Chrysler password Retrieval

Accessing problem Codes96 & later are OBD2 & calls for an OBD2 scanner.

Code retrieval can be accessed by the ignition vital or by a diagnosticreadout box(DRB).To attain the codes utilizing the an essential method,set thepark brake,and placed the car in Park/neutral.Some 95 and later OBDII vehicles, you might beable come retrieve OBDII codes with this procedure, if equipped withdigital dash.Turn the ignition key ON,OFF,ON,OFF,and lastly ON again(ENGINENOT RUNNING)The codes will start to speed on the POWERLOSS or inspect ENGINE light.FLASH,pause,FLASH,FLASH=code 12

Clearing problem Codes

Diagnostic problem codes may be clearing by disconnecting the batteryground cable for at least 20 seconds.OBD2 vehicles require a scanner to clean the problem codes.

Diagnostic Codes

85–952.2L, 2.5L/L4 Turbo&2.5L/L4 flexible Fuel Engines
87-89Lt Truck

MPFI LtDuty van & Vans

881.5L Colt code Retreival
88–95 3.0L (Exc. Monaco,Premier & Stealth),3.3L, 3.5L & 3.8L Engines
89–903.0L Monaco & EaglePremier
89–951.5L, 1.6L, 1.8L, 2.4L(VIN G)
89–94 2.0L
91–923.0L Monaco & EaglePremier
89-931.5L Colt password Retrieval
91–953.0L Stealth
952.4L (VIN X)
952.5L w/SFI
95–961.5L, 1.8L, 2.4L (VINB) & 3.0L W/OBD II
95–982.0L Turbo
95–982.0L Non-Turbo,2.4L (VIN X), 2.5L/V6, 2.7L, 3.2L, 3.3L & 3.5L w/OBD II
95–98Lt Duty Truck, valve &Jeep
99–01Exc. Avenger & SebringCoupe
00Avenger & Sebring Coupe
99–01Light Duty Truck, Van& Jeep
96-01Common Chrysler OBD2 Generic
Ram Raider & ram 50
96-PresentFull Chrysler OBD2 List
ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
300 2.7/3.5L2005-08VIN place 8 =G/RNGC 1/3
300 SRT8 6.1L2005-08VIN place 8 =WNGC 1/3
300C 5.7L2005-08VIN position 8 =HNGC 1/3
300M 3.5L2003-04EGG/ECG/EGKlEGJNGC 1/3
Aspen2007-08EVAIEZANGC 1/3
Cirrus 2.4L1996-97EDZSBEC III
Cirrus 2.4L1998EDZSBEC III
Cirrus 2.5L1996-97EEBSBEC III
Cirrus 2.5L1998EEBSBEC III
Cirrus 2.5L1999-00EEBSBEC III
Concorde 2.7/3.2/3.5L1999-02EER/EES/EGW/EGG/ECG/EGK/EGJSBEC III
Concorde 2.7L1998EERSBEC III
Concorde 2.7/3.5L2003-04EER/EGG/EGC/EGKlEGJNGC 1/3
Concorde 3.2L1998EGWSBEC III
Concorde 3.3L1996-97EGBSBEC III
Concorde 3.5L1996-97EGESBEC III
Crossfire 3.2L2003-08EGXNGC 1/3
New Yorker 3.5L1996EGESBEC III
Pacifica 3.5/3.8/4.0L2004-08EGN/EGH/EGQNGC 1/3
Prowler 3.5L2001-02VIN place 8 =GSBEC III
PT Cruiser 2.4L2000-02EDZSBEC III
PT Cruiser 2.4L2003-08EDZNGC 1/3
PT Cruiser 2.4L Turbo2003-08EDT/EDVNGC 1/3
Sebring 2.0L1995-96420ASBEC III1Mitsubishi MPI
Sebring 2.0L1997-99420ASBEC III1Mitsubishi MPI
Sebring 2.5L19966G73SBEC IIl/Mitsubishi MPI
Sebring 2.5L1997-006G73SBEC III1Mitsubishi MPI
Sebring Convertible 2.4L1996-97EDZSBEC III
Sebring Convertible 2.4L1998EDZSBEC III
Sebring Convertible 2.4L1999-02EDZSBEC III
Sebring Convertible 2.4L2003-06EDZNGC 1/3
Sebring Convertible 2.5L1996-006G73SBEC IllIMitsubishi MPI
Sebring Convertible 2.7L2001-04EERlEESSBEC III
Sebring Convertible 2.7L2004-06EEE/EERNGC 1/3
Sebring Coupe 2.4L2001-054G64Mitsubishi MPI
Sebring Coupe 3.0L2001-056G72Mitsubishi MPI
Sebring Sedan 2.4L2001-02EDZSBEC III
Sebring Sedan 2.4L2003-08EDZlED3NGC 1/3
Sebring Sedan 2.7L2001-04EERSBEC III
Sebring Sedan 2.7/3.5L2004-08EEE/EERlEGJNGC 1/3
Town & country 3.3L1996-97EGAIEGMSBEC III
Town & country 3.3L1998EGAIEGMSBEC III
Town & country 3.3L1999-04EGAIEGMSBEC III
Town & nation 3.3L2004-08EGAIEGMNGC 1/3
Town & country 3.8L1996-97EGHSBEC III
Town & country 3.8L1998EGHSBEC III
Town & country 3.8L1999-04EGHSBEC III
Town & country 3.8L2004-08EGHNGC 1/3
Voyager 2.4L2000-02EDZSBEC III
Voyager 2.4L2003-04EDZNGC 1/3
Voyager 3.3L2000-04EGAIEGMSBEC III

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