefits and also opportunities because that advancement, climate be certain to check out the rest of ours article.

What walk A USPS City transport Assistant Do?

A USPS City transport Assistant (often shortened to CCA) is an entry-level, non-career-track mail delivery position.

CCAs are responsible because that delivering and also receiving letter from residents and businesses. This entails traveling by foot, bike, or postal vehicle.

Some will have a route or routes assigned to them, if others will certainly cover various other carriers’ courses in the occasion of vacation, illness, or booked days off.

Employees in this position may also be responsible for…

Organizing letter by address (also recognized as casing)Assisting customers follow me their path with postal needs (e.g. Providing readjust of address forms or offering postage stamps)Using a portable scanner to track parcels or piece of mail.

What are The demands For City transport Assistants?

Applicants for the City transport Assistant position should be 18 year of age or older and also must have actually a high institution diploma or an equivalent. Lock must likewise be United claims citizens or have permanent residency.

In addition, lock must have the ability to pass a drug screening and a criminal background check.

All applicants must take the USPS Postal test 474. This is a created exam that tests applicants’ ability to read and also sort mail and also memorize shipment procedures. There is likewise a physical component of the test to measure up each applicant’s suitability because that the position.

If a place requires driving, applicants must have a precious driver’s license, happen a steering test and show a clean driving record.

How lot Do USPS City Carrier assistants Make?

Hourly incomes for USPS City Carrier aides vary native state come state, yet the mean is $19 per hour.

This functions out come an average yearly salary of $40,582 per year, however, earnings can selection from $27,211 to $60,523.

In enhancement to their regular hourly wages, CCAs space paid time and also a half if lock work an ext than 8 hrs in a organization day or much more than 40 hours in a organization week.

What’s more, CCAs are paid dual time because that all occupational over 10 hrs in a company day or end 56 hours in a organization week.

Do City Carrier assistants Get any kind of Benefits?

CCAs have actually a couple of benefits, including paid leave, payment holidays, access to health benefits, and preferential accessibility to career City carrier positions. Stop look at each benefit in a bit more detail.

CCAs knife 1 hour of yearly leave because that every 20 hours worked, up to a best of 13 days per year. Any kind of unused leaving at the end of the 360-day job-related tour is paid out in a lump sum.

USPS payment CCAs for 6 holidays throughout the year. These include brand-new Year’s Day, Memorial Day, self-reliance Day, job Day, Thanksgiving Day, and also Christmas Day.

If a CCA is booked to occupational on Memorial job or labor Day, castle will get holiday salary plus pay for the hours worked.

While normal mail company is exposed on these holidays, Amazon continues to deliver, thus the require for human being to work.

New CCAs qualified for health and wellness benefits in ~ the end of your 90-day probation period. These services can likewise be provided to sheathe a spouse and/or children.

Finally, senior CCAs are first in line because that promotions as soon as career City transport positions open up.

How many Hours perform USPS City Carrier assistants Work?


USPS’ official CCA job summary states the the hours functioned varies.

Therefore, it’s difficult to give an exact answer. Really hours operated will depend on every USPS station, staffing, mail volume, or weather conditions, simply to name a few.

At a minimum, CCAs space guaranteed at least 4 hours of work anytime they room scheduled and report to work. The being said, practically every CCA will work 40 hrs per week, if not more.

In fact, some CCAs report working an typical of 6-10 hrs per day. Per USPS policy, CCAs might be request to work up come 11.5 hrs per day.

How frequently Do City Carrier assistants Work?

Most CCAs work 6 days every week. There are reports of human being working 7 days every week, however it seems that USPS freshly put a policy right into place prohibiting this.

How numerous Days can A City transport Assistant take Off?

On a weekly basis, CCAs have actually one day off.

In terms of paid vacation time, CCAs deserve to earn as much as 13 days of yearly leave every year (based on the variety of hours worked).

This leave have the right to be supplied for vacation, ailing days or together bereavement days when a family members member overcome away.

Is City transport Assistant A permanent Job?

City carrier Assistant is a non-career-track position and also is no permanent. Rather, CCAs are hired because that a 360-day term. ~ this term, lock will have actually a 5-day service before being rental for an additional 360 job (provided their task performance is satisfactory).

While CCA is not a permanent position, that does provide access to a career-track place as a City Carrier.

If and when a irreversible position opens up, the most an elderly CCA in ~ a given branch is first in line because that the promotion.

Ascending to the position of senior-most CCA requires employees to be patient, job-related hard, and maintain great attendance.

Additionally, getting to this position can take months or years, depending on when people quit, retire, or room promoted.

Is being A City carrier Assistant precious It?

Now the you know pretty much all over there is to know about being a CCA, you may be wondering if it’s a an excellent job.

Of course, the answer come this question is subjective, yet if online forums space to be believed, many CCAs no happy in their roles.

Many note absence of training, absence of supervision, and also lack of management as challenges in this role.

Others point out a heavy work schedule, lack of work-life balance, and excessive turnover as factors to prevent this position.

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USPS’ City Carrier assistants receive kind pay and also benefits, however, they will certainly be asked to work long hours under less than ideal conditions. Still, this place is a good starting suggest if you’re committed to securing a career position at USPS.