P0505 is an OBDII password that deals with the idle air manage system in the Chrysler 300. It’s a generic code, which means that it has actually the same definition for the 300 together it would any kind of other vehicle (300 or not).

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P0505: Idle Air control System: Malfunction

When P0505 is triggered, the is generally caused by a grounding idle air manage valve, a clogged idle air regulate valve, or a vacuum leak. There can be other causes as well. Although, lock aren’t as prevalent.


P0505 Symptoms: Chrysler 300

This certain trouble code lets you understand that over there is other wrong with the idle air manage system, however that’s about it. This way that the symptoms have the right to vary.

Here are some of the most common symptoms the P0505:

company engine quickly light stormy idle Stalling High idle rate

300 P0505 Causes

Typically, P0505 is going come be brought about by either a vacuum leak, or a difficulty with the idle air manage valve. While instead of the idle air control valve seems like a good idea, it’s worth your time to examine for a vacuum leak first.


Idle Air manage Valve

The idle air control valve’s main job is to manage the idle speed of your engine. The does this by letting in simply the appropriate amount of wait to acquire the idle speed where it demands to be.

The IAC valve can get either dirty or stuck. You may need a new one, or friend may have the ability to get away with cleaning it. Here’s a an excellent YouTube video on just how to clean a idle air regulate valve.

If you determine that you need a brand-new idle air control valve, castle are reasonably affordable.

Vacuum Leak

While the idle air manage valve is frequently the reason of P0505, it’s a an excellent idea to begin diagnosing it by in search of a vacuum leak. Inspect the vacuum tubes approximately the IAC. If castle look cracked or dried rotted it may be time come replace.

Intake manifold leaks, and also leaks approximately the throttle body can additionally code your 300 to litter this code. Here’s a good article from famous Mechanics on just how to uncover a vacuum leak.

Carbon Buildup

The IAC inlet area can get carbon buildup ~ above it. Inspecting the area about the IAC for passages blocked through carbon can regularly fix the problem.

If the accelerator body gets dirty enough, the can readjust the lot of wait able to gain into the engine. It have the right to throw P0505. Often, when this is the case, you’ll feel the engine stall for a 2nd before that recovers as soon as slowing down.

This happens because the engine can’t readjust to this difficulty fast enough. Cleaning it around the throttle knives will solve the problem in this situation (most that the time).

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Good lucky diagnosing P0505 in your 300. Most of the moment it’s a vacuum leak or the idle air regulate valve. If you feel favor there’s anything the you deserve to add, you re welcome feel complimentary to leaving a comment below.